MP500 Unipog for SnowRunner

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Published by Poghrim (mod ID: 749032)


Pog Olja industrial conglomerate presents: MP500 'Unipog'

The MP500, a true keystone in the world of modern industry and infrastructure. All-wheel drive, portal axles, high torsional flexibility and a short wheelbase allows this little beast to traverse just about any terrain you can throw at it. The modular frame addon system allows for quick and easy changes to the configuration of the vehicle. Widely used for farming, expeditions and the special forces the MP500 knows no bounds. It may not be the biggest or the quickest, but you can depend on the MP500 to get the job done.

This mod is, at the moment of its release, my most detailed and highest effort piece of work. It has taken me hundreds of hours of arduous work to get to this point and I hope that you'll enjoy it!.

Support me by donating via this link.

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Donations are highly appreciated and will help me improve as a 3D artist/game developer.

My mods will remain free, this is just a way for you to support my work and encourage me to keep pushing through the difficulties that this type of work can bring.

Terms of Use:

You may edit the xml files to suit your taste and upload for private use only. Any sort of editing or usage of the meshes or textures for your projects are prohibited, unless I give explicit permission to do so.

I spend countless hours working on these projects and don't charge for them, so please respect the integrity of the files.


Portal axles allows for higher ground clearance, without the need for oversized wheels.

11 sets of custom tires with custom tire track textures.

5 custom main frame addons.

Various decorative addons: Exo-cage, 2 lightbars, roof rack, 3 bumpers.

Animated dashboard switches.

High quality models/textures.

Custom sounds.

Original 'facelift' facia/grille, designed with help from DerEggen.

Special ADDON mod:

I have also created a branded grille customization option, as a separate mod that PC players can download.


3D Model and Textures - Made by Poghrim from scratch. (MrExcuses on the official SnowRunner Discord)

Game integration: - Gumides, Olesen, Poghrim.

















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K4hel @jarek2898

low saddle yay, poggers :3

AlphaDJKILl @alphadjkill

How come the updated mod only has the switch file in it i dont see a playstation, or xbox files

Poghrim @poghrim

It took some time to get all files uploaded, as well as I found a couple bugs while I was uploading, so I had to go back and fix them.

Snakeeater4991 @jacob4991

The Unimog is also now a universal farmall implement that is a tractor. Very common in Europe but not so much here in the States. Because we have tons of Tractor dealerships nationwide

Zillpickle @zillpickle

Awesome mod. why do the mirrors flop back and forth though?

Z0913T @z0913t

Although I absolutely love this mod and it is my favourite daily driver on SR, I play on console and the huge mod size means I can't use a lot of other stuff I want to like your trailer or z-pack. Is it an option to produce a "Pog-Lite" version of this with individually installable loadout accesories to reduce the overall mod size to something more managable? Not sure how much of that 700MB is stuff I will never use once I'm set up. Thanks for such a great mod and for adding so much value to the game for us!

pdelmo @pdelmo

Very nice truck. Its a great truck without being op in the game. Good for supporting bigger trucks in the mud and much more. massive thanks

Totmacher @totmacher

Another excellent mod, thank you Sir Poghrim!
If I may throw in a random, uneducated question, is there a way to make Auto Gear in the game not shift to backwards driving when holding the brake/reverse key?

Keep up the good work, love your stuff!

warwar309 @warwar309

Will we get Unipog 6x6 with 2 cargo slots etc?

K4hel @jarek2898

Add low saddle maybe?

Poghrim @poghrim

If/when I end up updating the mod, I'll probably add it

55.elias @55elias

First of all the Mod is Awesome. I havent used any other truck since i installed it. But only thing i would want to ad is a low saddle, is that possible?

Poghrim @poghrim

If/when I get round to updating the mod - probably

Joker_of_Bullets @joker-of-bullets

First things first, it's a great mod, very fun to play with and I seriously love it, but I can't download the new version because my internet is too slow and gets an error, would you mind seperating the console Version and the PC version if you ever change something in the future? I tried to install manually, but it didn't work out... I'm very grateful for tips

MarcroM @tonwerk1

A friend of mine had same probs. and i share my download after the the broken try. He replace the files in the folder and it works. Maybee its a solution for you too.

Armoredp @armoredp

I don't know if this is intended or not, but your new short tent maintainer add-on also shows up on other trucks (like the TUZ 16 and 105.) Which is honestly great, because they look cool. So if it is intentional, my question is if the new longer tent maintainer add-on could also be added to the TUZ 16, since the short one leaves quite a gap between the cabin and the bed.

K4hel @jarek2898

Atlas 1 crane addon seems bugged on this, after leaving garage (wild third support leg spinning from the center)
Also, consider making it a bit faster(faster acc and top speed) and adding low saddle for use with your trailer pack

CyberSl4vaniN @cybersl4vanin

рекомендую к скачиванию, скаут и тягач одновременно, цепляет все прицепы, даже со скаутов, проработка очень крутая, подвеска работает

wowan @wowan

Не пойму, это на консоль только??? Играю на компьютере и этот мод моя игра не видит...

olesen @olesen

This mod is for all platforms. After the mod downloaded make sure you turn the mod on. If the mod is subscribed and on and still doesnt work, then it sounds like a issue, which are pretty common. You can try this to fix it: