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The Lumber mill is back up and operational and the hills are once again echoing to the roars of prehistoric beasts from the fossil fuel era, That's right. You're in Pacific Territory baby!!!!, So climb into the cab, put on that AC/DC Cassette and get to work. But hey, don't forget to show those diesel burning highway trucks some love too. Oh and I'm also hearing something about high pressure pipes again? Find out what on earth is going on out there will ya ;)

Patch 2.0 adds the Lumber Mill and a deep winding and narrowing Forestry road that is heavily inspired by the videos found on Youtube of the awesome Pacific P16's and P12's hauling lumber.

-I highly recommend subscribing to Thorgrins Log Pole Trailer for the P16 Mod and also the Free The Logs Mod to get the most out of this update.

Welcome to Ontario Canada!

This is a realistic Logging Map with realistically beautiful scenery designed with simulation multiplayer roleplay in mind, It is a very large map and currently features one major route and task, though a few smaller additional tasks are included. This map will be fully supported and developed until completion with many more roads and additional tasks.

A lot of this map was designed with inspiration from real life logging operations that continue in Ontario, particularly the long rows of lumber stacks that line the road sides found on google :)

A few things to consider.

- The idea with this map is realism, the tasks are large, and yes. real life logging is very back and forth hauling lumber.

- Work together, choose a zone to haul from and all haul out of the one location. this will create a feeling of a full workplace.

- Operate using similar equipment, if you're using highway trucks then everyone use highway trucks. This adds to realism.

- Use low gears at all times, this is realistic and will dramatically reduce incidents and mishaps. I recommend Fine Tuned gearboxes.

- Always give way to loaded trucks, this is a non negotiable, Communication is key here.

- And of course any feedback and support will be greatly appreciated! and if you enjoy this map and the style of gameplay my efforts can be rewarded at PayPal.Me/TopAirspace I'm just one little person and this undertaking literally consumes the majority of my spare time, (many many hundreds of hours and counting!)

Now! with all that being said, This is the first day back to work after a few weeks of heavy rain, though despite this the forest roads are looking well so we're back in business, so grab a few friends, your favourite trucks and get to it!. That's a big TenFour.

Patch Notes Ver. 2.0.0

- Added the Lumber Mill and a new forestry route.

- Various Improvements and Bug Fixes.

Patch Notes Ver. 1.5.0.

- Visual update to the map and a subtle re-shade by adding several different new grass types to create a far more realistic foliage blend.

- Performed a significant scenery update on the twisty climb to Lumber Zones 2 and 3. The scenery is now far more realistic and lush with improved density.

- The main road leading to the Lumber Train Station has been slightly narrowed and visually updated to better resemble how these types of roads appear in reality.

- The Garage has received a small visual enhancement.






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Bannedteacan_1 @bannedteacan-1

Love the map and new update. But logs amount at logging sites should be limited, now there is no reason to pick logs from different sites when you can just pick closest one´.

trainbrain84 @trainbrain84

Love this map. Great realism, love the simulation aspect. Not many people appreciate slower, realistic gameplay, and I'm glad there's someone out there tailoring maps specifically for this purpose. My favourite thing to do is drive the P16 on this map, because it just feels right lol. Hopefully we'll see this on console soon, as a few of my friends only play on there, and I'd love to do this with them. Keep up the great work

DA @dazfish

Thanks! If you like the P16 then I think you're going to really love the next update, I should have it out tomorrow ;)

Rickstewart19792007 @rickstewart19792007

when it come to ps4?

interceptorkz @interceptorkz

Its SO boring! What the point?

shaunchatel @shaunchatel

As a guy from Quebec, god I'm hype for this map haha And the multiplayer/simulation focus of this map makes it even more appealing ! GG

clefle00443 @clefle00443

is this available on ps4

DA @dazfish

As of the next update hopefully this map will be considered complete enough to appear on console, Though again, the decision comes down to the devs.
I would consider the next update to be quite detailed so I'm currently Beta testing and optimising everything for a rock solid 30fps @ 1080p with Ultra settings on my weaker Pc, so hopefully it runs really well on the Base Ps4 / Xbox.

msitkovec @msitkovec


DA @dazfish

Ok this is something I thought the game automatically translated depending on what language you had your game set to. I'm not sure right now how to translate everything to Russian, but i'll do my best to have it ready by the next update :)

Хорошо, я думал, что игра автоматически переводится в зависимости от того, на какой язык у вас установлена ​​игра. Я сейчас не уверен, как все перевести на русский, но сделаю все возможное, чтобы оно было готово к следующему обновлению :)

realcyberdream @realcyberdream

250+250 леса, это очень очень и очень много. Исправь, чтоб можно было завершить прохождение карты!
А в целом карта хорошая получилась, со своей атмосферой. Ждем продолжений.

msitkovec @msitkovec

русский язык надо для полного .

wuulini @wu9

When I started the train mission, "Graveyard Train" played on my playlist. lol

DA @dazfish


tomtommod @tomtommod

I just discovered the bug for medium logs still happens when using the the CAT workaround delete cargo after unloading, only cheating yourself!

DPI @dpi

Great work! I like the concept and how everything is designed …

DA @dazfish


Eversman @na2052238 wonderful map, keep up the great work. What about enabling the DEV-Tools also? Better options there to take great screenshots with the free camera. As long the devs are not able to bring a good photomode to this game.

DA @dazfish

Thanks man! I will consider Dev Tools further down the track.

tomtommod @tomtommod

We exchanged some comments yesterday on youtube video but I think the thread we started was deleted, I tested the medium log unloading glitch/bug firstly with just the off road trailer pack mod then with that mod and land raider mod and on both tests the bug/glitch no longer exists these tests eliminate the first instance in which I experienced it unless it comes out through a series of gameplay events. I will let you know if it happens again and what possibly I suspect it to be

DA @dazfish

It appears to be a bug related only to the Cat 745C, though it can also affect Mod trucks with the Cat log attachment. I suspect it was introduced with the last Showrunner game update.