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Hey y'all, its Stan again. This time, I've got something for you that might be worth while in some peoples eyes. With this here motor pack, it adds more torque to the motors without being overbearing. Not a stupid amount like 1 mill for everything. No. What I did was take a certain percentage of the beginning power and added it to the current power. So say with the chevy, that had 25k torque for the first motor, well now it has 50k for the stock motor. I basically took 25% of each motor's torque and added it to it. With this file, you HAVE TO DO AN ADD AND DROP! Basically go to the drive that you installed snowrunner on. Then yours will look like this. E:\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client. Once your in your Client folder, right click the initial folder and open with WinRAR. Then when you open that you go to "Media", then to "Classes" there you will see everything in game. Trucks, wheels, suspensions, ect. So scroll to engines, double click. That's ALL the motors in the game. Then take the folder of mine you downloaded, open the "Engines" file, and drag and drop all the folders in there, into the engines folder on your drive.

If you need any help with it, be sure to comment and I will explain it to you or we will go through a discord video chat and get it all straightened out for you! Thank you guys!




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А как с автором связаться по установке мода? В описании вашей установки мода я не понял этого, можете прокоментировать какой файл открыть винраром ? «Клиент», щелкните правой кнопкой мыши исходную папку и откройте ее с помощью WinRAR.

Jaydenjackseymour @jaydenjackseymour

Can you add to ps4

KENT00 @kent00

Stan08Cummins по подписки работает мод?и можно его использовать в последней версии игры?

Staam_AP @staam-ap

Perfebt 10/10

RachelTGG @racheltgg

Wait how does 25% of 25k equals to 25k? I hope you made the correct calculations in the files.

Eaglefire47 @eaglefire47

There doesn't seem to be a specific pattern. I spot checked a few engines. Some increases are around 40%, some 50%, some 210%. There's really no pattern so it's confusing.

pwashby @pwashby

Will this mod still work with the two new trucks that will be released for phase 1?

miroxblightbringer @miroxblightbringer

If the engines are the same as other trucks, i think yes. If they're new engines, not unless he tweaks them.

kimera001 @kim-eran2

muito obrigado pelo mod

dylanmiller420dm @dylanmiller420dm

can i just open my game file and boost a truck that i want ?

boplax @boplax

thanks for this!, now my P12 can climb uphill with no sweat :)

wasptube1 @wasptube1

Does the Subscribe option work and override the Pak file or is it manual install only? If it's manual install only, be sure to add that into your description so people do not skim then subscribe.

Wadena @wadena

Is it only for vanilla, or does it change the values for my modded vehicles as well?

LactobasilusOG @lactobaciluog

I'm going to bet it's only for vanilla.

JRSorrow @jordenrainey

you know a way to get to crane lift strength and crane winch range?

Anderson111RUS @anderson111rus

По подписке работает?

DieLaughingJC @dielaughingjc

Has anyone had luck getting modded engines to work in coop? I have tried to many hours to figure out which mod breaks my coop and it seems to be edited engines.

GTWTT @vskomarov89

Такая же проблема. Этот мод крашит кооп только в путь. ((((

WolFRocK @wolfrock

You can simply remove the mod and try playing in a co-op.
If it’s not difficult for you, write then because of this mod your cooperative didn’t work for you?
(I hope you know that another player must also install this mod)

ahorjus93 @ahorjus93

with do I still need to go through and manually place the files?

LactobasilusOG @lactobaciluog

You need to install it manually.