MAN Truck TGS 10X4 for SnowRunner

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Published by Rng3r (mod ID: 142084)




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The MAN TGS delivers better driving performance, greater comfort, maximum transport capacity, top quality, long service life, and exemplary safety and environmental compatibility. And not only does it fulfil all expectations, it exceeds them.


This is a special truck. It is designed on the basis of a real truck. This truck mod offers 10x4 chassis, high-quality interior, functional mirrors and gauges.

4X4 Variation:

6X6 Variation:

8X8 Variation:

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Since Rng3r is busy with new projects, I have taken over maintenance of this mod. Along with updating it with logging addons, I added most of the standard frame addons.


  • 3D Model (Truck-Chassis) & Texture: Giants Software (Farming Simulator 17)
  • 3D Model (Tipper and other small parts), Convert, ** Edit & Texture Edit: Rng3r

Special Thanks:

  • Sir.Raven
  • DeathCoreBoy1

Thank you for subscribe. Have fun!








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Dany46 @dany46

Godzilla1098 @godzilla1098

We need a console friendly version

antonfloor33 @antonfloor33

Wish it would have the same tire options as the 8x8 version.

SmartGame24 @smartgame24

I like the mods,

CrazzzyReaper @pmrodriguespsn

Hallo my friend, any plans to unbrand this wonderful peace of hardware, making a truck-pack and submitting it for console approval? I love those flat cabins trucks🥰, really my favorites. Sold all my trucks and bought 7 "Bartelli's Tatra Phoenix" for my campaign! They really amazing and they look ok but i would really love to start a fresh campaign using your "TGS MAN truck-pack" and maybe also your own "Tatra Phoenix". I really love al of your mods and i've been playing those throughout my campaign. you're in my opinion definitely one, if not the best and most talented modder out there 👌🏼. Really great work on ALL OF YOUR MODS, they're really a game-changer for me. Unfortunately I'm only able to play this game on console so i can't enjoy all of those other great mods that you make😭.

................., so anyway, if you find the time and still want to make so effort to unbrand this trucks and let us "console players" enjoy yet another masterpiece made by you, would be very, very, very much appreciated bro.

Unfortunately i know that because "Farm Sim 22" just got released, you'll be spending your time making mods for that game and we will see less of your work coming to "Snowrunner" especially on console😞! So pls, pls, pls if you find the time, unbrand this one for us. I guess is just the front grill and steering wheel of the trucks.

ONLY 3 LETTERS.......*MAN*....... maybe you can replace it with *RNG* 😄😂.

I know that you probably already have been asked to do this 100 times already............sorry for asking ones more bro. I'm not just another spoiled little kid just crying and whining because he doesn't get his favorite toy truck! I'm just a grown up guy that enjoy playing this game and would love to be able to enjoy it even more, thankfully because of talented guys like yourself. And i know......... you guys are really under appreciated by the most console players so i get it if you sometimes don't feel like making effort towards releasing those time consuming projects on console. But still some players out there that really appreciate all your hard work my friend.

So thanks again for all those great mods, you guys are the ones that make games like this worth a while. So........... pls, pls, pls i really hope you let us have this one as well.

PS4 player

SRJgame @srj-game

Great trucks MAN TGS PACK !!! Respect to the author!!!

Mczaga @mczaga

I love this mode.

m702k @m702k

Can you make a custom version (for the console)?

kustanaj1998 @kustanaj1998

Было бы здарова на консоль !!

Kartarein @kartarein

Не знаю задумка очень хорошая)) Моделька класс!!! Но блин я забуксовал в мелкой луже всеми 10тью колесами и даже пониженная не помогла так это пустой а груженный вообще утонет)))) Может сделать его мощнее как то))

ChilliKetchUP @chilliketchup

На консоли будет??

ismail_oracle @ismail-oracle

Despite its medium size tires, 10x10 providing great traction for this truck. New medium logging addon is a good opportunity for safer transport but in case of a tip-over situation or unpacked cargo, there is no logging crane to pack logs. There lots of trucks providing us medium logging addon + logging crane + attaching medium log trailer option. Another addon that should be installed is logging crane + low saddle. Recently, some mode developers uploaded new trailer packs including a long-log semi-trailer. I am sure most of the drivers have this pack for safer long-log transportation. But in your truck, there is no option for installing a logging crane + low saddle. I am just typing these recommendations for better improvements. I have great admiration for your work and I will be looking forward to seeing better trucks. Thank you so much.

FHartmann @fhartmann1001

Will these MAN Truck packs come to the consoles mod Browser when they are no brandet? Would ne great.

tarsis31 @tarsis31

Addon update is fantastic! Thanks!

DocBugsy @docbugsy

Thank you for the addon update! This is now my favorite medium log-hauler.

Divinity666 @divinity666

Game's sideboard-beds don't really suit MAN, they are way wider than the truck and it looks real ugly when you install them))))

verteru3 @verteru3

Can you please fix steering wheel cleeping with hands?

OlSom @olsom

Fixed, thanks again reporting it.

verteru3 @verteru3

Wow, thank you!

OlSom @olsom

Thanks for highlighting that, it seems to be a common issue with all MAN models, I'll look into it.