[Manual] No Drag Roof Rack for SnowRunner

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Published by McKillem (mod ID: 2044063)



This version is manual install, for PC only!

For a mod browser compatible version click here.

This mod attempts to fix excessive "slowing down" effect of existing roof racks and trunk supplies for Scout and Offroad vehicles. All masses and amounts of supplies remain unchanged. Will work in multiplayer, but will have to be reinstalled with any game update or after verifying game files.

To install:

  1. Download the mod archive
  2. Go to "Snowrunner\en_us\preload\paks\client"
  3. Open initial.pak with WinRAR
  4. Drag the [media] folder from the mod archive into initial.pak, confirm updating the archive

To uninstall verify game files in your store client.

List of vehicles affected:

  • Chevrolet CK1500
  • Chevrolet Apache
  • DON 71
  • Ford F 750
  • Hummer H2
  • Jeep Wrangler
  • Khan 39 Marshall
  • Khan Lo4F
  • Step 33-64 "Crocodile"
  • Tatra 805
  • TUZ 16 "Actaeon"
  • TUZ 108 "Warthog"
  • TUZ 166
  • TUZ 420 "Tatarin"
  • YAR 87

Thanks to Nextej for the ever helpful advice.




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Dr.YaZan.o0 @dryazano0

Thanks .. driving on hard roads were unrealistic.

Stazco @stazco

what were changed?

McKillem @mckillem

I've removed LinearDamping from all addons that had it. It's an attribute which controls "viscosity of the environment for linear movements", according to the truck integration guide.