Pacific P510 "Big Bad Pete" for SnowRunner

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Published by Fonta_workshop (mod ID: 2124672)


Credits: Fonta_workshop

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Added some new motors: Cummins NT-335, NT-375 (or NTA-855-A) and NTC-444

I have also added some new tires a little tweaked to make the truck well balanced

Added Tatra crane, sideboard, and tank which looks good in my opinion on the Pacific (Also I recommand using IX Addons pack which goes well with this truck)

Added rolling coal exhausts, cab protectors, some horns (new horn sound) , and a colorable sunvisor.

So in conclusion, with the AWD it becames an offroad beast however, it's still a bit less good at offroding has the russians trucks and better than most of the american trucks.

Changelog 1.1.0: First big thanks to krisvonsiksteen for helping me with the AWD transfercase model and leting me use his paintworks.
Added new colors
Added a Front wheel transfercase model

1.1.1 Small fix: sorry, I forgot to link the truck to it's original in game version so my bad and hope it'll be back soon for consoles





















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smartbuydvd @smartbuydvd

great mod, it improves something that is already good, without leaving the vehicle OP, I loved this mod, the engine sound is also better than the original

Zero-Black-Wolf @zero-black-wolf

hello, first of all, a really cool mod truck with a great sound and look. I have a question, is the horn yours too?

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

I have made a lot of other horn sounds but I'm thinking on which truck to put them on. They are Hadley Air Horns, round from 19 to 29 inches and rectangle from 22 to 32 inches

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Yes the horn is mine how do you find it?

torrum @torrum

Hello, great mod
Classic track with all-wheel drive
But what happened?The mot has become unavailable on ps4
Is it temporary?

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Yeah its my bad I forgot to link the truck to its original form in the DLC but it will be back very quickly

torrum @torrum

Great, thanks, I'll wait, it's been gone for two days (an excellent and well-developed model interesting in the mud, it seems that the theme of classic trucks is interesting to you, I'm sure that your hands would have created a 6 *6 variant of the 357 pit, ws 6900 or t800 would be something great ;-)
This is something that is not enough on consoles

luishfiocco @luishfiocco

when will this mod be available on ps5? I love all your mods, your work is amazing and I really want this truck in my collection

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Well that depends on devs testing speed for console release, It's always the next-gen that have release time issues, on the other hands the old-gen are quite fast for approval so in reality I can't tell you much about why or how it works but all I can say is thank you for the support and the kind words, it's a real pleasure to make mods and share them to people who like my work : )
Have a nice day!

Frandiaz @frandiaz

Me encanto el estilo clasico del camion espero pronto tenerlo de vuelta otra ves en la ps4

Aleksandr1603634855 @aleksandr1603634855

В раздел просмотр модификаций пишет пользовские материалы запрещены для вашей учётной записи - что за хрень?!

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Sorry mate but I dont understand what you are saying (well I used gg trad so I see what you've written) but my only answer is a question: Do the mod work or not and what precisly isn't working ?
Have a nice day!

Aleksandr1603634855 @aleksandr1603634855

Папки модов переделал на json! Сделал, как на видео, захожу в игру жду 30 минут, отключил антивирус и всё напрасно! Видимо, ещё какой-то секрет есть! Спасибо, что хоть кто-то отзывается.

JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

Welcome to console! Lets see what she sounds like...

xiGeox @xigeox

Gotta love how they only tested for old gen and not next gen, when it has all the files. Haha Saber is a joke.

JAVA-M3-GTR @java-m3-gtr

They honestly should have just made it as,, and MUCH simpler that way.

WildRider @wildrider

I hate when modders add AWD to RWD trucks without changing the front axle. If it is driven, it should look like one - have a differential case and drive shafts connected!

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Well you can't change front axle, the only way of doing that would have to be adding a driven front axle from another truck but it would clip onto the not driven front axle. And since you cannot modifie the truck models, you're stuck with only a not driven front axle and the AWD. If you want to I can try to search among the RWD/AWD trucks which driven front axle can fit but it's not a guarantee to be perfectly fiting the front axle. I was thinking just like you before I start modding but then this is the reason why rwd tweaked trucks ofenly have a awd option without the transfer case.

WildRider @wildrider

I just like realistic mods that have visual implementation of what upgrades they are boasting. Invisible toolboxes with thousands of repairs/liters are not welcome either. Everything the file features should be on the model itself, it's a quality of a good mod.

Fonta_workshop @lucafontanelle123

Yeah I know that, that's why I dont over power mods. I know this really is an visual issue and I also like my work to be justified but for this case I really cant do anything about it, I will try to search a tranfer case that fits. And if it's really an isssue with it then don't put the AWD on, it's still a godd truck without AWD. But I can guarantee you that you' will never see my mods with thousands of repairs or fuel points. I try to do this on the transtar 4090a that I made with the model of a driven dront axle and the axle is connected to the wheels, the only issue being the rear transfercase that is clipping through the drive shaft.