Poghrims Trailer Pack for SnowRunner

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More coming soon(very)!

Content list:

1) Medium Fuel Trailer.

2) Light Utility Trailer.

3) Light Semi-trailer 'Mule'

4) Scout cargo/vehicle transport tilt deck 'Raider'

5) Full-size truck cargo/vehicle transport tilt deck 'Vikingr'

6) Full-size truck cargo/vehicle transport tilt deck 'Ulven'

7) Medium Semi-trailer 'Workhorse'

8) Tilt-deck Semi-trailer 'Dragoon'

Made by Poghrim (Mr.Excuses on the official Snowrunner Discord)

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Donations are highly appreciated and will help me improve as a ** artist/game developer.

My mods will remain free, this is just a way for you to support my work and encourage me to keep pushing through the difficulties that this type of work can bring.

Terms of Use:

You may edit the xml files to suit your taste and upload for private use only. Any sort of editing or alterations of the meshes or textures are prohibited, unless I give explicit permission to do so.

I spend countless hours working on these projects and don't charge for them, so please respect the integrity of the files.

More to be added!

mediumfuel 2

Medium Fuel Trailer. Meant to be a lighter fuel trailer that is easier to tow around. Uses the standard truck trailer connection.

It is able to carry 1200L of fuel across rough terrain thanks to the suspension and tire design.

lightutility 2

Light Utility Trailer. Designed to allow scout vehicles to operate in more remote areas, or assist in recovery operations.

600 Repair points / 100L of fuel / 2 spare wheels.

mule 1

Light Semi-trailer 'Mule'. Designed to be less bulky than other semi-trailers.

3 cargo slots / 1 spare wheel.

raider 2

Scout cargo/vehicle transport trailer 'Raider' with a tilt deck design.

2 cargo slots.

vikingr 1

Truck variant of the 'Raider' - 'Vikingr'.

2 cargo slots.

ulven 1

'Ulven' tilt-deck trailer. (For full-size trucks.) Basically a longer version of the 'Vikingr'.

3 cargo slots. Cannot load cargo that's more than 1 slot from loading bays (armored cars are still allowed).

workhorse 1

'Workhorse' semi-trailer.

4 cargo slots. 1 spare tire.

snowrunner screenshot 2021 02 16

'Dragoon' tilt-deck semi-trailer.

3 cargo slots. 500L fuel, 1 spare tire, 800 repair points.

Special thanks to: Gumides, G3RTS3N for their aid in adding localization to the mod!

Supported Languages:

English / Russian / Polish













pogtrailers.5.zip56.64mb2.2.0 PTS







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MonkeyMan007 @monkeyman26

the trailers are great. can u add bars to the tiltdeck's?? so they dont get stuck on trees so easy

MonkeyMan007 @monkeyman26

and maybe a tripple axel ulven trailer with 4 slots

KvaNTy @kvanty

Hi Poghrim. We know that you are probably busy, but if you export NAMEs and DESCs of the rest of your trailers to localization files we would be able to donate translations for them.

RC2K @rc2k

can this mod be installed manually?, and how if...

verteru3 @verteru3

'Dragoon' tilt-deck semi-trailer is very well made trailer! Your quality improved a lot!

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Hi @poghrim, just some feedback on the last added 'Dragoon' tilt-deck semi-trailer. It is a very nice concept and great bit of kit bro. But it would benefit from a couple of improvements to make it even better and friendlier to use.
1. When you low the ramp to load the trailer, the ramp is too steep. It looks a little unrealistic and makes loading up trucks a little difficult. The ramp should go al the way back so it would be more room to lower it. This would make more sense. Also an increase of fuel and repair points would make this trailer simply the best recovery trailer available.
2. If you could add some emergency beacons and and 2 (high beams bright) spot lights on the back of it (ON/OFF in advanced menu) it would make a big difference when working in dark places atnight time and woud look very cool.
3. Now with the bs ram limitations (even after last update) we really need to choose those lager mod files carefully. I really like your trailer-pack but i don't really use them all and it is quite a big mod. I love the 'fuel-trailer' (even for my scouts) and the recovery trailer is just a must have in my gameplay. But the other tilt-deck trailers i don't really use. Like me there are a lot of players facing this same problem and getting frustrated because the need to choose from which one you're going to use most. Since we can not have them al active at the same time it's just a shame that we really need to stay away from some of those masterpieces and can not enjoy playing with it. Pls don't get me wrong bro, i really like all of your trailers but since i love yansors 'low-saddle trailer-pack' as well and i can't run them together because both mod files are so big i really need to choose ony one of them. Well.........'yansors' trailer-pack is just amazing but your's is just that good as well and have really the 2 trailers that i can not leave it behind. Would be great to use both packs. This is just an idea bro............if you separate your trailer-pack in 2 everybody would be able to enjoy your nice hard work even more. You could put in one pack the 'fuel-trailer', 'Light Utility Trailer',🙏🏼 and of course the 'Dragoon' tilt-deck semi-trailer and in the other one the rest of the trailers. This would really be great bro and many more players would be able to enjoy your work😁.
4. Maybe a stupid question, but nobody has done any trailer on active suspension! Is this possible?

Thanks again mate, good work,

PS4 player and fan of your work.

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Another must-have mod. Love this trailer pack. Such handy little options, and the new recovery trailer is another very nice piece of kit as well.

Timothy. @timothy20

what was in the update ?

Poghrim @poghrim

added a new semi-trailer

winterfury @winterfury

Poghrim brand utility.

ChromeDogxx @chromedogxx

AMazing work buddy. A 6-slot would be cool.

SunHill86 @sunhill86

Great pack of trailers.
Is there any plans for a 4 or 5 slot semi trailer for logging?

Poghrim @poghrim

There are a couple issues with the whole logging cargo system that I'm trying to solve.
(Possible custom cargo in the near future?)
I won't be able to do much experimenting until I'm done with the Unipog though...

Johnnyholster @johnnyholster

“Unipog” it’s an Unimog??? If that so, I’m very happy and curious about in what stage it is and if we’ll see it anytime soon!

Poghrim @poghrim

U4000. It's actually quite close to being done :P

Johnnyholster @johnnyholster

Thank you, can’t wait!:p

ghosteater08 @ghosteater08

can any of the trailers carry logs?

Poghrim @poghrim

Unfortunately, all of the in-game logs are locked to their unique addons/trailers.
I am, however, looking into a solution for that.

Stazco @stazco

something wrong with Raider mass, or its collisions ...its almost impossible to tow it with loaded vehicle, even empty one creates huge problems for loadstar. looks like its balanced for OP mods, not for vanilla game(

Poghrim @poghrim

Never had any issues with it (used vanilla vehicles).
What terrain were you using it on?
And what did you load it up with?

Stazco @stazco

(raider called ulven on xbox)

yukon first map, telehandler was loaded(i believe its too heavy, ok), but even unloaded it were stuck to death in rivers and deep mud.