Ontario Canada for SnowRunner

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North East map section added, Yes it's been a long time coming! It's a decent Map update with the new section being very loosely based on the Mud Runner American Wilds Map "Grizzly Creek". More visual updates will follow along with some more interesting areas to explore, and yes I will get around to making some more challenging terrain.

Patch 3.0. Short Logs Added, Though unfortunately adding the short logs has resulted in needing to unsubscribe from this Map and then re-subscribing, otherwise the latest update wont install. The Foliage has also had a major update and ambiance re-shade.

The Lumber mill is back up and operational and the hills are once again echoing to the roars of prehistoric beasts from the fossil fuel era, That's right. You're in Pacific Territory baby!!!!, So climb into the cab, put on that AC/DC Cassette and get to work. But hey, don't forget to show those diesel burning highway trucks some love too. Oh and I'm also hearing something about high pressure pipes again? Find out what on earth is going on out there will ya ;)

Patch 2.0 adds the Lumber Mill and a deep winding and narrowing Forestry road that is heavily inspired by the videos found on Youtube of the awesome Pacific P16's and P12's hauling lumber.

-I highly recommend subscribing to Thorgrins Log Pole Trailer for the P16 Mod and also the Free The Logs Mod to get the most out of this update.

Find me on my home Discords at Misfits Militia And RANG3R WORKSHOP

ghdiscord rng3r workshop

Welcome to Ontario Canada!

This is a realistic Logging Map with realistic scenery designed with simulation multiplayer roleplay in mind, It is a very large map which will be fully supported and developed.

A lot of this map was designed with inspiration from real life logging operations that continue in Ontario, particularly the long rows of lumber stacks that line the road sides found on google :)

A few things to consider.

- The idea with this map is realism, the tasks are large, and yes. real life logging is very back and forth hauling lumber.

- Work together, choose a zone to haul from and all haul out of the one location. this will create a feeling of a full workplace.

- Operate using similar equipment, if you're using highway trucks then everyone use highway trucks. This adds to realism.

- Use low gears at all times, this is realistic and will dramatically reduce incidents and mishaps. I recommend Fine Tuned gearboxes.

- Always give way to loaded trucks, this is a non negotiable, Communication is key here.

- And of course any feedback and support will be greatly appreciated! and if you enjoy this map and the style of gameplay my efforts can be rewarded at PayPal.Me/TopAirspace I'm just one little person and this undertaking literally consumes the majority of my spare time, (many many hundreds of hours and counting!)

Now! with all that being said, This is the first day back to work after a few weeks of heavy rain, though despite this the forest roads are looking well so we're back in business, so grab a few friends, your favourite trucks and get to it!. That's a big TenFour.

















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NeX2Core @mickey669

Hi, it's a very nice and well thought out map that I tested a long time ago in its first version. I let myself be tempted to go there again when I noticed the update. The additions and the quality of realism are present.
I would really like a solo player version to be made by dividing at least by 10 or 15 the amount of resources requested.
Thanks for the hard work and sharing. I still had fun going around it but the job is far too important solo and brings no real interest.

Mateusz1665316095 @mateusz1665316095

Need players for this map someone ?

viktortoth5 @viktortoth5

Has this update also been released for consoles?

baquerogracia @baquerogracia

Es el mejor mapa de SnowRunner. A quienes nos gusta jugar de modo realista, este es el mapa ideal. Es un mapa lógico, muy bien construido, con carreteras y pistas reales, zonas de carga bien distribuidas. Repito, el mejor mapa de SnowRunner. Mis felicitaciones al creador de este mapa.

kaanergen @kaanergen

easy roads and 500+ log transport. so it's really boring.

KoruptDawg @koruptdawg

My favourite map got an update and I love it! The new Northeast section is awesome! Also love the changes you made to the [mountain road]. It's a relatively smoother drive, with less twists and turns, but still feels like a trek over the mountain. Being able to see the lake better is great.

I've also noticed some new potential loading zones/areas. Such as just north of the Y, leading to the mountain road; and the small pullout section at the corner of the lake. The old road, south of the mill looks promising as well. Kitty Cats III perhaps?

Something that has been bugging me, but not so much that it ruins the experience, is some of the layout at the mill. I'd like it if when delivering logs straight to the mill (not the stock piles) that there was a through-road, so we don't have to pull a sharp U-turn. Same with the sequoia unloading zone. Also, the in-yard fencing and still standing trees don't make sense to me. Every sawmill I've been to (irl) only has fencing —if at all— along the outside perimeter; and you will never see still standing trees on the mill grounds.

If I could make one request though, could you remove the stumps in the field just south of the garage, and maybe turn it into a dirt patch? A wide open space would be great for parking trailers. Oh! And maybe make manual loading a bit more accessible for loaders (RNG WL500/KMZ_700)? At least in zones that are big enough to accommodate them, such as Zone 1.

All in all, I love that you're not dead and still updating the map, and I hope to see more in the future.

cyressm821 @cyressm821

inhave no main missions, only side missions if i unlock them. is this a bug ore a feature?

COSmil3y @cosmil3y

Any way you could make the unloading zone road a little bit longer cause before it took like 15 to 25 mins and now since you cut out a big portion of the trail it takes less time

ArtemInfocar @artem8882270

Этот мод после 7 фазы обновления отвалился на xbox series. До обновы было более 900 модов доступно а теперь только 177 и это печально.

Top.Airspace @topairspace1

Ps5 и XBox Series X/S Zip.files были включены и в настоящее время ожидают утверждения.
Эта карта скоро будет доступна.

(Google Translate)

Top.Airspace @topairspace1

Hi all, For everyone on Ps5 / Series X/S yes this map will we available on those consoles. Next gen Zip.files have been included and are currently pending approval. (along with what i'd imagine is a very long list of other mods)

WerderBeremen22 @werderberemen22

Do you know if the two mods you mentioned in the description so the pole trailer and free the logs mod are/will be on next gen consoles?

Eversman @na2052238

Top.Airspace so great to see that this map is not abonded after this long time. Still my favourite MOD-Map. Just saw that there was a update but didn’t find any time to explore the new roads. But i think it will be awesome as the rest of the map.
Keep it up man. Looking forward for more improvements and more detailing.


COSmil3y @cosmil3y

Yes please add some more challenging terrain like maybe some more hills through out the map

Aphexs-2-Fynixs @patrick-corbeel

Thanks for new map update, looks great! 👌

jandjoct3108 @jandjoct3108

I love the simplicity of this map. Its one that i keep coming back to just to take a break from all the heavy mud and rocks in other maps. I can drive any vehicle here with no probs. Just a relaxing map. Please dont make the terain crazy like other maps.

Top.Airspace @topairspace1

Heya I'm glad you've enjoyed yourself here, and don't worry this map will always remain realistic, By more challenging terrain I simply mean perhaps some 4x4 trails and some more elevated logging areas.

At the moment the Map has mostly a corridor style of gameplay, meaning you generally just stick to the roads. I would like to open this up a little for it to become more of a sandbox style map.

All in all I hope you're enjoying the new update / areas.

jandjoct3108 @jandjoct3108

Sounds good man. Looking forward to how this all turns out when you are done. Oh, i have not been able to see the new area. I have re subscribed to the map and started over and its still not updated. I will be giving it another try tonight after work.

Top.Airspace @topairspace1

If you're on console the update hasn't been approved yet.

Zippy1624398630 @zippy1624398630

Really beautiful map 10/10, but the 750 logs loads mission is just a joke and the terrain is way too easy.

xiGeox @xigeox

Use highway tires. 👍