Mercedes-Benz Zetros for SnowRunner

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The Zetros is the result of more than 120 years of experience and know-how. Manufactured in Wörth at the largest truck assembly plant in the world, this unique off-road truck stands for the excellent quality that is associated with the Made in Germany label.

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Mercedes Benz - Zetros
This has been a huge project for me, as big as the MTVR and took around 6 weeks of daily work.
My goal like always is to create a realistic replica of the real Zetros.
Every single part of the model (interior, exterior, addons, tires and many more) and texture was created from scratch, with meticulous detail and lot's of love.
The Truck has custom addons and tires to start, but will be updated with tons of new features and customization over time, like new bumpers etc.

We've got written permission from DAIMLER (Mercedes-Benz) to use their logo and branding exclusively for use in this Snowrunner mod.
For Legal, proof and details please contact us.

- Custom cargo beds and Tent-Maintainer addon.
- Spare tire rack, supply boxes etc
- Variety of unique tire types and configurations
- Each tire set has "soft" version to simulate the Central tire inflation system of original Zetros.
- Includes two original game cranes with increased power and capability.
- Much More..


Special Thanks:
Heartfelt thank you to every single Patreon, to have your support means a lot to me and motivates me to continue working on my projects.

  • Thanks to Poghrim for help with using IK Bones and more.
  • Thanks to Gumides for coding and balancing the truck.
  • Thanks to DeathCoreBoy1 for general assistance.
  • Thanks to JonathaF for community management and other help.
  • Thanks to SgtSoap77 taking beautiful pictures you see on this page.

If you enjoy it, please leave us a thumbs up.

#StaySafe and Have Fun!


update 3

-Update 1.0.7-

-Revisited Suspension
-Added Logging Addons

update 2

-Update 1.0.6-

- New Flatbed Addon
- Fixed Toolkits (You can now use both toolkits at the same time.)
- Added Black Rim for Soft Tire ([S]MM6 3200 R40 SCL)
- Removed Region Because of The Mod Maps
- Bug and Visual Fixes

update 1

-Update 1.0.5-

- Added Tilt and Slide Recover Bed (Functional - UI Control Like Cranes)
- Fixed Unpack Metal Beams
- Adjusted Brake Lights
- Adjusted Interior Camera
- Adjusted Exterior Camera
- New Horn Sound
- Front Grille Mounted Flasher Lights
- Removed Ice Tag From the Soft Wheel
- Reduced "H" Gear Power
- Slightly Reduced Fuel Consumption Thanks to Gearbox

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qazserNOS @qazsernos

The (offroad) gearbox could use some tweaking for more realism: even in situations where the automatic setting changes from first to second gear and has to change back to first due to lack of power, using the high gear instead just keeps the truck going at high speed.

I still wish the otherwise absolutely excellent model would have colliders for the axles!

ngdr650 @ngdr650

Well done on this mod. Very good truck in SR. Thanks.

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

Looks like, an 8x8 truck battle will take place in the Phase 4 update. For this battle, I have 2 favorite trucks. One of them is the new Russian truck and the other one is M1070. But why not for an 8x8 MB Zetros? MB Zetros 6x6 has a great reputation and proved that it is one of the best trucks ever made in this game and real-life experience. I think this is the perfect time to develop MB Zetros 8x8. Speed up, bro :)

Nyshi @nyshi

Brother this has been my favorite truck for the game!
I read on your discord that you plan on doing a little update for Zetros before the release of the M-ATV.
Here are some suggestions:
-Top exhaust from the Z-4266
-Roof-Racks with front lights
-Maybe a Dual-Cab option from the Z-4266
-Collision on the axles

Some nice things would also be:
-Various tire options
-Maybe a expedition/caravan box addon (e.g. Bliss Mobil)
-Facelift hood and interior? (Would take a lot of time and effort though and not that necessairy in my eyes)

Anyways bro, I love the truck as it is and I always enjoy using it combined with your RNG-Trailers. With your mods, the game became so much more enjoyable. So just take my suggestions as ideas... I still would be happy if there wouldn't be any changes at all as the truck is already amazing imho.

ChilliKetchUP @chilliketchup

Давай такой же на консоли!!

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

Your next work should be this one.

X4milosz @x4milosz


johannesm13 @johannesm13

het geluid is niet echt van mercedes. Verder een geweldige mod hoor

k4talin @k4talin

My favorite mod. I wonder if we can have the ACTROS bro. Please respond. Ty for this piece of art. Oh i forgot.. Can you do working headlamps, maybe xenon colour?

Joelcoelho383 @joelcoelho383

Esta mod da ne ps4

verteru3 @verteru3

Would you add some non flat colors? Best track mod ever :)

Franky0815 @franky0815

Please update the consoles pendant too.

Dada4980 @dada4980


AdrianHD @adrianhd

I don't understand why this mod, which is great by the way, and others, have the front drive shaft's ,or what's the name of it, collision turned off. Is it a game engine limitation or the moders just wanted it turned off so that people will like it more because it mitigates rough terrain easier? Please fix this issue if possible in the next update as it makes this truck unusable as it's OP. Or make two version of it, one with collision turned on and one off. Thank you.

birseysoylicem @birseysoylicem

very nice mod please console support

Franky0815 @franky0815

It’s already on consoles, but only unbranded version allowed.

Chudsy @chudsy

Would be great to see this on console

Timothy1612141871 @timothy1612141871

very nice mod, the trailer should change color with the cab tho and i feel like the lifting and lowing of the bed is way to slow , the back and fourth needs small speed increase but the up and down needs alot increase.

mufasin82 @mufasin82

RobikV3 @robikv3

You might want to take a look at this

Seems that log carrier crane can be equipped with any frame addon