Pacific P16 Upgrade for SnowRunner

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Published by TheBigDustin (mod ID: 122401)


This Pacific P16 modification includes:

  • 600L Fuel Tank
  • Low Saddle
  • Lowered High Saddle to accommodate M757 Trailer and make getting under the heavy equipment trailers easier
  • More tire choices including larger tires and Cat745 Tires.
  • Lift Kit (yes, you read that right)
  • Optional more powerful high output engine
  • Optional strengthened gearbox
  • Heavy truck winch upgrade

With Version 1.0.3 I added:

  • Cat745 Fuel tank
  • Cat745 Log bunk (not functional, just for fun)
  • Cat745 Water Tank (not functional, just for fun)
  • Increased steering rate and responsiveness

Engine, Gearbox and Winch modifications are mild and lore friendly, they also cost money.







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RocTheRed @rocthered1

I hope you're updating this for the logging DLC, I love this truck but it really should be able to pull logs since that was its main reason to be built.

Nester @nester


evartlawson @evartlawson

I have Been a real truck driver everyone keeps calling saddles high saddle low saddle when in the trucking world is a fifth wheel and one will fit any truck and for any trailer and will do the job you do not have to change them out so where you people get this idea of changing out saddles is beyond me you need to change your thinking about trucks if we had to do this in the real world we would never get the job done

carboyrator @carboyrator

not entirely true there are actually 2 different sizes of fifth wheel and you would need to change either the fifth wheel assembly or the king pin on the trailer to make them universal (I forget the actual sizes but the standard size (used by about 90% of the trucking industry) is the small dia. kingpin where as the large kingpin (used by about 10% of trucks and trailers out there) is often used on the really heavy equipment trailers (my last employer has one truck dedicated to only pulling a giant mobile rock crushing plant, a giant crushed rock sorting plant, and a giant wood/stump/shingle grinding plant) as they use the large kingpin and fifthwheel.

Walther_DeVahn @walther-devahn

True... in Farming Simulator it's called Fifth Wheel... Why the idea for high and low saddle? Possibly to make game more annoying/difficult as you need to change it to get different types of trailers?

MrZamarok @mrzamarok

Does it have AWD?

Professor1994 @professor1994

Tried to add AQ Team ( colours by my self....but failed =) May I ask U about it?) And one more question: u expected installation by subscribe, am I right?

sikkraz3r @sikkraz3r

could you possibly make it awd switchable ? ive gotten stuck a few times with it

LumpenLarry @lumpenlarry

you can do it by your own... just change the mod file. So did I

sikkraz3r @sikkraz3r

how lol im a dummy and need a tutorial video

kyleheichert @kyleheichert

x_Excite_x @excite-x-x

Здравствуйте, мне не нужен увеличенный бак и другие изменения. Как мне самому добать низкое сцепное устройство?

madmexjw52 @madmexjw52

When you use the Subscribe button is it then also working in Coop ??

RachelTGG @racheltgg

If you keep the unlock by exploration on, does it unlock when you unlock the vanilla p16?
About the AWD, couldnt you make the AWD switchable and a upgrade you have to buy? (aka, not the default), i have seen the P16 get stuck on on muddy hills (not having drive on the front wheels hurt it on these situations, where the front wheel is "free" but the back wheels are stuck on the water or the mud pit)

Also, about the wheels, i dont think they are needed, since the P16 tires are the best tires in the game, having even more grip on the mud than mud tires, see here:

Stellarvorha @stellarvorha

Any plans on making it AWD and better steering angle like 40-45 degrees? Or would it be possible for the mod changing the default truck instead of adding another one? That way i could still add my own edits without the one to overwrite/restore the changes. Also installing it manually never worked.

TheBigDustin @dshireman22

I could make it AWD. I feel it does not need it. I upped the steering rate and responsiveness over stock. The truck with the high-output engine is very torquey and the truck tends to under steer around sharp bends anyway. Installing it manually would overwrite the default truck in the game.

tarino2157 @tarino2157

You need to for sure make this AWD it would be unstoppable!

TomCarter @tomcarter

Another great mod thanks. I left the gearbox out as I have already modded in a 10 speed gearbox yet awesome changes thanks.