Miyuki's 6-Wheel Steering Apache for SnowRunner

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Published by miyuki2 (mod ID: 426525)


disclaimer: this mod will only work for those who have the original DLC truck.

for a smaller turning radius, this is a six-wheel steering apache.
(backup your files before installing)

to install:
1. unzip the file your have just downloaded.

2. open your snowrunner game folder and find "initial" (snowrunner folder /en-us / preload / paks / client / initial).

3. double click on the "initial" and it will open via winzip or winrar (depending on which app you have installed).

you will see a bunch of folders and files.

4. open "[media]" and you'll see 3 folders. _dlc*, _templates, _classes. (for snowrunner explore and expand version).

5. copy the downloaded files and put it in their respective folders and sub-folders.

6. if you happen to download the "[sound]" folder as well. then follow #2 and instead find "shared-sound", then follow #5.

i hope you enjoy the truck as much as i have.
miyuki :)

this zip file contains the following:
- original fuel tank capacity
- fuel tank capacity 2x
- fuel tank capacity 4x
- previous apache file prior to patching

modifications made so far:
increased engine torque by 40%
aat-8v 5.2 custom engine modified for maximum power to weight ratio
improved durability and fuel consumption
increased fuel tank capacity from 95 to 200
doubled the amount of roofrack's fuel and repair parts
doubled the amount trunk's fuel and repair parts
blue-white headlights
improved traction especially on mud and snow tires
voice assistance added
additional body colors / new set of paint colors*
added more tire options
added active suspension
added tuned suspension
added trailer hitch
adjust wheel responsiveness and steering speed

*all the trucks color are in here, so expect some of your trucks to have additional color scheme.


added lights for reverse
added a 5th gear to the snowrunner gearbox (for smoother transmission)
build a new 6-speed hybrid gearbox (within gearboxes_scouts)
added more trailer options
4wd and diff lock now always on






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scorpio711 @scorpio711

nicely done! :)

Chickemuwing @chickemuwing

If it comes to console I hope the bug on my console where I can’t download anything over 11 mb even though I have over 4000 mb

snowstalkergamer @snowstalkergamer

im just concerned of this mod getting taken down because its a modified dlc vehicle

r3WiNd3r @r3wind3r

Don't be, you will need to have the DLC to use this. This will not make the car available to those who don't have the3 DLC.

Rufus_Johns @bigbrother122

I use the Apache as my go to scout. I've made a lot of changes to the xml's and i have it dialed in really well. Your 6 Wheel steer, has made a good mod So Much Better.
Thank You for the work you did. Even more so, Thank You for Sharing.. keep up the great work

mAr3k @mareksterenczakgmai

how to install it? missing in mod search

desfox9001 @desfox9001

Are you talking about console? It ain’t on console yet buddy.

mAr3k @mareksterenczakgmai

PC Bro

S-V.P.A.M. @s-vpam

Can you combine all your mods to one? That will be easier for users because you have three mods with similar functionality.
By the way, you could add a rear bumper with towing hitch from another truck as AddonSocket.
But voice assistant sounds are awesome! Nice idea

deadzombie84 @deadzombie84

can you make a subscribe to install? not just manual install.

ikevin222 @kevinnoia2

This is not possible because this mod tweaks a vanilla snowrunner vehicle, if you want to make it work with the "subscribe" you should add it as a separate vehicle. However, this is a paid DLC, and adding it as a FREE mod, obviously, it's against the rules.

dogemaster8906 @dogemaster8906

miyuki2 i wanted to say that

Monstaaaaa @monstaaaaa

DLC vehicles not allowed to be tweaked and posted public on

miyuki2 @miyuki2

i've read the guide, and it says i can...

Modding DLC vehicles
Anyone is free to mod DLC vehicles if they don’t make the paid vehicle itself available. Additionally, if a modder takes a part of a DLC vehicle, say, a piece of the dashboard, or a bumper, etc., and applies it to a separate whole, to a degree that satisfies us that the vehicle is a new creation, it’s allowed.

Modding base game vehicles
These are all fair game! Mod them as you wish!

gundam0081 @gundam0081

hey can you mod the cat 770g, so it has awd
its currently so useless... would love to use more.

miyuki2 @miyuki2

working on it :)