Land Rover series III. by zidon for SnowRunner

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Hi all! :)

My famous mod is back! Its real offroad legend. One of a kind.

The vehicle for real mens ... great offroad driving, only front and rear winch, lot of colors and some addons and trailers - all what you want and need ;)

Special "Camel Trophy Zaire 1983" color included (+addons).

Enjoy it! :)

( it has some bugs, glitches .... and some things need to be done ... will fix it later ;) )

The main author of the mod, vision holder and beer lover: Zidon :)
Author of textures - Pixelherder + 3d model LR
Land Rover team: Zidon, Mahlon - modeling, editing
Pixelherder - modeling, editing, textures, sound, addons, wheels
Gabriel Hada - testing
Snowrunner tester: Sodoma

Special thanks: To my family - my wife and 2 sons .. i love you :)

REUSE OF THIS MOD, TWEAKING and other stuff IS FORBIDDEN AND PROHIBITED!! If you want something then write me ... i will think about it and release it later. Thank you for your cooperation :)





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fatgit1962 @fatgit1962

Great mod but is there any chance of wider mud tyres like the Khan has

stolarzkacperr32 @stolarzkacperr32

YES!! my favorite mod from spintires is here! sm sorry lads, it was just my absolute favorite

sttlssct @sttlssct

One of my favorite scout.

But where is the 565 HP V8 stage 2 engine (like this one: ) ? :)
Seriously a little more power on the engine and it'll be my daily !
Great work.

I can't ask you if you know there is a Discovery or 2020 Defender project on SnowRunner, but i'll love it.

Ezylryb @ezylryb

he could add the series 3 stage one if you wanted power. it is a v8 petral land rover 109 wich could be fun.

sttlssct @sttlssct

Sounds like a great idea, i'm not sure which XML file is defining the engines. Any tips ? Thanks
Edit: it's e_mod_scout.xml (<EngineVariants> tag) , I'm trying to copy a stage 4 engine from Emil's justfor the fun ^ ^

Ezylryb @ezylryb

i love this mod but i do have one thing i dislike about it and that is lake of the steel rims on anny think that is not road tyers.

RXGameFrame @na2239066
mamadai4ik @mamadai4ik
milanvavrek123 @milanvavrek123

hummer H1 ?? hmm like mudrunner

pjohan59 @pjohan59

nice suv

Ezylryb @ezylryb

i thing you will find that series 1 had a odd samey Permian 4x4 wd but from series 2 onward tell the land rover 90/110 that later got called defender are the only one is the land rover line that are permanently 4x4 and all other are part time 4 wd (4x2)
thought that are in the disco and ranger rover lines have all way been 4x4 and where the teset bed for the defenders 4wd sistoum and hence the confusion and i should know as i a a series 2a and that is normaly rear wheel drive.

on a nother note are you dding the 88in into the mod?

zidonCZ @zidoncz

Hi. I had Disco and it was alltime 4x4 ;) And on these old LR - it depends on year ... some are 4x2+4x4 and some are permanent 4x4 ;)

Ezylryb @ezylryb

all land rovers are part time 4wd ore 4x2 pre the chage to the defender style. range rovers are officially rover and not land rover though rover has given egscusive rights to it manufacturer to land rover (making it not land rover) and the disco is all so not land rover as it was made as a joint project with rover to make a half way house between the range rover and the series. so tencnally land rover has only ever made all the series and there veterans and the old defender and all others are not solely theres hence it stats that in there names as the discovery is not the land rover discovery it is just discovery and the range rover is range rover not land rover range rover.
so my first point is still valid as i sad "series 1 had a odd samey Permian 4x4 wd but from series 2 onward tell the land rover 90/110 that later got called defender are the only one is the land rover line that are permanently 4x4 and all other are part time 4 wd (4x2)." the series 1 4wd system would go to rwd at 30 mph ore 20 i can't rember which.
i am not denying that people did but difran drive trances in giving perminat 4wd but they where not out of the factory

brithelm10 @brithelm10

I have a Series Truck...Absolutely none of them are Permanent 4x4 unless they are a special configuration.

mngdih @mngdih

I had a 2001 Disco and like dude above said it was all-time AWD.

mitsaqif @mitsaqif

Is it possible to put on the steelies on a mud tire? It looks great on a defender, and i hate to use the mud tires because it looked so ugly on this car. The only good looking tires for this car is the highway tires which is very bad at handling russian terrain.

JTT @jtt1

Great mod, but one comment. I play with a wheel (current PTS), tried Arcade on/off - its tail seems to overturn a bit making it unstable. Try that on a straight but slippery road, play with the steering and gas. Clear tendency to oversteer. You can even go donuts with full throttle and full locked wheel on tarmac. Despite AWD. Makes some fun, but keeps it "pretty interesting" at higher speeds even after minor corrections.

H gear seems to be the same as L+. I wish H would be a little bit faster.

With 31'' wheels, medium engine and AT tires as well as standard suspension its well balanced in the US on the first map. With offroad tires and 31 or even 35'' its even "really good". A bit thirsty, but on the OK side. Nimble, but not "Miss Piggy^wTippy".

Congrats, nice mod! Could go straight into the game quality wise. And you should be paid by the Camel guys for "advertisment for free" ;)

dukuntampan @dukuntampan

hii...really great...thankyou for sharing this..

anyway.. guys is there any site/info how to make mod from scratch ? maybe i can do some model but have no idea how make it works in game

zidonCZ @zidoncz

Tomcats drive ;)

marcelocaos @marcelocaos

Doesn´t work for me.

zidonCZ @zidoncz

Weird? :/