Project 20-67 for SnowRunner

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*Project 20-67 2.0 updates:

For those who aren’t a huge fan of the front end on the 20-67 (I’m one of them) there are now 2 grill options. The OG grill and a modified version of the 1978 grill that’s on my latest Trail-Rod mod.

There’s also a bunch of new wheel choices, three dedicated super-sticky mud tires, an overland roof rack, working gauges, new engine sounds, TrailRunner and Tow & Haul suspension tuning updates, and a new TrailRunner Maxx Crawler suspension with larger wheel options. Enjoy

So, what exactly is Project 20-67…?

For starters, the manufacture rhymes with ‘heep’. (Speaking in riddles to keep this console friendly and yes, it's unbranded for consoles)

The truck is a fusion of the full-size 1967 military icon that goes by the nickname ‘Five-Quarter’ (due to its 1 ¼ ton payload rating)…

...and a new 2020 mid-sized pickup. Fun fact, the civilian version of the ‘Five-Quarter’ still has the same today. Need another hint… The truck model shares the same name as the 2000 Roman times movie starring Russell Crow.

The 2020’s main cabin was stripped bare and widened about 12 inches to bring it into full-sized territory like the 67 version. Every body panel was massaged or custom made to blend the 53-years of styling differences.

The entire truck was given a Resto-Military-Spec treatment keeping only the off-road essentials, so no heated seats or non-functioning infotainment systems here…but hey there's AC.

If you’ve ever heard of the Easter Heep Safari (Riddles again), then you’re familiar with the kinds of custom trucks the manufacture builds for the yearly event. It’s all about show trucks with plenty of form…function…and tons of cool-factor. This truck was kinda built with that theme in mind while trying to pay homage to the military roots of the '67.

Stuffed under that beautiful hood lies a 807-HP Hellkitty crate motor.

As with all my trucks, the TrailRunner Spec Tunes/Suspension/Parts are the idea the trucks are built around.

Now, this is far from vanilla, but you’ll definitely need to put in some work behind the wheel to keep the truck on all fours while hardcore trailing.

You have the option to run the truck in what I call ‘Stock-ish’ form, which is essentially the types of tunes and suspension setups that you might find on a modified daily driver.

If you’re going to tow with this, I’d recommend you use the appropriate suspension because I tune my truck on the softer side so they’re pretty much worthless with heavy loads. The hitches have additional weight built-in. (similar to weighted bumpers) There is an addon of a standard hitch and gooseneck option for the [IR] Gooseneck Trailer Pack. (Thanks IR)

This is a work in progress so there may be some changes along the way.

Credits: Truck models and Engine. Tires CGTrader & Sketchup. Some of the wheel centers and other misc parts that weren’t made by me started life as CAD conversions from GrabCAD, so a massive thanks to all of those artists for sharing their creations.

Finally, thank you to all the map makers for creating all the amazing places for us to abuse our trucks. Massive respect for all your work, time, and creativity.

See ya on the trail…

BTW…It should go without saying but please do not steal or reupload any of my mods or assets. Thanks, and have a nice day.







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Spreyr @spreyr

I recorded a clip and took a screenshot of the bug I referenced earlier where it gets stuck under the map. How do I post it?

ironkaboom @ironkaboom

This is a King!

Spreyr @spreyr

I drove this alot and REALLY liked it but eventually uninstalled it because of these 3 things. Please take this as constructive criticism since I would really like to drive this as my daily scout.
1) This was the biggest one which made for unpredictability. There is some kind of bug where if I left the truck in the mud somewhere and came back to it later it would get really stuck on some invisible thing and the truck would start to rip itself apart and was really glitchy. The only salvation was recovery to garage (which was not always ideal).
2) The idle sound is growly and awesome but it's also persistent even when you are accelerating. During extended scouting expeditions it got rather irritating. I wished the idle sound would subside while driving.
3) I think the fuel and repair points are really OP at 1000 gal. Need a little more of a challenge.

ironkaboom @ironkaboom

The first with the wheels is a real problem i faced it too... the only way to get off the mud is replace the tires but this can not be done at spot in the real game. i have come across this problem in other mods also i suppose it could be the type of specific tires.. maybe?

Young_Albacore @ravage2351608086508

I wish there was a single cab version so I could make the truck from tremors

y15305299218 @y15305299218

John, can you add more bobbleheads? I hope it works with the Bobblehead mod, because that mod is also a fully functional radar unit. So I can just go out and explore in this great car and I don't need anything else.

vedroooo @snowtime

nice job mate test and review

mos53372080 @na4224158

Love the mod just wanna ask will there be Xbox one

mos53372080 @na4224158

Great, thanks!

Moss19856828 @na9435409

good car

mos53372080 @na4224158

good car

D.WRECK @dwreck1

Anyone else having issue with front tires getting stuck under the map when spawning back into game/entering vehicle from the map? @stwauto871

Awesome rig as always, any further additions to this "Heep" in the works? In particular, maybe add the bumpers from your other trucks?

ale-bamban99 @alejandropcrespo

as always I enjoy each of your mods,
With this central cabin you can't make a rubicon or Galdiator? In fact, for sure you already have it dieting hahaha
congratulations on your work, we are already waiting for the next one

ale-bamban99 @alejandropcrespo

the 1978 grill not available

Jamesmyers0088 @jamesmyers0088

Best mod in the game. Thanks

ale-bamban99 @alejandropcrespo

el frontal cromado no aparece disponible

ale-bamban99 @alejandropcrespo

como siempre disfruto cada uno de tus mods,
con este centro del diseño no puedes elaborar un rubicon? de hecho de seguro que ya lo tienes dieñado jejejeje
felicidades por tu trabajo, ya estamos esperando el siguiente

BlackTower @blacktower

Is there any chance to add a bed cap on this boyo, so I can fulfill my wagon wet dreams?

Iantiz89 @deviltrans89

Yo awesome mod! I was wandering if you can add interior and Exterior customization? I would love to be able customize this beautiful mod! I use it on all platforms. Keep up the good work.