M181 Hellion ISV for SnowRunner

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Published by maxmike181 (mod ID: 451451)


If you like my trucks, any support is highly appreciated. I plan to grow my mod catalog and skills as time goes on.

Welcome to my first all-new addition to SnowRunner, hopefully the first of a few! This is my first attempt at rigging a truck, so some bugs and weirdness may be present. But it is a fun toy to use and enjoy.

With a design heavily inspired by Halo's Warthog, the Hellion ISV is an off-road troop transport vehicle forged in the far reaches of space, and brought into SnowRunner. I spent a fair bit of time making this truck feel close to it's Halo analog, so it is what some might consider to be "OP", but that's fine, that's the point of this overgrown side-by-side!

Some features the Hellion has:

  • Fully locked four wheel drive
  • Four wheel steering
  • Realistic winch and crane points
  • Hitch for scout and medium trailers
  • Active suspension
  • Multiple tire options
  • Realistic lighting features
  • Vehicle customization (some items clip into the body, custom add-ons may be added later)
  • No region or level lock

Please note that some pictures on the right show the truck in development, and some items may be different or not even be on the final version


- This truck was made using a model by McCarthy3D on SketchFab.

Special Thanks:

- Poghrim for spending hours teaching me the basics of rigging, and providing me with some tires
- PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 for spending a bunch of time helping me figure out making the truck spawn, and providing me with the hitch model
- Quasimiyao for answering a ton of dumb texturing questions
- LoB1325 for XML references and training
- CanuckRunner for coming up with the name and bug testing
- Tazmanyak for bug testing

And others I'm sure I'm forgetting!

Known Issues:

- Currently none (?!)

Upcoming Changes:

Please note: All my mods are console compatible, however Focus & Saber are selecting vehicles manually, so it is up to them whether they approve them. There is no submission process on the modder's end. If you want to see my trucks on console, let them know on the official Discord or Forum. In other words, please don't ask me in the comments if it's coming to console, because I don't know.

This mod contains custom assets used with permission. Any unauthorized use will be documented and reported.

Version history:

Jan 4 2021 - X.1.2.1

- Added recovery point at rear hitch
- Added 200kg mass to cabin
- Added a little more torque to the engine

Jan 3 2021 - X.1.2.0

- Revised suspension tuning
- New 4 speed “crawler” gearbox
- Revised vehicle physics
- Slight AMHS tire adjustment

Jan 2 2021 - X.1.1.0

- Improved sounds (no longer just "default truck")
- Softened suspension slightly
- Stiffened AMHS tires slightly
- Code cleanup

Jan 2 2021 - X.1.0.0

- Initial release with console compatibility







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zwocv @zwocv

One of the most outstanding new vehicles as mod!

MADNEME515 @madneme515

This mod is epic amazing work

LordTimmahh @particle1985

Fantastic job on this mod. I for one can't say I have any complaints or suggestions.

I don't know if I'm the only one who thought, almost immediately using it, this what the Tatarin should have been. You know.. something that doesn't bore you to death and is more useful than just checking the mail during a blizzard when your driveway is a mile long.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

That’s is probably one of the most creatively written comments I have ever gotten. Thanks for the laugh!


It would be awesome If you would lower the tow hitch so you can still pull all trailers with the 1st Spare Wheel option attached In the back. Yes I get you can just put the other spare wheel on & you can pull all trailers but It would be cool If you could have both equipped at the same time & still be able to pull trailers.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

No, I’m not interested in doing that. The hitch already sits pretty low. As you said there are many other spare options if you want to tow.

DZC @dzc1

this really needs a flexible suspension option, it would complete the mod i think

maxmike181 @maxmike181

I can't do a really flexible suspension set up as the game really doesn't like the forward facing control arms, and it takes damage very easily when it's set up too soft. I had one on the test version and it was way too delicate.

DZC @dzc1

well if its for functionality then i understand, its unfortunate but this is still an awesome mod!

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Thanks! Hopefully the first of a few custom trucks.

DZC @dzc1

looking forward to seeing what else you create

Fullom @fullom

Ich will das auto unbedingt

JUD1080 @jud1080

would love to see this go to console


It would be awesome to see a Flex Suspension option as well. As well as a snorkel option.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

I can't do a really flexible suspension set up as the game really doesn't like the forward facing control arms, and it takes damage very easily when it's set up too soft. I had one on the test version and it was way too delicate.


What about Snorkel options?

maxmike181 @maxmike181

If I can find some that fit, otherwise I might try to make some. So it's not coming soon, but I won't rule it out. The intake now is up near the driver's head also (height-wise)

justincofield998 @justincofield998

I know that it never had doors of any sort but my driver freezing his *** off in Alaska and Imandra is sort of an immersion breaker so maybe doors? Regardless I love it. Thank you so much for delivering it to SR. But wing doors like the Delorean would be awesome.

silvertiger2000 @silvertiger2000

I was thinking the same thing. It could be installable.

rsuave13 @rsuave13

Max out the heater dude

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Buddy if I could drive a cabrio in the winter, John Paul Snowrunner can enjoy the vents on the dash and survive.

justincofield998 @justincofield998

Lmao, I ride a street bike as my only form of transportation so I know lmao but Imandra and Alaska in the game seem insane and I'm not complaining by any means. I just figured that it couldn't hurt to ask is all.

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Yeah, maybe down the road. We’ll call it a solid maybe?