RNG M31 Military Tractor for SnowRunner

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Published by Rng3r (mod ID: 157932)


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mk31 update

Built to go over even the roughest terrains and through the most hazardous environments, RNG M31 Military Tractor is a high-performance, extremely durable, all-terrain vehicle military personnel can rely on. The RNG M31 Military Tractor easily carries 15 tons over the highway and up to 7.1 tons off-road. And with advanced technologies like independent suspension, the RNG M31 Military Tractor has the brawn to take on any obstacle that attempts to impede the mission.

RNG M Military Truck Serie. My biggest project ever. This truck has been created with insane attention to detail. Every single part was completely modeled by me. For over a month, I have worked hard to make the truck as close to the real one. I think it's worth it. Hope you like it.

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TmR^ @tmr3

Any mirrors for these files? 500 mb at 30kb/s is kinda 2001...

djquacky @dj-quack-youtube

Loving all these trucks man, keep up the good work

Starkweather419 @starkweather1

It's a great truck just needs better drivetrain could barely get around wisconsin with metal beams.

xiGeox @xigeox

2 possible things. 1- double check diff lock mine equipped then unequiped, after I did it again it was then there. 2- Are you using FOX's off-road trailers? The tires on those trailers are way to sticky for not being drive tires and slow you down in mud and when the trailer tire hits a non moveable rock broadside they grab onto the rock while you try to pull the trailer through the rock. Lol
I hope this helps.

xiGeox @xigeox

OMG! Yaaaaassssss! It’s a great day for console players.

ChilliKetchUP @chilliketchup

Почему нет на консоли??

kaanergen @kaanergen

it doesn't work. its look "enable" but i can't see in truck store. other two version work perfectly.

MountainMN92 @mountainmn92

I use the other RNG Variants on console and they rock! Not a lot of power but man these mountain goats will go where ever you want them to go! Look forward to seeing this RNG hit console.

camojoe73 @camojoe73

ps4 console please great trucks.hi

Rng3r @rngr1

Somehow sideboard trailer glitches into the truck when traveling between maps. I will fix that issue as soon as possible. Sorry about that.

VladTepes85 @vladtepes85

Same problem as TOYTERIER !!!

toyterier @camarque

When moving from one location to another, the semi-trailer falls into the tractor frame. Disengagement of the road train in this case threatens with the loss of cargo.

Drifting1999 @drifting1999

I can't wait for this monster to come to console

truckingfan45 @truckingfan45

Same. Hopefully, it'll come to consoles soon.

amplify667 @amplify667

This version of your truck looks great. Love the rear steer and the ability to attach semi trailers.
Any idea if this is coming to consoles?

I just realized you do M.A.N. mods.....******* hell. I think I need to save money to buy a decent PC, because I'd love to try those out. They look awesome. Great work, man.

T0P @t0p

I really love this truck but there is one Major problem with it. As already pointed out by @shbtfrsfxrhbtg, you can not Travel between Maps while towing a Trailer. Every time you try to travel between Maps while towing a semi-trailer the Trailer Glitches into the Truck and you can Not move the truck. Sometimes the Truck and Trailer will both flip and spin into the air throwing cargo every where as well.
Please fix this problem.
Until it is fixed, the Truck can not be used to tow Saddle Trailers from Map to Map.

[Edit] Update: Tested it towing the HD Low Boy High Saddle Loaded with a Mod Truck traveling from Map to Map with no issues or problems. The problem is the Low Saddle. You Can NOT tow the Low Saddle Semi-Trailers through the Tunnels from Map to Map. The Truck and Trailer will Glitch every time.

Frank1294 @frank1294

Hey Yusuf,
Loves your mods been a fan of it! The only issue i would have with the truck is the High Saddle option. Currently its so low that using the 8 slot trailer Loaded, will make it clip in most terrains. I started using the MK31 for tight spot with that trailer in yukon, and i then decided to just haul the trailer up to the gold mine. I basically clipped most bumps i encountered, and it made the truck get stuck in the air and beached. I had to always use my IX380 heavy wrecker to detach the trailer and move it forward. I rarely had any beaching problem with any other trucks i run with high saddle using the same route.

creeperteam21 @creeperteam21

hi Rng3r will there be a log trailer to it

xiGeox @xigeox

I really hope the rest of your work makes it to consoles. I absolutely love the MTVR Trucks, the HET 1070 and trailers. Really hope they all make it to us low grade console scumbags! Lol I’d start all over and do a national guard disaster relief play through.

Crumbus @crumbus

If updated and brought to consoles...this would easily become my choice for logging. And those tires would be great if added to the Navistar 5000... (although it doesn't seem your into tweaking)