Pacific P12 Roughneck Phase 3 for SnowRunner

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Published by YKMini (mod ID: 760535)


This is AnythingINC Pacific P12W - Roughneck updated for phase 3. It is such an excellent tweak that instead of starting from scratch I contacted him and have his permission to update and re-upload

This mod emulates the real life "deck trucks" that are heavily used in the oil industry, hence the name roughneck. They came with legendary engines like the 12V71 Detroit Diesel, Cat 3408 and Cummins KTA 600. Designed for rough service and heavy loads.

Details of the changes are as follows. Many items are direct form AnythingINC's version but I have changed a few things as well. This tweak includes DLC content.

In regards the rear winch point I added. I know it dissapears when you attach a trailer. I don't know what the trigger is. I move the frame winch points further back to accomadate this behavior.


  • No mini-crane or large maintainer support
  • Derry 4250 High saddle and special low saddle to help with connecting trailers.
  • 2 and 3 slot flatbed, 1, 2 and 3 slot sideboard
  • Small maintainer
  • Standard logging addons and the Cat log carrier
  • 3 different styles of exhausts (stock, dual, single) allowing 9 configuration options
  • 2 air intakes/snorkel options
  • 3 additional bumpers
  • "modular" cabin protector (compatible with spare tire)
  • Choice between fender / mudflaps
  • Air conditioner attachment
  • Airfilter brush guard option
  • Spotlights compatible with horn and A/C options


  • Mass reduced from 27,000 kg to 22,000 kg (closer to real-world)
  • 4 engine options (2x Detroit Diesel, 1x Caterpillar and 1 x Cummins)
  • 3 transmissions choices


  • Default suspension lowered from 2, 1 (front, rear) to 1.5, 0.5
  • 4 suspension options; stock-soft, active-firm, raised-soft, and raised-firm
    • Active suspension is for low saddle trailers.


  • Default tire size increased to 63" with 70" option
  • Added P16 based wheels with Heavy Duty Logging and chain options.
  • Added 70" "prime mover" option. Works well with specialty missions and wide 5 slot flatbed.
  • Added 72" Heavy Duty Offroad
  • Added 63" and 73" Low Ground Pressure mud tires
  • 70" Super Heavy mudtires
  • Spare tire attachment now has 200 repair points and winch point. Added another winch point at the rear of the deck for tow jobs
  • Spare tire forces tradeoff with log lift crane
  • I spent a lot of time adjusting the offset and spacing so nothing clips the axles. There is some front mudguard clipping


  • P16 sounds and front bumper added
  • Custom winches.
    • Moved frame winch points further back to help with loading trucks on trailers
    • Front winches are now part of the bumpers
  • The vehicle is unlocked at level 1 (same for visuals/addons/attachments)
  • To reflect the additional capabilities, the vehicle price has been increased to $175k (full loaded will cost north of $300k).


Install by subscribe. All the files have been changed form the default so manul install will not work. This will not replace the original Pacific P12W; look for a separate "Pacific P12W Roughneck Phase 3" listing under the Heavy Duty section of the US truck store.

Disclaimers & Limitations:

I have not tested this in MP

Mudflaps will not match the color of the vehicle (nothing to do with this mod)

I highly recommend the Off Road Trailers mod, along with yansors trailer packs

Otherwise enjoy this update version of a legendary truck!









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YKMini @ykmini

Added custom winches. Adjusted winch points, added P16 bumper

reesebj80 @reesebj80

This truck is a beast, only thing id like to see added might be an auto winch

YKMini @ykmini

It has bigger winches so I didn't feel that a battery powered one was suitable.

jdack02 @jdack02

Wow Glad too see an update on this old girl was a great one back when I started. Thanks for breathing new life into this old girl.

Eversman @na2052238

๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž๐Ÿ‘Ž I get bored of tweaks. Where are the mods?


YKMini @ykmini

If you don't like it then don't use it. There are plenty of great mods out there to choose from. I enjoyed this mod when it came out and I know other do as well so I am sharing it here.

YKMini @ykmini

The file in the folder called textures is what is used for the store image. The name of the truck and associated files have all been changed so manual install will not work.

LarryGhost @larryghost

Hi, I like this truck. If I install it manually, can I use it? What is it or what file makes the truck look like in the truck store? Or should I add some more info in another file? Thank you, greetings.