Pacific P12w Blueline-X (Update 05.04.2021) for SnowRunner

Released (updated ago). Ranked 59 of 2,958 with 94,998 (579 today) downloads

Published by Obiwayne (mod ID: 141285)


This mod

- exchanges the P12 engines with slightly tuned and more fuel hungry us special (Twinsteer-)engines

- adds (thicc) P16 tire option (OHD I)

- adds 2 more bumper options

- adds Frameaddons: Sideboard, Flatbed, Minicrane, Van Body Addon, Fueltank (They allign perfectly and are compatible with Emils Addons Collection which I highly recommend to be able to equip it with the 3-Slot-Sideboard)

- adds low-saddle option

- increases fuel capacity to 380

- reduces weight slightly

- increases truck price to reflect better engine performance and truck effectivity

Available engines are:

- A16V-2000
- Westline V16 M2300
- Westline V16 M2450

(all slightly tuned and more fuel hungry to be on par with Kolob engines performance)

Feel free to check my other mods:

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Version 1.1.0

- added log carrier frame addon for medium logs
- slightly reduced weight

Version 1.0.9

- added logging equipment and new cosmetics
- added one more engine
- changed to 12-speed gearboxes
- added snorkel, cabin air conditioner, more bumpers, exhausts and active suspension
- added P512 wheels
- added 3-slot sideboard and flatbed (Emils addons collection is no longer needed)
- removed large maintainer addon (was clipping with the wheels big time)
- added long fuel tank addon

Version 1.0.8

- fixed ui_name issues

Version 1.0.7

- updated for mods
- added more tire options

Version 1.06

- added 2 more bumper options

- added Van Body Addon

- fixed Cabin Protector alignment

- fixed an error that prevented trailers from being attached when the Fueltank Addon was equipped

Version 1.05

- Removed level requirement

Version 1.04

- Fixed visual addon doublets

- Fixed an error that prevented the truck from being painted

Version 1.0.3

- slight improvements to engine torque and further increased fuel demand

- slight weight reduction

- added optional P16 tires

- reintegrated original P12 tire options

- added Frameaddons: Sideboard, Flatbed, Minicrane, Fueltank (Compatible with Emils 3-Slot-Sideboard)

- added low-saddle option

- fuel capacity reduced to 380 for balance reasons

Version 1.0.2

- Fixed visual addon doublets

Version 1.0.1

- Increased fuel capacity to 400 to match higher fuel demand















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DrRacer14 @drracer14

Obiwayne I have a suggestion, could you add the mud flaps from the Derry Longhorn 3194 as an rear bumper option but make its removable like the P12 Orca M181 mod. P.S. Could you make the medium and heavy duty transmissions have fine-tune.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

Hello I would just like to say, in my opinion, your 12 speed transmissions are absolutely fantastic. The rate they shift at is spot on, high range is the perfect speed and Low..... Actually feels like LOW!

Something I'd like to bring up is low gear in the P12. When in low- in mud or on small grades the truck stops moving and the tires just vibrate. This problem is not caused by your trans. I always thought it was because the engine was underpowered, but now even with mod engines it still does it. Also it's not unique to this truck either. The IH Scout used to do this, now the P512, twin steer paystar and Boar do it.

Any thoughts? Sorry to ramble, this has just been buggin me since the game launched. I've written the Devs but have not heard anything.


Obiwayne @obiwayne

Thanks mate.

I think the 'not being able move in low gear' issue is tied to the wight and the design of the truck. I lowered weight a little more and hope it works now.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

I'm not sure what it is. Since the fine tune update almost EVERY truck does it, even trucks that don't have that trans. Low and low- are almost useless now. I think it's because the low gears only effect engine rpm/wheel speed, it's not actually a gear reduction like in real life. It's not the mods or the modders it's the game.

Obiwayne @obiwayne

Did you notice any difference when using one of the base game gearboxes? They have a slightly faster 1st gear and afaik the low gear speed or rpm is tied to the speed of it but I'm not sure. On the other hand the p12 always struggled to move once it got stuck in some situations and I already gave it a higher suspension, lowered the weight and with one of the last updates, added an engine which is stronger than any base-game engine

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

In this video you can see fuel usage and that I'm in low-. On this occasion it actually when backwards then forward then backwards again.

I really think it's the game doing this.

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

Just did some testing. M3000 Eng, 12x Heavy trans and p512 tires with the largest fuel tank add-on. I'm in the grass just off the pavement by the frame twister on the summer proving ground. When in Low- the wheels shudder and the truck goes backwards(yes seriously) before struggling to move forward. It moves backwards like 10 feet before trying to move forward.

Obiwayne @obiwayne

try switching to 6x4 when you get stuck like that. I figured that it is the awd which prevents the trucks (all truck) from moving when having super heavy loads some times

Son-of-Liberty7476 @greasywrench6450

I'll try that. I've noticed that too but never knew exactly what it was. It feels like the transfer case is jammed and the trucks doesn't know what to do. They need to fix that, low gear is more torque, in game it's just restricted wheel speed and it causes problems like this.


Obiwayne @obiwayne

Heavy fuel tank is a b1tch

Dimassants @dimassants

O mod é ótimo ..mais no meu PS4 não consigo fazer a carga de toras médias.nem com o guindaste nem carregamento automático.

F1M5 @f1m5

Can you edit gearbox Highrange in p12 please

shbtfrsfxrhbtg @shbtfrsfxrhbtg

Thanks for the nice and balanced mod. Could you please do another pass to see if more accessory bits will fit such as the cabin aircon mod?

nicomorenov8 @nicomorenov8

On console specifically on ps4, it is not possible to place exterior stickers, the addons are far in front and you cannot place a platform with a crane, neither is the platform with 3-point railings available, I think you should check that and give it an update to the mod, you would also have to add the same P16 transmission which has 9 speeds and an active suspension would be a very good truck with that

Obiwayne @obiwayne

I cant promise adding snorkels because the air filters are part of the model which I am not able to modifiy. But maybe I can clip a smaller snorkel from another truck into the airfilters so that the top sticks out or add one at another location on the cabin. I will look into it.
Oh and when I update, I will add the 9-speed gearbox, too.

And thanks for making me aware of this whole mess mate!

GrandAutismo05 @grandautismo05

I was just about to ask about the snorkels myself;
If possible please do that!! :)
Thanks for the other changes to make this truck all-round better :)

Obiwayne @obiwayne

My bad I just checked the interior stickers. I added it to my to-do-list. But why the addons don't shift on console eludes me. I just checked to be sure and on pc they shift.
I can make it work for consoles as well when phase 3 is released, because it will bring us a new addon, a seperate 3-slot sideborad/flatbed. Right now, Emils addons collections, which comes with a custom 3-Slot sideboard, is a dependancy for this mod and it has its own flaws because the 3-slot was added to the same file as the base-game 2-slots.
This mod was intended to be used with the 3-Slot alone OR with minicrane/spare wheels/cabin protector AND 2-Slot. Not the 2-Slot alone.
So in order to make it work properly on consoles, I will have to wait for phase 3. And I will probably wait with fixing the exterior stickers as well because phase 3 brings us new stickers. That way I can include them all with a lower risk of breaking the mod for consoles by making changes.

nicomorenov8 @nicomorenov8

The truck improved a lot from the original P12, but it needs the addons to be further behind the chassis to accommodate the yellow cranes or the double repair wheels, it also needs a special transmission such as the P16 Blueline, better snorkels, and active suspension, and exterior stickers

Obiwayne @obiwayne

I dont really know what the issue is here.
The addons shift back to the end of the chassis when you place the crane or spare wheels as seen in the pictures.
And the stickers are there.
Is it different on console?

Obiwayne @obiwayne

Is Emils' addons collection available for consoles? Without it, there is no 3-slot sideboard.