Poghrims Universal Addon Collection for SnowRunner

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Published by Poghrim (mod ID: 966031)


I plan to update this mod in the future, bringing a lot more content!

What is this mod?

This mod adds new addons that use vanilla game install sockets, meaning that both vanilla and modded vehicles, assuming they use the same sockets, will have access to new frame addons.

Latest Update:

loggingupdate 1

What is currently present?


Install Socket

Medium Log Bunk FrameAddonLogShort
Medium Log Bunk - replaces the logging crane LogLift
Medium Log Trailer (Pull-behind type) Trailer
Flatbed - cargo 2-slot FrameAddon
Sideboard - cargo 2-slot FrameAddon
Sideboard - cargo 3-slot FrameAddonSideboard3
Tent bed - Utility FrameAddonKung
Tent bed - Utility, should sit closer to the cab FrameAddon
Minicrane minicraneUS
Minicrane minicraneRU

Support me by donating via this link.

PayPal Donation link

Donations are highly appreciated and will help me improve as a 3D artist/game developer.

My mods will remain free, this is just a way for you to support my work and encourage me to keep pushing through the difficulties that this type of work can bring.

Terms of Use:

You may edit the xml files to suit your taste and upload for private use only. Any sort of editing or usage of the meshes or textures for your projects are prohibited, unless I give explicit permission to do so.

I spend countless hours working on these projects and don't charge for them, so please respect the integrity of the files.

Future content?

Planned addons for future updates

Utility truck/service bed with an integrated crane
Wooden cargo beds
Cargo flatbed with a ramp for vehicle loading
Recovery crane for long chassis trucks?
Cargo flatbed with an integrated loading crane
Some sort of a box/van body cargo addon

















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gbee @gbee

Broken in Ver 8

Kyrox7 @kyrox7

The atlas crane and a few others cause weird graphical glitches in multiplayer. Throw an atlas crane with a service cab and on my friend's screen the truck does a wheelie and shoots sparks everywhere. Not using the cranes this mod adds fixes the weird multiplayer issue. Am I doing something wrong? I'd like to keep using this mod.

Poghrim @poghrim

I'll look into it

SD1ONE @sd1one

I really like these addons, all colors are matching looks very good asthetically.... however the crane is so heavy that most trucks are now felt bulky even when not loaded. You might have your reasons for making it like that and I don't want to complain but still as a user of this mod this is my honest feedback.

Poghrim @poghrim

I've learned various ways of making a crane both strong and light, so I'll be revisiting that aspect in the near future

chepra @chepra

you can make crane supports like a blue screen or at least like a Tatra crane, and then I touch and they are often wider than the machine itself, thanks to the mod we will not change

Connor7o7 @connor7o7

God I love having color matched everything. Thanks for your work! I noticed the atlas color matched crane is quiet a bit heavier then the vanilla crane. Is it stronger then the vanilla crane at all or is it purely a cosmetic improvement?

elic.nikita @elicnikita

Can you adapt your mod to zikz 605r?

winterfury @winterfury

Do the cranes work correctly yet?

chepra @chepra

this is what I needed, the most important thing is that you can paint everything in one color and some trucks have started playing with new colors
thanks for the mod

Gabe_62 @gabe-62

Great mods ... but ... nothing !

Just... thnx !

grayfox444 @grayfox444

Great mods use them all the time, but was wondering if you could add a radar add-on similar to the one you have on the Z-Series trucks you made.

Eckee @eckee

Great work, thanks a lot. But Atlas crane wobbles a lot in garage preview so I've never dared to install it. It's scary.

Adorjan[HUN] @adorjanhun

i use it on the t-21, it works fine :P

WATcHDoGZ15 @watchdogz15

Hi Poghrim. Xbox player here. I wanted to ask why the IS-2 mod was removed? I noticed it wasn't in my list anymore. I checked on and I see it's been taken down.

Scorp88 @scorp881

Отличный мод, очень нравится модуль перевозки средних бревен

Özgün @ozgunbulut91

szinesgeza42 @szinesgeza42

Just for the sake of conversation!
Why is the tongue of a medium log trailer made to spring?

Poghrim @poghrim

I made it adjustable so that it could be used on trucks that have a shorter frame, where the log bunk overhangs the rear (want to have enough clearance so that you don't keep crashing into the trailer), and longer frame trucks that might want the trailer closer to the frame, so that you don't have as big of a gap between the rear wheels on the truck and the trailer wheels, which may induce issues when going over obstacles.

The springyness is a side-effect

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

What makes a great "community" talented modder stand out above others?

Is the fact that guys like Iceberg101, Rng3r, bartelbi7, Glitchworks, JohnJohnHotRod, DocBugsy, Poghrim, yansors and OlSom don't waist them talent building "BS" everything they bring out is a masterpiece, useful and fits right away into this game! Beside spending them free time building us amazing mods they listen to the community, come back to you when you ask something, fix asap any problem with the mod, try meet the needs in the game, are always open for new ideas, improvements and requests, answer your questions and really appreciate when you give them the thumbs-up and your honest feedback "good or bad"!

Thank you guys for all of your hard work, time and talent💯👍🏼. You guys are amazing and really make this game so much better👌🏼.

I wish you all happy holidays and i "we" really hope you guys keep modding for this game in 2022.

Cheers guy,
PS4 player