RNG M4x4 Military Truck for SnowRunner

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Built to go over even the roughest terrains and through the most hazardous environments, RNG M4x4 Military Truck is a high-performance, extremely durable, all-terrain vehicle military personnel can rely on. The RNG M4x4 Military Truck easily carries 15 tons over the highway and up to 7.1 tons off-road. And with advanced technologies like independent suspension, the RNG M4x4 Military Truck has the brawn to take on any obstacle that attempts to impede the mission.


The last vehicle of the RNG M Military Truck series. RNG M4x4 Military Truck was designed as a rescue and exploration vehicle. It includes many add-ons and features you have never seen before. Like Maintainer, new suspensions (Normal, High, Active), new tires, new bumpers, functional led lights and more..

This truck has been created with insane attention to detail. Every single part was completely modeled by me. For over a month, I have worked hard to make the truck as close to the real one. Hope you like it.



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Godzilla1098 @godzilla1098

Where is the nintendo switch version

Eckee @eckee

Satisfying truck but not sure about the use case. Maybe add your military crane to this so we can have crane + trailer? Maybe fuel+repair add on too.

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

Is there any way to develop a continuously scanning radar unit?

wegnerlathe @wegnerlathe

A scout trailer hitch would be nice.

t1nyt1na @t1nyt1na

Rng3r just a thought it would be nice if you could at a small crane attachment to some of the trucks such as your 4x4, mk23 or even the mk27 with the flatbed

johnburns936jb @johnburns936jb

Rng3r This Mod was recently updated but i can't seem to see what the Update did? Could you tell us what was changed/updated in the recent update as well as doing the same for the others that were also updated please and thank you.

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

@Rng3r, hi bro, will you be updating the "radar unit" on this one as well since you finally have been able to make it work on the other mods?
Only love, appreciation and gratitude for all your work bro. Just amazing, no other words to describe it. You and @Iceberg101 are really amazingly talented 👌🏼💯!

Pls keep them coming😁.
PS4 player

Rng3r @rngr1

Thank you very much brother, Happy to hear that 🙂

Iceberg101 @edison-joseph

Thank you for your support CrazzzyReaper.

1319008839 @1319008839

I hope my foreign friends can produce SUV Haval brands, such as H9——

JDGILL95 @jdgill95

I like your truck, especially the long antenna addon. Is it possible for you to make the Antenna-Long or a version of the long antenna available for the back of all scout vehicles? I feel this is missing from these, and would look great on our favourite runners. p.s. PS4 Subscriber. Regards.

VicariouslyGaming @vicariouslygaming

Mate, you make the best mods! I absolutely love the way you build them! It's so good for RP too. Keep up the great work, GG Rng3r 🍻

lgdaapr @lgdaapr

Does the radar addon can be used to discover the region? Like other mods do?

Rng3r @rngr1

Not yet but will be on the next update :)

ArefTheGreat @arefthegreat

It would be really nice to make the radar addon actually work! I think it is possible now, since some other mods have currently achieved that! Thank you for your great mods non the less! can't wait for your upcoming project!

the_normal @the-normal

Is it possible to make the radar addon useable for map exploration, so i don't have to drag that prototype trailer around.

Suja @suja

Will this and one with semi trailers be ever avaible on consoles?

deancross639 @deancross639

Will this be made for the ps4

Headfull-Eyeballs @headfulleyeballs

Hey I checked out your mod and made a video about it:

Twinsteer4life @twinsteer4life

Would be willing to submit this for console?