Meteor Region for SnowRunner

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Welcome to METEOR : Region!

Fictional story | вымышленная история

Meteor: Crater

The meteorite impact known as the Great Taymyr Impact destroyed one area of the Taymyr Peninsula in the early 19th century. The mysterious, radioactive meteorite has been lying in the soft soil of Taymyr ever since. Efforts by the Soviet military to find and lift it in the early 60s failed. Not much has changed in the area since then, only the nature has conquered the area - until now!

Help the Taiga Oil Company to develop the crater, build the meteor base and explore the many secrets and tasks around the crater! Collect samples, find more craters, expand the infrastructure and help the local people and companies in the area with their tasks.

Meteor: Port

A challenging coastal region awaits you on the second map. Help Trans Taymyr rebuild the old harbour on the former military site, build a new factory and help renew the huge radar on the mountain. There are also some heavy loads to be moved in the impassable terrain and the old abandoned facilities hold some dangerous surprises to be explored.

To make your work easier you can build another garage, fuel stations, roads and bridges - if you can get enough material for these tasks.

Добро пожаловать в МЕТЕОР: Регион!

Метеор: Кратер

Соударение метеорита, известное как "Великое Таймырское столкновение", разрушило часть Таймырского полуострова в начале 19 века. Таинственный, радиоактивный метеорит с тех пор лежит в мягкой почве Таймыра. Попытки советских военных найти и поднять его в начале 60-х годов потерпели неудачу. С тех пор в этой области мало что изменилось, только природа покорила эту область - до сих пор!

Помогите нефтяной компании "Тайга" разработать кратер, построить метеоритную базу и исследовать множество секретов и задач вокруг кратера! Соберите образцы, найдите больше кратеров, расширьте инфраструктуру и помогите местным жителям и компаниям в районе в выполнении их задач.

Метеор: Гавань

Сложный прибрежный регион ждет вас на второй карте. Помогите Транс-Таймыру восстановить старую гавань на бывшей военной площадке, построить новый завод и помочь обновить огромный радар на горе. Есть также несколько тяжелых грузов, которые необходимо перевезти по непроходимой местности, и старые заброшенные объекты несут в себе некоторые опасные сюрпризы, которые необходимо исследовать.

Для облегчения работы Вы можете построить еще один гараж, автозаправочные станции, дороги и мосты - если Вы сможете получить достаточно материала для этих работ.

(translated with )

Importand note for all who have played Meteor before:

You cannot continue to use your old safegame. This is very unfortunate but sadly there is no other way. Regions were not supported when I released Meteor and single map mods can't be converted to multi map mods. However, you don't have to play the missions again if you don't want to. The new map Port can be played almost independently of Crater! After the first mission you are free to move on to the new map.


  • total size of 7km²
  • Crater: 2000m x 2000m + Port: 2000m x 1500m
  • Russian region with correct shop
  • 2x Garage
  • various places to discover
  • 21 + 21 missions to discover
  • 33 + 23 company contract missions
  • 1 + 1 time challenges
  • three main quests with full story line
  • >25h game time
  • custom sounds
  • custom models
  • never seen custom construction missions + IS-2 battle tank salvage mission (broken right now :/ )
  • various additional vehicles and trailers to find
  • terrain made with ESA Digital Elevation Model datasets
  • full translations for: English, German, Russian, Czech language


If you are one of those players for whom the game can't be hard enough or if you like particularly immersive simulation, then I have a bonus for you. The road maps you can see in the preview pictures are high res ( 4032x4032) and can be downloaded (see links below, you'll stay on and used for navigation instead of the ingame map - either printed or on a second screen.

Meteor: Crater

Meteor: Port


I've spent months and around 400h+ on these maps that are the most complex and detailed maps I have ever made. Constructive critics if you liked or didn't like something or just a few nice words are welcome and will help me to improve the maps further.

Hitting thumbs up would be very much appreciated as it really helps the map to stay up in the rankings so other players can see it.

The region will receive patches if needed and updates for upcoming features and new content. A third map is planed for the future.

Additional translations:

If you want to add your language to the localization, please send me a PM or contact me on the official Discord so I can provide you the translation files. Please note, you will face 560+ lines, containing just a single word or a whole mission description- it's a lot of work. You will need to use the english or german version for your translation as the russian translation can contain misstakes.


If you find a bug, feel free to write a comment or send me a PM via or the official Discord, thanks!

- IS 2 tank recovery mission is broken, tank is missing- a bug caused it to work in my test version but not in the live version you guys have right now

- random trailer with an airplane standing at the garage- which is not intentional.

Have fun!

Special thanks to Poghrim for his awesome custom models and support (make sure to check out his mods!!), tomasrehy for the czech translation, Tazmanyak for all the testing and feedback and the modding community as well as the dev team for support during the build!







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KENT00 @kent00

DerEggen привет подскажи пожалуйста в поручении Сокровище или лом не могу найти броневик БА-20 на карте порта где его найти как искать ?

STALIN1588186443 @stalin1588186443

мультик не роботает именно на карте этой, в игре все норм, другие карты все норм роботают

mediamoto @mediamoto

De nuevo, gracias por este gran mapa. Ha sifi un poco complicado, pero lo hr terminado y he disfrutado bastante. Espero sigas haciendo trabajos tan buenos como este.
Solo me ha fallado la cadi ultima misión...
" HISTORIA " Despues de hacerla, no me ha dejado entregar el vehículo. Por lo demás, bien.
" Gracias de nuevo ".

KENT00 @kent00

Впоручении Сокровище или лом не могу найти броневик БА-20 на карте порта где его найти

Vlkodav_cze @vlkodav-cze

Prosím o tento mód i na konzole Xbox

Alfer_pl @alfer-pl

After the search, I finally found a ba20 by the missile silos.

Alfer_pl @alfer-pl

Hello. Thank you for a great map. I managed to do all the missions with trucks available on the map [without mods]. The map gives a lot of fun, although you have to work a lot to finish it. I am waiting for the rest.

vbovic79 @vbovic79

А на консоли в будущем не предполагается?

Allozorro @allozorro

Не автор карты решает - быть моду на консолях или нет. Это делают разработчики игры.

nabuli123 @nabuli123

I've encountered a couple of bugs to reports:

- 1st contractor, task: "new garage" (deutsch: neue Werkstatt), you have to deliver a drill to unlock the garage on the second map
Discription says something about a bug, do not deliver or something like that.
Delivering the drill worked for me.

- 2nd map, you have to deliver a heavy fuel tank semi-trailer to the heliport (don't know the task). Normally the trailer vanished upon delivery, in this mission you keep the trailer after delivery

- 2nd map, in the seas, half way between the docks and the stranded war ship in the south, there are 4 trailers grouped together, according to the map:
1x Fuel carrier semi-trailer
2x Curtainside trailer
1x Construction Rig Semi-Trailer

Otherwise a very good map, kept me busy for 2 weeks, but the historion-missions were a pita ;)

DerEggen @dereggen

Thanks for your report and feedback!
1. not sure what you mean, I took a look at the description file and it seems fine.
2. That's not a bug, it's intentional, you can keep the trailer and use it for refueling your trucks.
3. Those trailers are there if I want to add new missions- I can not add them after release so I tried to hide them in the water ;D

metjammer @metjammer

The description says something like "BUG: No UI..." or "BUG: UI missing..:", I've mentioned description bugs in my report as well.

DerEggen @dereggen

Oh, okay, now I understand. I'll have a look at that, thanks!

metjammer @metjammer

Not a problem, I've updated my list as well - it's now on page 2.

kzh1 @kzh1

I finished all tasks & contract, but not found mission for trailer with plane near garage.
How to get it ?

DerEggen @dereggen

I'm not sure which trailer you mean. If you have done all missions there might just be no mission for this trailer.

kzh1 @kzh1

I mean bomber on trailer near garage on Crater map.

DerEggen @dereggen

What the?! ... this trailer has no mission and was not supposed to stand there anymore. Ignore it and thanks for the report!

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

Finally, I made it. I finished all the contracts, tasks, and contests. Thanks to all developers. I will be looking forward to seeing new projects. If any of you guys recommend me a new mod map I will appreciate it because I like the Russian off-road environment so much.

bimbo2704 @bimbo2704

Try maps In the village and Canadien Runner.

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

I am currently playing on Canadian Runner 01. It is a good one. Looks like the developer made great work but still it lacks off-road adventure. Most of the roads are so easy. Meteor Map has more deep muddy and mountainous areas. Russia has harsh geography that's why most of the Russian maps are better than the other ones. After finishing Canadian Runner 01 I will try to find another Russian Map with a winter environment.

bimbo2704 @bimbo2704

Cannadian Runner 02 Volkano is heavier than Canadien Runner 01.

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

OK. After finishing the 1st one I will try the 2nd one. Thanks a lot for the recommendation.

DerEggen @dereggen

Congratulations, I hope you had fun with the map - but whoever completes all tasks and contracts probably has to have fun! :D

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

Especially Port map was great fun. Geography was unique and multiple mega-size deliveries were awesome.