M134 MINIGUN for SnowRunner

Released (updated ago). Ranked 72 of 944 with 21,185 (14 today) downloads

Published by ChameleonHUM (mod ID: 95510)


24.04.2020 adjusted size, fixed bugs

25.04.2020 added Landmark






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juegospcpaco @juegospcpaco

Lo había visto, pero hasta ahora no lo había probado, es el mejor todo terreno. felicidades.

evartlawson @evartlawson

Awesome vehicle needs more fuel capacity run around the map you need to allow us to be able to add fuel to the vehicle to carry with us when you do that then the vehicle is worth having

zayderdoux @zayderdoux

awesome vehicle, anyone can give me the true name of it (in real life)?

marcelocaos @marcelocaos

Amazing Scout!Love this.

marcelocaos @marcelocaos

Consider make this.😉

Mikolar4 @mikolar4

Prosze pomocy jak zasubskrybowalem i weszedlem do gry to nic nie ma

sthomaspayne @sthomaspayne

This thing is GREAT!! It can go anywhere! I have a couple of requests, though. #1 is that I can't see where I'm going in first person mode. How about an option to remove the mesh and that vent thing that's sticking up so we can see? A nice feature would be a hitch to pull a small trailer when in a pinch. And, lastly maybe some spare parts? This thing takes a lot of hits... On the left side looks like stuff that could be repair parts and the right side has some jerry cans. Maybe you can make them usable? THANKS!

mamadai4ik @mamadai4ik
wasptube1 @wasptube1

Can the mod run in coop? Or if all players have the mod for coop could it run in coop?

joran1589188151 @joran1589188151

love it, becouse you are such a great modder, can you try and make a trailer with a crane or a dolly so you can put a semi trailer on any truck

ChameleonHUM @chameleonhum

Hello everyone! Friends recently, I had a difficult situation, I was sick, I was very busy. Now, too, my house is being renovated. But I will try to return in the near future. Thank you all so much!

wasptube1 @wasptube1

The vehicle is great, until you roll and it rolls alot, it is so unstable n top heavy and once you've rolled it no amount of attempts with the winch will roll it back, so if you're somewhere with only that vehicle with no garage on the map you're screwed and have to go back to the map with the unlocked garage, other than that it rolls all the time it's almost unstoppable.

hbradley123 @hbradley123

anyway to use it in multiplayer?

ihwagio @ihwagio

Best vehicle so far in ghis game!it will literally go ANYWHERE on land. The autonomous winch helps out a lot . I've explored whole map without needing to refuel

black.dragon @blackdragon18

Vielen Dank für diese Mod. Er macht Spaß und ist genau das richtige zum Erkunden der Karte.

St33lfrog @st33lfrog

Many people have problems with modes. In the case of this mode it is very simple.
1. You need to be logged in to
2. Just click the "subscribe" button.

3. Start the game. Enter the tab "mods" and log in, by the same email address as you used in
4. switch the selected mod on - if there is a symbol of a circle, it's not ready yet, you need to wait till it will download to your computer. Just play the game, and came back to mods tab later.
5. If you can switch the mode on it's mean it is ready to be used in the game.
6. Start your game and go to the tuck shop, there will be a new empty frame (without a picture of a vehicle), select it and buy the car it will appear in your garage.
7. Have fun.

The Russian version, done via google translator / Русская версия, сделано через гугл переводчик

У многих людей проблемы с модами. В случае с этим режимом все очень просто.
1. Вы должны войти в систему к
2. Просто нажмите кнопку «подписаться».

3. Запустите игру. Войдите на вкладку «моды» и войдите, используя тот же адрес электронной почты, который вы использовали в
4. включите выбранный мод - если есть символ круга, он еще не готов, вам нужно подождать, пока он загрузится на ваш компьютер. Просто играйте в игру и вернитесь на вкладку модов позже.
5. Если вы можете включить режим, значит, он готов к использованию в игре.
6. Запустите игру и перейдите в магазин, где появится новая пустая рамка (без изображения транспортного средства), выберите ее и купите автомобиль, который появится в вашем гараже.
7. Веселитесь.

St33lfrog @st33lfrog

This vehicle is a MONSTER, it will go everywhere. It's fun to drive if you just want to scout around the map and be able to do drive wherever you want. I do not recommend to use it to progress in the game, because with this machine it's too easy. Brillant mode. Great job, kudos to the author.
One question: could there be an option to add a driver in the car? For mi, it is somehow weird to see an empty car, driving around.

xargo2006 @xargo2006

Hello, no work the installation

FullMetalJumperOG @fullmetaljumperog

Is there a way to change the cost? At 54 credits, it feels like cheating when I buy it :)