Long Winches 3x for SnowRunner

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Published by Saysor (mod ID: 118635)


I modded all Winches. So with this Mod all Cars have 3x longer winches. With this mod you can get out from everywhere. :)
Do not subscribe to install.

SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client). Once you're in the client folder, right click and open the Initial.pak with WinRAR. Then you'll see MEDIA, double click, then you'll see CLASSES. When you open classes, you'll see everything in the game. Go to winches. Keep that open. Now with the file you downloaded from me, go into the "winches folder" from mine, then take the xml document and drag and drop into the "winches" list for all them in game.

For questions wrote in the comments.




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blackdrizzt @blackdrizzt

Never touch the [Your drive]:\[Game folder]\SnowRunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\initial.pak , that can destroy your mod option!!! That can also happen with other mods!!!
If you load 10 mods and overwrite the initial.pak 10 times. Then how much work?

♛Froggy @lordfroggy

It will only use the last initial.pak you overwrite, if you use mods that Edit the pak file (insted of replaceing), then you can do more changes because insted of changing the master file, you change the smaller codes within that file

Mal.Armstrong @woodsbrittc

Saved my trailer that has been stuck inside a electrical post and was just out of range of winching from a tunnel in vanila (the post was one of the tripod one's, it was sideways between the vertical and one of the angled support -.-)

Opah @opah

Hi, i replaced the xml files by yours but the winches are still the original and i cant custom them on the garage now

winner1588095483 @winner1588095483

On vanilla trucks work but on moded trucks no.

keuler514 @keuler514

works perfect for me thanks :)

Saysor @saysor

Thats good :)

ryankary12 @ryankary12

game just crashes after installing mod

Saysor @saysor

how do u installed it?
Any other Mods installed ?

fonso_18 @fonso-18

no me deja conectarme a mod io en mi juego como puedo hacer

Saysor @saysor

You must go Ingame on the MOD Button and then type in your email. After that u gain an acces code on your email :)

Debes ir al juego con el botón MOD y luego escribir tu correo electrónico. Después de eso, obtienes un código de acceso en tu correo electrónico :)

KillaCoolCJ @killacoolcj

lol i wish more mods made it to were u can only manually download bc subscribing doesnt work for me

Saysor @saysor

Yeah subscribing actually arent working... but i think its Game side only a few mods are working. Have u installed it manually ?

kpg0319 @kpg0319

This is so weak. The game is too easy as it is...why not make the winch go across the entire map...

Saysor @saysor

Yeah but every player can choose his own way :)

Tony9650 @tony9650

man i did the same with my game file i made that every winch can be used while engine is off and extreme range and power

Vanya2me @vanya2me

Hi Tony, is your mod available to try?

Saysor @saysor


madmexjw52 @madmexjw52

Is this MP compatibel ?

Saysor @saysor

Yeah it is Clientside. I tested it yesterday with my brother :) First time he hasnt installed it and it worked only for me and after he installed it to he can also use it :)