[Manual] Truck Class Shuffle for SnowRunner

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Published by McKillem (mod ID: 2146183)



This version is manual install, for PC only!

Make sure you check the version of the game against the file with a number in its name in the mod archive before installing! If the number in the archive is lower the mod might have outdated truck configs and cause issues!

This mod is my attempt to utilize existing truck categories more than they currently are by rearranging trucks included in them based on a set of arbitrary yet specific criteria. Refer to attached images for breakdown and changelog. Will work in multiplayer, but will have to be reinstalled with any game update or after verifying game files.

To install:

  1. Download the mod archive
  2. Go to "Snowrunner\en_us\preload\paks\client"
  3. Open initial.pak with WinRAR
  4. Drag the [media] folder from the mod archive into initial.pak, confirm updating the archive

To uninstall verify game files in your store client.




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krisvonsiksteen @krisvonsiksteen

I totally agree with this redesign of the Categories,
I had started to do it for myself, but your version is even better!
It's great

Rob000 @na8169186

Is good someone else is thinking of the messed up standard classes but i see some problems in your new categories if I may share:
- Tatra 805 should be a scout, alongside tuz warthog and tuz actaeon.
- Tatra Force is ok as heavy, just like T813 and Dan.
- I fail to see how cat357 is offroad, as it lacks any suspension travel and snorkel to be of any use in offroad, so scout class is ok.
- Bandit is good in offroad class, because it struggles pulling heavy loads. The same with ziks 5368/kodiak c70, aren't for heavy duty.
- Pacific p512 isn't an offroad as it lacks awd - direct removal, heavy class is fine. IRL P512 is offhighway, meaning it's for all the back and forestry roads.

McKillem @mckillem

I disagree. As mentioned, my criteria are arbitrary but clear, with no need for feeling stuff out or contemplating what goes where depending on (often subjective) performance. Our corner of taxonomy can't be expanded at will, but at least it can be distinctly sorted based on shared traits and specific qualifiers.