[Manual] Camera Clipping Fix for SnowRunner

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Published by McKillem (mod ID: 2138896)



This version is manual install, for PC only!

This mod attempts to stop the camera from suddenly flying off into the sky when you are passing by a mostly see-through object such as power line, watchtower or a gate. Will work in multiplayer, but will have to be reinstalled with any game update or after verifying game files. If you know of any other objects that seem like they clip the camera when they shouldn't - take a screenshot and post it in the comments for me to consider adding it to the mod.

The list of objects affected includes:

  • All kinds of power line towers and similar structures
  • Bridges
  • Gates
  • Gantry cranes
  • That pesky traffic light on the Smithville Dam road that goes over the dam

Difference from the No Collision Camera mod (hosted here: is in the amount of objects affected - Where NCC seemingly goes for every solid object on the map, my mod only touches 124 in total.

To install:

  1. Download the mod archive
  2. Go to "Snowrunner\en_us\preload\paks\client"
  3. Open initial.pak with WinRAR
  4. Drag the [media] folder from the mod archive into initial.pak, confirm updating the archive

To uninstall verify game files in your store client.






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Руденчик @na1621100211

А на консоли слабо сделать))), было бы очень круто

McKillem @mckillem

Слабо, формат не позволяет. На ПК можно вообще всё к чертям перелопатить, на консолях - увы, только добавлять новое.

Руденчик @na1621100211

Ясно, жаль, успехов вам!!!)

SlavicSeal @slavicseal

Hello author, will this mod work in multiplayer?

McKillem @mckillem

Yes, it will.

SlavicSeal @slavicseal

Great! Thank you :D

Brianbmn @brianbmn

The camera problem is in most of the bridges in the game, do you think you can fix them too? Thank you :3

McKillem @mckillem

Only some bridges gave me trouble, but I'll try and play around, see what's best for them.

Rob000 @na8169186

It would benefit for more objects to be included. From the top of my head cliff faces are annoying especially when you are in such locations a small mistake leads to tumbling down, buildings and any construction..
But no problem the link to the other creator was a real act of kindness. Used that instead and it changed the nasty standard game experience.
Now all we need to do is figure out how to cancel the damage from all those obstacles, like plastic chairs or plastic cones, tables and all those other small objects that would simply get crushed IRL without any form of damage to the tires or suspension.

McKillem @mckillem

If you find any especially problematic places - send screenshots of which objects collide with the camera and their location on the map, I'll look into it.

As for collision with small objects - personally really don't find it hard to slow down and push stuff around or use the honk-garage-back exploit to clear the way. We can probably just disable the collisions entirely for that kinda stuff, but I'm not keen on such a workaround.

vedroooo @snowtime

Great job dude

mediamoto @mediamoto

Gracias amigo por este trabajo, funciona bien.
Que lástima que los desarrolladores del juego no
corrijan algo así.

13Deed @13deed

I think this mod is important to many, so I'll like it

HenrytheGuy @henrytheguy

Really cool, this is exactly what i've been wishing for, the collision camera annoys me so frecking much bro....
Now, if i could ask: Could you also upload a "Vanilla Backup" version of the mod? Just in case one needs it for some reason. I mean i could copy the original files one by one and make a backup myself, but you probably have done that already imma assume, so you could mod the files after :)
It would be really handy if you did soo :D

McKillem @mckillem

> Could you also upload a "Vanilla Backup" version of the mod? Just in case one needs it for some reason. I mean i could copy the original files one by one and make a backup myself, but you probably have done that already imma assume, so you could mod the files after :)

I don't have unmodified files laying around actually, and including original ones seems needless when the end user is always better off handling their own backups. My rule of thumb is if it's not original initial.pak from install or file verification - then it's not vanilla, even if the original files are put back to overwrite the modified ones.

HenrytheGuy @henrytheguy

I mean, if you overwrite the modified files with the original ones, you're clearly playing "vanilla" from that moment forward. Even if you have other modified files in the mix on the initial.pak, the unmodified ones are "vanilla". That's how i see it. Example: , you can use the "vanilla" version of the exhaust smoke files, mixed in with the modified initial.pak as an option

But hey, all good man

Rob000 @na8169186

Mvp mod right here. This deserves the win on their monthly awards.
Why aren't official devs doing this type of work? It's their job and responsibility to solve these things. (meaning I hope they take notice of this and implement it as standard for everyone, to help out the console players as well)