Pacific P16 Blueline for SnowRunner

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Published by Obiwayne (mod ID: 141287)


This mod only exchanges the original Pacific P16 engine set with the us special engines (Twinsteer engine), increases the fuel capacity to 350 to match increased fuel demand and gives the truck the option to use the same tires as the Pacific P12w

Available engines are:

- A16V-2000
- Westline V16 M2300
- Westline V16 M2450

- The engines itself were not modified and everything else on the truck remains as in the base game

- Slightly increased fuel capacity

- Switchable AWD

- All Pacific P12w tire options

- Needed level to unlock is 5

- Increased truck price reflects better engine performance

- If you subscribe to install, mod will not override the original truck and you can buy it in the store

You can also manually install the mod (will override the vanilla P16 but probably work in co-op that way if all players in the session have installed the mod manually)

  • Download the .zip file by pressing on the file size in the description line on top
  • Extract the .pak file inside the .zip file somewhere
  • Open the .pak file with winrar
  • Open the \classes\trucks folder inside the .pak file
  • Exctract the Pacific_P16_Blueline.xml file somewhere
  • Rename the Pacific_P16_Blueline.xml file to pacific_p16.xml

  • Open your \SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client folder

  • MAKE A BACKUP OF THE initial.pak FILE !!!!!11!!

  • Open the initial.pak file with winrar
  • Open the \[media]\classes\trucks folder inside the .pak file
  • Drag & drop the renamed pacific_p16.xml into the trucks folder

You should also always make a backup of your safe file if you installed manually and want to remove the mod.

The safe files are named as CompleteSafe.dat, CompleteSafe1.dat, CompleteSafe2.dat, depending on which slot they are stored.

They are located in \documents\my games\base\storage\"a very long number" (<- not the actual folder name, its individual for every computer)


Version 1.0.1:

- Increased fuel capacity to 350 to match higher fuel demand

Version 1.0.2:

- Fixed visual addon doublets






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ahmetcengaver @ahmetcengaver

mod da eksik olan şeyleri tamamlarsan çok güzel mod yapmış olursun biraz daha güçlü bir motor ve vinç ayrıca araç devrildiğin de çekicilerin de çalışması hepsi bu bunları da eklersen harika bir mod olurcak


just a heads up to the ppl looking to manually override your game files you may already be aware of this but in case your not if you manually override your files ALL of the ppl you play multiplayer with will need to do the same as it WILL cause game crashes with the ppl that haven't (I speak from experience) so if you like to play multiplayer a lot don't manually install it sucks that focus hasn't implemented multiplayer mod support yet and hopefully that comes soon

SparkySct @sparkysct

How have you been able to get mods working in coop I've tried all sorts and cant.

Obiwayne @obiwayne

The word on discord is that they work when you install them manually

Obiwayne @obiwayne

Thx for the heads up. Ill make a note it in the description

winterfury @winterfury

People are going to like this.