ANK MK38 "PUMA" by MrBusses for SnowRunner

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Published by MrBusses (mod ID: 179067)


This truck will no longer receive updates. See The Puma II for the latest version

The sideboard bed is a fixed part of the ANK model, and cannot be removed without stripping the model from the game, which is in direct violation of the EULA. This truck tweak employs some workarounds by design.

"What in Sam Hell is a Puma?"

The ANK MK38 is a truck in Snow*Runner I've always wanted to mess with, but the fixed bed made it pretty hard to change in any useful way. However as I have gotten more familiar with the game and how it works, I think I've found a to make it customizable. By making the ANK spawn in with a "hidden" flatdeck, it allows it to use other frame-add-ons while still being able to take on cargo. Of course the weak spot with this is you need to re-equip the flatdeck if you remove it, so it has a $0 cost. The truck is not able to haul cargo without the flatdeck installed. That is simply the nature of the beast required to make this mod work. There is not a full selection of add-ons, because some simply do not work with the bed in place. Some of the add-ons have some clipping, which I am well aware of, but it was all about small sacrifices to make the truck work. I know the spare wheel is "in" the mudflaps. For those curious, the Quasi tires have the same grip values as the Tayga tires, just with modifiers for their respective widths, and if they have studs.

Changes over the stock ANK MK38 include:

  • Handbrake on all axles
  • Revised drivetrain pattern (now switches between R-4WD and A-6WD)
  • Realistic fuel capacity
  • Heavy winch set with Auto Winch
  • Revised suspension tuning
  • Engine has gotten a tune up (Revised sound profile and less smoke)
  • New powertrain options
  • Hugely expanded wheel options including Quasimiyao Mud Tires
  • Lightly modified physics
  • Revised lighting front and rear (Now has reverse lights)
  • No region / exploration lock
  • Frame add-ons!
  • More customization options
  • Many new paint options

This truck was made in collaboration with Gumides

As always I recommend getting FOXCRF450RIDER's Off Road Trailers mod.

Version history:

Feb 12 2020 - X.1.1.1

- Fixed bug stopping logs from being auto-loaded on CAT745C bunk

Feb 11 2020 - X.1.1.0

Logging update!

- Added new logging add-ons
- Added 3 slot add-ons
- Added 770G and TH357 tires

Nov 23 2020 - X.1.0.1

- Fixed some component unlocks

Nov 23 2020 - X.1.0.0

- Initial release with console compatibility (See front page for changes over stock ANK)

This mod contains custom assets used with permission. Any unauthorized use will be documented and reported.







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Crumbus @crumbus

Will this be repacked for next gen?

Hanifloka1 @hanifloka1

With the civvy ANK coming out, any chance you will tweak that too?

MrBusses @mrbusses

yes, I have one just about ready to go depending on what changes on the ptr. It will be an all new mod as its a separate truck this one will have to fade into the sunset once more

S_W_T @s-w-t

does the tweaked civilian ank include all of the tweaks that this mod has?

MrBusses @mrbusses

Most of it

Wolffreak430 @wolffreak430

I would like to see you tweak the freightliner 114sd like this

Hanifloka1 @hanifloka1

Same, I would love a 114SD tweak myself.

Windsjorn @windsjorn

TBH the clipping makes it just look like someone cut the sections of the flatbed out to make the new addons fit, So I really don't mind how the parts look

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Windsjorn So I'm way late on seeing this but I am so happy to hear that, cause that's what I aimed for with the positioning.

BeniStingray @benistingray

Probably one of the best trucks on Xbox! Drives absolutly awesome and is fast and the last update for logging made it super usefull! And i honestly love that the bed stays with other parts, makes it look pretty good imo. Thanks for the great work!

Dovemcc @dovemcc

New updates amazing cheers mate 2 loads of medium logs no probs 🍻🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Thanks for letting me know!

nicouruz7 @nicouruz7

super les couleurs des camo ; très bon travail merci a vous!

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Glad you like it!

mystg44 @mystg44

I can’t acces these modds or maps on ps4 someone can help me?

IHopeThisIsPcOnly @rarinscroll3539

Can you pull goose neck trailer with it

maxmike181 @maxmike181

You cannot, as the bed can't be removed from this model

Swjeeps1 @swjeeps1

I have a problem. With this truck on ps4 when I go to put frame additions on the original bed doesn’t go away

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Yes please read the description

Makerr24 @makerr24

Love the tweak, works great on my Xbox. One question though, if you install the KRS 58 Crane are you unable to pack cargo on the truck?

maxmike181 @maxmike181

Currently no, but I’ve been toying with the idea of giving it a single cargo slot deck to use with the Bandit crane. However I’m working on another project that will bump back small updates for a bit.