Michio MJ410 'Ronin' - by giopanda for SnowRunner

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Published by giopanda (mod ID: 1243791)


The Michio MJ is an off road vehicle produced by Michio from 1982 to 1989. It's an evolution of the old MJ80 and has been produced in 2 variants: MJ410 with a 970cc engine and from 1986 MJ413 with a 1324cc engine.

Also available as a separate addon is the OEM Suzuki SJ grill (PC only)

Michio MJ410 'Ronin'

this mod contains the base vehicle plus many addons, including:

  • custom tires for all categories (with appropriate tire marks)
  • custom rims
  • 4 different front bumpers
  • 3 different front grills
  • LED and classic light bars (with working light beams)
  • hard top variant
  • 3 different soft tops
  • 2 different winch models
  • different repair/refuel addons
  • different spare tires options to match the mounted model
  • racing decals sets (with number plates and changeable race numbers)
  • 200+ color combinations between 10 different skins

there are no plans to add anything more to this mod, but i'll keep updating it if needed.

as of now it's missing the air fresheners and bobble heads due to an undiscovered issue (that i'm still investigating)

hope you enjoy, and please leave a comment if you did..or even if you didn't!



if you like my mods and want to support me to see more in the future, feel free to tip me at



- slight tweak to the center of mass of the car and some addons to make it a little less prone to tip over


- added hood mounted spare tire
- added trailer hook for small scout trailers (need to buy the hook addon)


- tweaked lights: closer to vanilla values for each category
- removed unnecessary 'two sided' maps for better performance
- removed Suzuki logo from steering wheel for console requirements
- tweaked the engine stats a bit (still in the same ranking)
- tweaked the gearboxes (added a crawler option)
- tweaked suspensions sets (many added)
- added 'how to use' description in the lightbars
- fixed 3rd person camera position
- misc fixes


- initial release


model and textures by GioPanda

jerry can model and textures by Liam3D

a special thanks goes to everyone who helped me during the development and to those who donated some of the sponsors decals:

- Poghrim

- OlSom

- Rng3r

- Yansors

- CanuckRunner

- DeathCoreBoy

Terms of Use:

editing, sharing, and altering in any way the model is strictly forbidden, it took me hundreds of hours to get to this, so if you have any suggestion for changes on the model itselft just leave a comment down here, i might agree and update it!

editing of the xml files is allowed ONLY for personal use, it took me a lot of time and effort to deliver the best vehicle possible.

so again if you have any suggestion on how this can be improved i'm all ears!







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vedroooo @snowtime

amazing mate test and review

casualities @casualities

Definitely best Scout of whole SnowRunner community. Realistic weights, items, parts etc. All things are comes from real dimension and specs. Driving is realistic too, enjoyable difficulties in every mud.

I am 40 years old and maybe first time to drop comment for any mod or game etc. Thanks a lot again.

chestl1 @chestl1

Нello, this is my review of Michio MJ410 'Ronin' - by giopanda, please support it with a like, if not difficult

schum198217 @schum198217

Dovemcc @dovemcc

Console unimog pack and were sorted thanks a lot buddy 🤟🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

MAJOR props for setting up your light add-ons as beacons! Makes it a very handy "light vehicle" for working or convoying in the dark.

As said before, great attention to detail, and a great variety of those details. Awesome work. Like the new extra spare and trailer hitch options, too.

ssmol1631876052 @ssmol1631876052

MrBusses @mrbusses

Absolutely love it! The samurai is one of my all time favorite trucks

Stazco @stazco

Mod is almost perfect!

Everything is very detailed, made with love!

Thank YOU!

If possible - fix drivers legs/steering wheel conflict.

No trailers - i can accept, default trailers is too big and not realistic for samurai.
But small trailers, like from your military scout - please add it.

Rocketblast4713 @rocketblast4713

giopanda i like this mod but its lacking on power and grip i went to a tiny puddle of mud in smithville dam and it got stuck even with the mud tires so honestly i would like for it to have increased power and grip or maybe like OP upgrades for people who just wanna have fun with it

DentingShoe8566 @dentingshoe8566

I love this mod I’ve been waiting for a Samurai on console my only gripe is that the autonomous winch is a little short and due to this vehicle being easy to flip it makes it pretty much impossible to save

TR1717 @bernardo141

Best mod ever, much quality! I suggest an option of a slightly bigger tire and a bigger tank or an option so that you can load more fuel. CONGRATS, GREAT AND UNIQUE JOB!

Raz3r_12 @hakosukagtr

Hey man! I love the mod! Probably my only comment is that maybe you should add longer autonomous winches. I think you intended this for this mod to be close to vanilla, but those few extra meters count!

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console!!

XxARod78xX @xxarod78xx

Fun little rig it's a hoot on the TnB Trails map

efreneldetaty87 @efreneldetaty87

Es hermoso!

SilverEye4 @silvereye4

Amazing work. Thank you so much. Out of all the mods, Giopanda has some of the best models out there.

RogerStryker @rogerstryker

Agreed, lovely pieces of work.

giopanda @giopanda

Thank you very much sir!

Rocketblast4713 @rocketblast4713

could you add more power to the engines instead of the max power to weight rating being B? maybe make it A+?