Derry Longhorn Mil Spec for SnowRunner

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Published by Gumides (mod ID: 173213)


This is an attempt recreate the real life M1070 as much as is possible in the confines of the game.

My tweak is more about the fantasy and immersion of a Military spec truck, and i hope i've achieved that.

I have designed it for one purpose, and one purpose only - To be a monsterous Semitrailer hauler. Therefore it only has Saddle attachments.

It will perform in any scenario as i have tested it's capabilities using my Heavy Haul mod for added difficulty.

Any custom assets contained in this mod package are the protected intellectual property of the artist. They are used in this package with explicit license extension for this use. DO NOT attempt to utilize them in any way in your own mods. Violation of this can and has led to account bans, and further actions will be taken as necessary.

The tire type does not matter, it's a cosmetic choice only. the Diffrence lies in the versions:

Basic > Pro > Soft; in order of performance.

Basic is vanilla game for realism enthusiasts, Pro are slightly overpowered and the soft ones are less bouncy and provide minimal increase in grip over pro.

  • Added Antennas, led lights, jerry cans, repair boxes, and custom tires.
  • Fixed missing lights, and overhauled the exisiting ones.
  • Everything was tweaked! Overall mass increased; engine; gearbox; suspension; turn radius; fuel consumption; tank size and much more.
  • Color schemes set to match the military series of Trucks made by Rng3r and he allowed the use of some of his assets.
  • Two suspensions; same stats but one is active if you want more control over ground clearance.

Highly recommended to install the Textures from this mod, for improved visuals on the truck :)

The trailer visible in the screenshots is IX Unspillable 6 slot by the amazing Puppy Master , it feels like it belongs on my truck.

Thank you to Poghrim for his amazing tires :)

Thank you to Rng3r for providing me with exclusive access to his tires and other assets from his series of trucks!


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dairyhorn_tractor_1.0.zip350.52mb1.0 Console?!


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Armoredp @armoredp

Was this released for console recently? On Xbox it says download of mod id:173213 failed. Since I'm subscribed on I assume it automatically tries to download, but that only works with mods that are approved.

xiGeox @xigeox

I think it started testing for consoles last week and that’s why you got that. So hopefully this week or next week. I’m stoked for this on consoles. This will complete my dream fleet. I’m using all the mtvrs and the m31 is going to be low saddle only and the Derry will be my high saddle rig. The only thing that’s tricky with the m31 is gateways. Lol I’ve found a work around. Pull into the gateway, put the parking brake on and detach trailer. Attatchthe winch to the trailer then go through the gateway. On the other side if all goes well the truck and trailer should be ghosted and the trailer should be upright on the ground. Just pull forward until both solidify then back back under and hook up. 👍Good to go.

Armoredp @armoredp

It's definitely good to complete the US military set.

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

I discovered this truck a little bit late but finally, I have found what I have been looking for. Like most military trucks, this one lacks a loading crane but it is not so important for heavy hauling. Maneuvering capability is very good but when transporting heavy loads, the front side of the truck (hood) raises a little bit and this situation decreases the traction of front wheels. Increasıng the truck's weight may be a solution.

kieler10 @kieler10

Hey Gumides. Have you gotten any feedback from the devs about whether there’s something wrong with mod that’s hindering it from coming to console?

Isaactollison7 @isaactollison7

Thats what im saying i really want to play with this monster

kieler10 @kieler10

I’m writing this because i apparently asked an illegal question on the SnowRunner discord. Gumides please accept my most humbling apologies if i may have offended you by asking my most innocent question (ever) on the SnowRunner discord. I have learned from my mistake and from now on and in the future i will mind my own business whether or not i’m interested in your mod. (which i really am)

Sincerely kieler10.

kieler10 @kieler10

Might seem a tad excessive but i just wanted to get my point across.

Chev8ball @chev8ball

Relly looking forward to this on consoles, looking be the tires!! Excellent work all around

xiGeox @xigeox

Do we know why this hasn’t made it to consoles yet? I’m just curious if there is an issue, because I really want to use this lovely truck. I’m itching for it. Lol

Gumides @gumides

I'm trying to find out from the devs about it. if its just not its turn or are there any issues preventing it.

xiGeox @xigeox

Did the devs give you a verdict?

xiGeox @xigeox

Sweet! Thanks man. I hope there isn’t an issue.

thomas26IkezWJYqqEFn @thomas26ikezwjyqqefn

When will this mod be released on console!?!?

killamail @killamail

to date my favorite mod and of this truck use it alot just wish it had a motor upgrade just something to increase torque as it dies easily other that hope to see more like this

Knight3124 @knight3124

Good grief, is Sabre EVER bringing this to consoles?

Isaactollison7 @isaactollison7

Thats what im saying lol

creeperteam21 @creeperteam21

By far one of the best mod out there thanks great job. But would be so cool to see a long log trailer / attachment for it

Gumides @gumides

creeperteam21 Done :) enjoy hauling trees ! and thank you for liking my truck.

creeperteam21 @creeperteam21

just out of sheer curiosity what is your plans for mods in the future :) , And thanks for the update

Gumides @gumides

not much right now, collaborating on a little truck project :)

idiocracy_ @idiocracy1

What's the changelog for the update?