Norrland Tk910 for SnowRunner

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Created by the Norrland corporation in the mid 80s, this unassuming self-propelled crane is a staple workhorse of many industrial yards all over the world. It may not be the most glamorous of vehicles, but there's no questioning it's ability to put in work.

Sure, you'll find advanced modern cranes operating just about everywhere, but what do you think happens, when they inevitably break down? I assure you that there's a Tk910 somewhere on the premises, maybe not even in a shed or under an awning, because this tank of a machine doesn't really care much about the weather. The same, however, cannot be said about the paint. Some even say that there's only one moving part in this machine - the driver operator.


This self propelled crane is intended to be a scout-sized dedicated crane vehicle, that's easily capable of handling heavy cargo at maximum boom extension. It can even double-up as a rescue vehicle, but that is not particularly recommended, as it may be prone to tipping over.

Tk910 has a simple 4-cylinder diesel engine, powering a hydraulic pump that operates the rest of the machine. There's no suspension, but the axles are hinged and can tilt up to 15° to the side. Power is transferred to the wheels by way of hydraulic hub motors, which severely limits the top speed of the vehicle, but it's an acceptable trade-off, as it makes it much simpler to maintain, which, in turn, contributes to it's legendary reputation for reliability.
Overall vehicle mass is low enough so that it can be transported quite efficiently on small 2-slot trailers or truck-mounted flatbeds. 4-wheel steering allows for a high degree of maneuverability, suitable for operating in tight areas, such as a busy dockyard.

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Swooz777 @swooz777

The Norrland Tk910 in action:

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Only issue I've found with it is that it doesn't seem to have a long enough winch?

Reaching out to try and grab cargo from a difficult to reach location, the winch wouldn't register a 'target' to hook to. As if the vehicle was too far away. I was as close as I could get, though. Drove a base game heavy crane, with the base game top winch, to the same location, and didn't have that problem... Seems strange.

Otherwise, as I mentioned before, a great piece of work. I didn't have any problems with tipping or mobility, and understand that a specialist machine like this isn't exactly supposed to travel from point A to point B under its own power, but rather be carried there by a separate vehicle/trailer rig.

Poghrim @poghrim

Unfortunately the winch length is a game issue that limits effective crane reach :(

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

That being the case, I probably did technically have the DAN closer to the target than I had gotten the TK910, just that little bit... I should have remembered that issue, as it was a problem while dealing with some of the game's different "so-and-so lost their scout vehicle" missions earlier on as well.

Game limitations; the number one reason why we can't have so very many nice things...

Eckee @eckee

I like it but it's impractical to drive it in long distance. And carrying a trailer just for a winch kinda ruins the purpose of this. Maybe a custom semi trailer with a dedicated, not-in-the-way slot for this little vehicle? So that we can carry it with heavy trucks and still have 5, 8 cargo slots?

Snakeeater4991 @jacob4991

A little constructive criticism : first it only goes 9mph or 15 kph. Seriously???? Another thing is it is totally useless in snowy environments and tips over way too easily. I am not impressed at all. Please keep improving.

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

The low speed isn't supposed to be an issue; you aren't supposed to be driving this thing long're supposed to be loading it on a trailer or other truck and carrying it there. You use it on the job site, then either leave it there for further use later on, or load it up and truck it back out with the other vehicle again. That's how certain specialist vehicles are supposed to be.

rendrezz @rendrezz

I absolutely love you I've been waiting for a stand-alone crane for a long time, Great Work as always.

It works perfectly, Very Long Boom extension, It is a great little workhorse.
Works better than the cranes you get on the back of the trucks.

mucha89bdg @mucha89bdg

Welcome! Great Mod! What machine were you inspired by when creating this Mod?

Poghrim @poghrim

It was inspired by various allterrain mobile cranes, like the Galion 150A, Grove RT58, LRT 110, etc. (Mainly by Grove RT58)

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console ✌

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Another piece of work from you that I'll be looking forward to. Stand-alone crane, will go well alongside my fleet of little trucks...

Zekumas @zekumas

will this see the light at the end of the Console Tunnel?

Z0913T @z0913t

The wait is killing me lol

Poghrim @poghrim

Hopefully... it just might be when the devs return after their holidays in January though :(

JuanSolo1591756801 @juansolo1591756801

I've been wanting a dedicated self propelled crane vehicle since the game came out! Thank you Poghrim, absolutely brilliant job

HiIDoGaming @hiidogaming

Loved watching this thing develop in the discird

chestl1 @chestl1

Hello this is my review of Norrland Tk910, please support it by liking the video, if it's not difficult.
I use an automatic translator in my videos. I hope it is correct.
Привет, это мой обзор самоходного крана Norrland Tk910 , прошу поддержать лайком видео, если не

ssmol1631876052 @ssmol1631876052

Shadow98 @shadow98

I was skeptical honestly,i tought i it'll be a low quality crane mod that would be useless,ohhh boy was i wrong,this thing while slow can tow,its well balanced weight-wise and the crane is actually stronger than obviously most truck attached cranes,the thing is with the anchors on this thing is way more sturdy and balance than probably any truck with a crane can be,most trucks flip when you try to lift even a car like Scout 800 due to weight distribution,this thing tho unless you extend the crane to the max at which point you should'nt even try to lift stuff it will lift and stay on it wheels.
Pretty useful more honestly,more useful than the Cat in the game that can supposedly lift pallets because this can lift mostly anything that is light to medium weight,it has a long reach and 360 degree capabilities while the Cat in the game you need to turn the whole thing,its slow has a tiny reach and is finicky to use.

Poghrim @poghrim

On the topic of stability, the Tk910 can handle 2-slot concrete slabs without any issues at max boom extension, but you're right in saying that you shouldn't try to lift vehicles at that distance

Shadow98 @shadow98

It'll most likely remain my loading vehicle from now on honestly,it can easly be driven or loaded on a trailer and taken to a loading area and simple just load stuff,i wish the game forced players into manually loading more than it does,as it is i love the auto load option but on the later maps the devs could've easly made them manual loading only,still love the mod and will keep on using it,another nice one from you,tho i guess we should've expected it =)))