Project VARV for SnowRunner

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Published by Poghrim (mod ID: 1150165)


Built on the platform of a light utility vehicle, this machine is sure to turn heads with its impressive levels of racing performance and off-road capability without sacrificing any maneuverability or style. It was initially designed for a specific race type, where competitors had to overcome high speed rally sectors, as well as extremely tough off-roading trails and mudpits that would swallow most other vehicles.

This mod is mainly a toy that I wanted to make for myself to have fun driving it around various maps. It is an extremely capable vehicle... in the right hands. High ground clearance, tall general profile and narrow track width make this a somewhat unstable machine, which makes it all the more fun to drive.

A scout trailer hitch is present, but it's not really recommended to use it to tow any real trailers, because the suspension was never designed to deal with the extra weight.

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Nvolar @nvolar

Woot! Excellent mod. Now I can zip around with a rally version of the C304. YES!

PavelKirilovich @pavelkirilovich

Will this become the Volvo C306/Tgb-iteration or is the C306 sufficiently akin to the C304 that there's no point duplicating the work?

STIKER_PRODIJER @stikerprodijer

a very good mod with great details and quite fun to try a recommended, congrats to the creators and thanks for the mod, greetings.

un mod muy bueno con grandes detalles y bastante divertido de probar un recomendado, felicidades a los creadores y gracias por el mod, saludos.

asdfhurl @asdfhurl

Awesome piece of kit! Fun to zip around in Alaska :)

If it's not a bother, would you happen to know how to install it manually?

Arthur2009 @arthur2009

Hello Poghrim, this is a cool little truck.
It's my new scout from now on.

thanks 😄👍

Headfull-Eyeballs @headfulleyeballs

I recently checked out this mod, feel free to check out my video here:

all-ride @all-ride

This has to be one of the most believable and legit scout-mods i have come across in snowrunner so far..a proper trial-truck..that's really great! Thx for all your outstanding work!

Scuderia_Paul @scuderia-paul

I had a terrific run with this earlier today. What a fantastic mod it is, just like all your work.

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

This... this just became an absolute favorite of mine!!

Well done, amazing Mod in every way 🤘🍻🍻

JacobKeithLittle @jacobkeithlittle

Great job as usual Poghrim! It's a blast to drive around, the suspension tuning is great! I wish we could get a 815 done up in a legit tough truck challenge setup somewhat like this. That would be cool to put them head to head! Thank you for the mods good sir.

dealwithit1234 @dealwithit1234

Omg a whole obstacle course dedicated to these and 8x8s like they do in North Europe would be so amazing. Good work.

Dovemcc @dovemcc

Looks a blast nice work again 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿✌️

H6LLRAIS6R6 @carman956

Will it be available on console

Poghrim @poghrim

Should be, just might take a hot second

H6LLRAIS6R6 @carman956

Funny thing is after I posted my comment I went on to snowrunner and it was there lol

JacobKeithLittle @jacobkeithlittle

It's up now

ISHAR31 @delhoumef

Véhicule superbement modélisé et la conduite est assez agréable. Merci pour ce très bon travail.

Armoredp @armoredp

A Poghrim mod? Insta-subscribe. Any plans of releasing the light utility platform it was based on under the "Volvere" branding?

Poghrim @poghrim

The problem is facelifting it...
I could put an extra grille on this thing because it's a custom-built racing vehicle, but that approach doesn't really work for the originals. + that grille would look too modern for it :/

Armoredp @armoredp

Perhaps remove the grill and make it a mesh grill? You won't have the original grill but you will not have to replace it with something that makes it look very different. Or add another or 2 more spokes to the grill? I honestly really don't fully understand the logic behind the facelifting rules in Snowrunner. For instance most of Yansors and RSK's mods are 1 to 1 recreations with another brand logo slapped on. And your own Z-series trucks are also very accurate models to their real life counterparts. But I suppose the V brand has legal department and Soviet era trucks don't.

Poghrim @poghrim

The so-called "V-brand" is pretty strict with its intellectual property, from what I've heard.
Adding a spoke or two to the grill is not nearly a substantial enough facelift, unfortunately. And there aren't really any other parts on the front of the vehicle to change, outside of completely rebuilding it in my own style from scratch :/

Armoredp @armoredp

It's no biggie, I'm sure you have something else amazing in the pipeline ;). Thanks for the quality mods Poghrim!