Lighted LP-4 Crane with Attenuated Claw and Winch. for SnowRunner

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Published by MrSkladak (mod ID: 1155033)


[1] Crane Lights

The original LP-4 crane cabin has flood lights but they don't work. With this mod the flood-lights are made to work.

Put truck in reverse to turn "on" crane-cabin flood lights

(I did try to make the lights work off of a beacons switch, to no avail. (e.g. "ignition" lights off of a "Flashing" template parented to a rotator-bone))

(idea for the lights-in-reverse initially seen in log-crane-lights by @olsom)

[2] Less Freedom on the Claw

The claw is somewhat modified -- it is heavier and more attenuated from flying around it's axes to make working with the claw less frustrating.

Don't forget your anchors

[3] Use Crane to Winch any Truck, Trailer, or Cargo (PC only?)

The claw has a crane source socket and a winch socket to be able to lift any truck, trailer, or cargo.

The controller button for attaching is still bound to claw operation -- need to use the mouse (on PC) to attach winch. Not sure if this can be done with a controller

Cannot rotate winched cargo -- only lift... bang the cargo on geometry to make it rotate into place

To pull-in winch cable: exit crane controls and "pull winch"




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XboxCharles @mononclecharles

MrSkladak Poghrim has lights operating with beacons on his atlas crane.

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Saw that, yes, thanks :). Seems there is a bug that once you toggle the beacons off, can't turn them on again until re-log.

Dieselhead75 @dieselhead75

Unable to use as crane on console still I assume?
Is there a chance that this may work in the future?
Great idea!!

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Oh I'm sorry, I have no control over that.

francis_febre @francis-febre

você poderia aumentar a garra para pegar 3 toras

christian1630381518 @christian1630381518

great idea! should be in the game from the get go!

kalaw31214 @kalaw31214

читать не пробывал,заднюю передачу включить

schum198217 @schum198217

видео пробывал смотреть, там все включено

schum198217 @schum198217

не работает ни чего и в модах 0 весит

MrSkladak @mrskladak

Please make sure to press "C" to enter crane-mode to be able to attach cargo: just like any other crane.

I saw you did that later in the video 👍.

The claw has a "winch socket" and a "crane source socket". Without entering crane-mode you only see the "winch socket". This cannot be used to lift cargo. Once in crane-mode you can use the claw as well as attach cargo with the "crane source socket".

Sometimes the cargo attach-point disappears, just move camera around.

Put the truck into "reverse gear" before using crane to turn on crane flood lights.