1980-1986 Powell Boar for SnowRunner

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Console versions pending.

The truck is primarily based off the third generation Ford Bronco with styling cues taken from the Dodge Ramcharger, Jeep Cherokee, and Land Rover Defender.

Math is hard:

  • 24 engine options
  • 19 transmission options
  • 3 suspension options
  • 5 original rim/tire options (total of 39 tire options)
  • 5 winches
  • 32 assorted visual customization options (not including air fresheners and hood ornaments)


  • Alaska Department of Public Safety
  • #66 racing livery (Terep 2: Deformers-based)
  • Lowlands Firee Department Communications (Portland, Maine based)
  • #759 racing livery (Kinect Joy Ride-based)
  • #8 racing livery (Carmageddon-based)
  • Burning Mill Tennessee Metropolitan Police (Nashville based)
  • Maybe you can count the mismatching body colors default livery ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

The good things:

  • A plethora of addons, everything from grills to shifters.
  • Too many engine addons for my mental health and for your own good.
  • A number of liveries that are perfect for racing and roleplaying. If you're into that sort of thing. The videogame kind, that is.
  • Something something quality, something something.

The bad things:

  • Interior is... it's uh... present.
  • Mirror "reflections" (not actually reflective, no reason to be given the interior quality [or lack thereof]) are semi-transparent. I know why it is, but I caught the bug too late and it wasn't worth delaying the release.
  • Remarkably unremarkable. It's another fictional American 4x4. Oh, boy, how exciting.


I couldn't care less what you do with this. I give you full permission to reupload, redistribute, re-whatever my work. Keep in mind, not everything is my work, and some actions may need to be cleared, or may be prohibited by other copyright holders. I'm not responsible for the cease and desist you receive.


  • Models: Hum3d, Mike Oxmaul, Hao Liu
  • General assistance: Azov, olesen
  • Textures: Adobe









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TatraPhoenix38 @na11581880

Is this console friendly?

WarBanger @warbanger

It is but don't look like it made the cut. Thai should have been approved long ago. I guess its been forgotten

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

As stated in the description, console versions are pending approval. I've done everything I can to make it acceptable, but it is not yet approved.

TatraPhoenix38 @na11581880

mrsnrub1493 when will it be approved?

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

Okay, let me explain this so you never ask any modder that question ever again:

I have absolutely no idea. I have absolutely no control over that. That's in the hands of Sabre staff. There is no way for me to find out. Modders don't have that answer.

willbur1650500107 @willbur1650500107

loooks sick cant wait til it on switch lol

Drifty_Customs @driftycustoms

I love the description. Busted a gut laughing.

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

Thank you, I've got to entertain myself somehow. If it manages to entertain others, even better.

Catchow1977 @catchow1977

i love this thing
do you plan on making a pickup variant?

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

No plans to. I originally intended to make the cover an addon, but taking it off revealed some portions of the model that were best left unseen. While it is technically fixable, it would be extremely messy.

LO4FYEETER @rocketblast4713

What vehicle is this based on because it looks like the body is from and older gen bronco with a land cruiser/hilux front end edit: just looked at the description and i feel stupid for asking that question now lol

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

It's certainly an... interesting amalgamation. Honestly, I think it looks ugly as hell (hence why I threw on a couple grills, one based off a Ramcharger, one based off the Rockstar Bronco).

RachelTGG @racheltgg

If you want some custom tires Poghrim has some tires he is normally ok with sharing. And i bet they would look and fit better than the vanilla ones.

mrsnrub1493 @mrsnrub1493

Thanks for the tip. The, uh... interesting appearance of the default rims is what led me to including some custom ones. While there are only three custom rims, I think they do the job for now. I hope to include more in the future.