log bunks for in game trucks for SnowRunner

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Published by tankdestroyerm3 (mod ID: 699046)


adds cat log rack to most trucks
adds long log bunk to kolob trucks
adds new log trailer needed to use new long log bunks

(adds long logs on twinsteer doesn't work all the time looking into it but still don't know why)

adds long logs to big azov

adds cat log bunk to my pacific p12 and jerryboy this one (

adds long logs to bartelbi7's paystar truck (

i think thats all iv probly forgotten something subscribe to install


B7's Truck Collection
derryboy and longboy pack
Free The Logs - Auto Load Logs on Mod/Tweak Trucks




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ftthomasparacord @ftthomasparacord

You absolutely need to name your modded items to differentiate them from the base game items, that's like modding 101, I don't know why I even needed to point this out

bjarne-disc@holmedal @bjarne-discholmedal

great mod, but is it possible to implement some kind of filter so yourr mod does not show up as 15 different log cariers withou any indication of what truck it work with, alternatively could you put an indication of compatible truck makes in the name of each log carrier

k4talin @k4talin

Hi. Your mod does not work on Paystar5600 nor Twinsteer

tadel99 @tadel99

Thanks. Should have looked further down the list of available trailers.

tadel99 @tadel99

Had trouble attaching long log trailer to Azov and Emil's Voron. Works ok on P12 but not on other trucks that have the log carrier front available in the options. Is there a specific long log trailer required?

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

if it says unable to connect trailer there is another trailer that can connect to pretty much any truck except scout vehicles

casen87 @casen87

When I installed this mod, it added about 7 different log carrier fronts to every truck... It also added a the medium carrier to every truck, but there were like 9 versions and they were all over the place. Is this normal?

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

yea its so you can add the one that fits best

Oleg_0lpu4 @oleg-0lpu4

Добра здоровья ! Так то было б не плохо но зачем целая куча этих приспособ в тюнинге ? И вперед сдвинул и назад ---зачем ? Я запутался и естественно отписался потому что не смог найти дефолтные адоны для леса Уберите лишнее

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

ps if someone knows how to remove front axle from the ford truck i found a way to adding awd and front diff but still has standard axle in the way

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

update might be a bit slow dont have much time time to work on mod ill do it when i can

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Interessting mod. Thanks for linking it to my paystar tweaks. Do I need "Free the Logs" for it to work? It did not really work on my first try, but maybe I was just confused by the many options, because some of them are clearly in the wrong place (one is in the air behind the truck) and they all have the same name/description...

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

yes it does need free the logs mod installed which truck were you having trouble with i know the twinsteer is bad for it still don't know whats causing it.
is so random the truck can have the same config sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

I was using my paystar tweak, but without "free the logs". There were at least 7 or more logging addons on there and they had the same name and description, but non seemed to be the right ones for long logs, so I did not test how the loading works...

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

yea just pick the one that fits the truck best

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

ok so adding one of the other mods to the twinsteer stops it loading long logs
still looking into it

DIESELADDICT66 @dieseladdict66

How do you get the long logs to spawn/load/pack on the Twinsteers?

tankdestroyerm3 @tankdestroyerm3

it should autoload at log station but you need to have free the logs mod installed