Paystar F5050 'Farmall' F5070 'Corn Sniffer' for SnowRunner

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Credits: Fonta_workshop

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First of all, the paystar is a truck that I really like and so I've decided to tweaked it.

For the Paystar F5050 with the basic sounds you have one engine option as in the game: the IH RD549. and for the Paystar F5070 you have the choice between the Cummins VT903 or the NH 290. They have both 4 gearboxes in common, different sets of wheels and a lot of paintwork (as usual)

However: I recommend using the high suspension only when towing heavy trailer or heavy equipement such as the cranes. They are a bit stiffer than the standard ones but much stronger. Furthermore, if you install the UCD1 tires I recommand also using high suspensions as they make the suspensions less hard.

I hope you'll have fun with this trucks.

Changelog 1.1.0:
Correct wheel softness
Added step crocodile and ford F750 wheels
Replaced low saddle
Added mud fenders
Suspensions and exhausts no more locked by levels
















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corporalrus @corporalrus

Мод отличный. Звуки, настройка КПП - понравилось.
Но, думаю есть проблема с подвеской либо шинами - даже без нагрузки они "играют" влево-вправо, как будто хотят выскочить. Может быть дело в "давлении" в шинах? Из за этого же как будто с трудом набирается скорость, хотя показатели двигателя и коробки отличные.

Stazco @stazco

front bumpers with a winch (pto)?

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

This thing is awesome!! I have two (more) questions for you.

1. Is it possible to have rear mudflaps on this truck without the front fenders. I like the stock mudflaps on the back but I've always disliked the quarter fenders in front. I think the Transtar fenders and mudflaps would look good if they fit. Also the GMC mud fenders.

2. Can you use the vanilla F750 steel rims and make them an option for all the other tires if so could you add them to all of your trucks? ( Sally, the caddy, Moe's, high binder ...etc)

Also the Raised suspension and bumper options are locked by levels.

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Hi, so I've updated the truck, first of all I'm sorry to tell you that the quarter fender et the front can't be removed, and secondly the Ford F750 rims aren't compatible with the other wheels, in fact they are to small to fit to the other tires, meaning visual problems and possibly wheels going through the ground. However, I've fitted the Ford F750 tires to the trucks , they are as good in the mud as the crocodile tires so you can still use them.
Thank you for your comments.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

When I say front fender I meant on the rear axles lol. I'm glad I can change the wheels on the rest of the tires now!

Why did you remove the engine brake sounds and reduce the engine volume on old Sally and the Cadillac??? Are people complaining??? Personally I LOVED it. Detroit's scream and the constant loud roar of them ain't for everyone I guess. :/

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Reduced sounds? I've added one to Cadillac which was the high sounds but the engine brake gone is not supposed to happen...well I'll dig into that.
Nervermind for the fenders I must haven't been totally wake up when I replied😅.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

Well in glad to hear that the engine brake sound being removed was not intentional!

In top gear the engine sound gets very quiet. Shifting through the gears is normal then it will shift into top gear and it's like someone turns the volume down.

Good things take time and I'm a patient man!
Thank you, keep up the EXCELLENT work!!

fugu72 @fugu72

I don't often comment on mods unless I'm really impress....and man, I am. You took my favorite truck in the game....and made it even more fun to play. Nothing too radical...but it all feels right for this truck and the era it was built in. Really awesome little tune up mod. Time to go try your other mods :)

4449rj @4449rj

Love what your doing to these old trucks,another classic that makes the game feel all that cooler. I would love to see you put your magic touch on the pacific p16 with some crazy 12v71 sounds and perhaps a realistic log trailer and truck front carrier.,and perhaps you could come back to the maximum overdrive project.

svornskar383 @svornskar383

I wish there is a mod that gives more rim options to mudtires like you did for this model.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

NO WAY!!! I was just going to recommend you do this!!! Excellent, thank you!!!

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

No problemo, it was in my mind for a while but this last month I didn't get the time to being back on mods.
If you have any other tweak ideas please feel free to share them with me!


Man I like it a lot you gave these old trucks a truly classic overhaul I love the sounds those are very well made :D Truly a great tweak I love the Crocodile rims they look very good on this truck and all the other cool options. Though one question what's the difference between the two versions besides the engine and sound? Am I stupid for not realizing? Also as suggestion but you'll probably do it in the future can you do the GMC Brigadier? Those are my favourite trucks and an overhaul loke this would be really sweet. Great work 👍

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Thank you for your comment! So in my mind I made these two separate trucks because of the motor they are using, however i'm still working on a gasoline motor sound which is quite difficult to make beacuse I really want that tone from the gasoline combustion and which is also holding back my take on the scout 800 and the Loadstar.
Still, in further update I want to gave them separate transmissions, a personal customization to each ones and other things.
I'm also currently working on the Brigadier which is my favorite Jimmy.
Have a nice day!

cwelsh350 @cwelsh350

We need more old fashioned type rims like what you have in that picture for a lot more trucks like the a&k and s*** like that that would really spice up the look of the truck

Stazco @stazco

jade city version of 5000?