RNG M23 Military Truck for SnowRunner

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Built to go over even the roughest terrains and through the most hazardous environments, RNG M23 Military Truck is a high-performance, extremely durable, all-terrain vehicle military personnel can rely on. The RNG M23 Military Truck easily carries 15 tons over the highway and up to 7.1 tons off-road. And with advanced technologies like independent suspension, the RNG M23 Military Truck has the brawn to take on any obstacle that attempts to impede the mission.

RNG M Military Truck Serie. My biggest project ever. This truck has been created with insane attention to detail. Every single part was completely modeled by me. For over a month, I have worked hard to make the truck as close to the real one. I think it's worth it. Hope you like it.

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Eckee @eckee

This one is a service truck of mine. Great work, thank you.

Frank_mimi @frank-mimi

Привет Rng3r!

Очень жду расширения аддонов для MK23 и MK27, чтобы появились MK 36 и MK 37.
Надеюсь на версию 2.0 для всей серии MK.

Спасибо за ваши моды!

Orion0271 @orion0271

This is one of my favorites. Great details and great performance.

xiGeox @xigeox

May we please get these mtvrs in a pack like the TX Armored pack. It would help us console guys with stupid memory restrictions. 👏

mrmaksimmarkin @mrmaksimmarkin

Please add a crane from MTVR MK36 Wrecker and MTVR 16.5-Ton 8×8

marcelocaos @marcelocaos

OK.Another perfect mod.hehehe

johnbl4cks4d @johnbl4cks4d

This truck doesn't appear anymore in the truck seller, the MK27 does (but with the console version name)

johnbl4cks4d @johnbl4cks4d

Never mind, I wiped all files, unsubscribe and resubscribe, it shows correctly now... wonder if I should do that with the other mods.

killamail @killamail

love these trucks definitely my most used truck if i may ask but could you possibly do one of these 2 ideas make them constant diff lock with selectable awd or make the suspension articulate better as the loose traction way to quickly and have to be driven in low locked or flat out in high all the time? cheers keep up the awesome work


I love this mod. just very good work, in all details. I hope there will be more mods of this type from you. I'm sending you a Youtube video, maybe it will help to inspire you for the future.

Frank_mimi @frank-mimi

Rng3r, прошу поправить работу подвески.
There is a compression stroke, but almost no suspension travel on rebound

Frank_mimi @frank-mimi

Решил проблему сам. Сделал подвеску чуть мягче и увеличил хода. Теперь просто красота.
Ещё раз говорю Огромное спасибо Rng3r за моды!!!

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Love this machine.

Only little issue I have with it is that it would be nice if either the maintainer setup had some stuff actually stuck in the back, or if the few little areas where the player can see in there would be covered up somehow by other means---more tarp/canvas. Just a crate in the right spot would do the trick; give the player the illusion of there being supplies back there, instead of it just being empty in there.

Frank_mimi @frank-mimi

Rng3r, Please add:
1. 2-seat platform with a crane behind the vehicle.
2. Additional fuel tank on the frame under the body 150 L .
3. Repair kit under the passenger door.

Thanks for the wonderful mod !!!

jacobdaviddavis @jacobdaviddavis

It would be cool to have this truck have an option for high/low saddle since the 2 in game military trucks just ain’t good enough. Also if the M-8092 could have a tan heavy crane that would be bad *** too but the Z4266 works great for those rolls

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

This is without a doubt one of the best mods on console. I own 4 of this beasts in my fresh started campaign. My every day most used and favorite trucks.

1 - US-K23 CARGO (2 slots cargo bed)
2 - US-k23 RESCUE (maintainer frame add-on)
3 - US-k23 FUEL (fuelcon tanks frame add-on)
4 - M-8092 CARGO (3 slots cargo bed)

Just missing 2 trucks to complete my fleet! Would be lovely to have a US-K23 with low/high saddle and M-8092 for a big crane and small crane + 2 slots sidebed. This would really be great bro. Any plans for this??

I love all your work!

winterfury @winterfury

Could you update your s for phase 3?

voimer949 @voimer949

The truck looks very good! Could you add some tire options with grip level of the existing in-game tires and a collision mesh for the axles please. Now the tire grip is over the top and there are no axles to get stuck on the mud and rocks etc. This means that truck is more like a hovercraft, just doesn't care about the surface you're running on, just goes through anything. Would be way more realistic and fun and suitable for the game if it behaved more like the trucks in the game. The physical axles could be added as an option, so users can choose which way they want to go.

Shibbymaru @shibbymaru


voimer949 @voimer949

I made a quick workaround on the local copy for these. Added a set of tires with game level grip values and for the axle collision mesh I used pair of empty jerry cans on each axle placed to match the bottom of the axles. Jerry cans obviously aren't perfect solution for this, but they work well enough to make the truck get stuck on real deep mud and not run over tree stumps. Now it's pretty much equivalent to Tayga/Kraz 6322 which is also comparable truck to mtvr in real life. I'd say now it's pretty much perfect to be used with in-game trucks. Thanks a lot for a nice truck!

So adding a physical axles as addons works really well and isn't too big task. Hope You've got time and interest to make an addition like this.

Here's one example of terrain where mtvr does get stuck . So in real life these things can't drive through a meter or two of mud like nothing. The new DLC maps have a lot of serious mudholes that in real life would need something on the monster truck level to get trough.