Land Rover Defender 20 for SnowRunner

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Published by Ha3aP (mod ID: 478225)


Land Rover Defender 90

Land Rover Defender 110


1. now cars use standard weights(90-2200;110-2500kg).
2. car flips, drive on off road\road- like the default cars.
3. cars is steering adequate, but cars is freaky at high speed(especially 90 series-because it have short base, but it have better off road performance).
4. added more grip for "IMBA" tires.


This update *** fixes frequently car flips.
Update have two set:
1. car is more roll over(but car is less heavy)-Heavy Weight Set+500(gives 1 ton weight more for car) in 'frame_addons' section
2. car is less roll over(but car is more heavy)-Heavy Weight Set+1000(gives 2 ton weight more for car) in 'frame_addons' section.

v1.0 - bug fix and added new wheels

v0.9.0 - first test version

Is absolutely forbiden to use this car for commercial purposes without consulting us.

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Xxbrutal4i20 @xxbrutal4i20

for one of that vehicle to come on the consoles you must delete the emblem logo and rename it with a fictitious name example iX40 but it depends on the creator of the mod if he wants to do that

toyterier @camarque

Назар, за новые краски большое спасибо! Удружил!

Landek @landek

Can you make unmarked version of the Defender? I wish i could play on console with my dream car

GASOVER @gasover

The best mod in Snowrunner !

ChrisFalcher @chrisfalcher

This is honestly the best mod I have tried so far. The details are amazing and there are so many customizations! I wish all mods were like this! Very good job, man 👍

LsX @lsx

wowww magnifique, grand choix de personnalisation, très bien modélisé... Enfin Land-Rover dans Snowrunner !! un petit équilibrage est nécessaire mais parfaitement jouable, je recommande à 100% ! 20/20.

Boynya @boynya

Nice look but get stuck everywhere :(

justname1 @justname1

если хотите поиграть со стандартным весом авто. положите этот файл (в него добавленны настройки для подвески с первого релиза) в архив lrdef20.pak(-:\my docyments\My Games\SnowRunner\base\Mods\.modio\mods\папка с архивом) в папку classes/suspensions.
теперь запускаете игру, отключаете кирпичи(Heavy Weight Set+500 in 'frame_addons' section) и выбираете настройки подвески без приставки _HW_500
теперь машина будет с правельным весом, но будет сложна в управлении(-для тех кто любит сложности или реализм.
все можно вернуть как было путем включения Heavy Weight Set+500 in 'frame_addons' section и выбора настройки подвески с приставкой _HW_500

RachelTGG @racheltgg

V 1.0 is great indeed, but the wheels need to be fixed. They certainly arent 79" and not having bigger tires makes it get stuck in any slightly deeper mud.

alek87 @alek87

V 1.0 is awesome. All issues have been addressed. If this mod is on the “mod of the month” list, I’ll vote for it for sure.
By the way, what is heavy weight set for front and rear suspension?
Апдейт 1.0 - огонь. Все недочеты устранены.
Кстати, а что такое heavy weight set для передней и задней подвески?

Ant51114 @ant51114

Please make this console friendly

Coopindi22 @coopindi22

Darckviperau ?

robbie5680 @robbie5680

my number one mod by a long shot, now all we need is a discovery 3/4

WarMachineGreen @warmachinegreen

cant use in campaign

RobikV3 @robikv3

Great mod with astounding level of customisation! There are 2 issues however:
-It has a collision glitch somwhere on the front ive been flung across the map 3 times
-The custom offroad wheels need to be slightly bigger it gets stuck easily, even in regular mud

Lmclapton @lmclapton

can you do a freelander 1 please loving this mod, need more land rovers like range rover vogue classic and td4 disco, loving this defender tho, great job.

veronique.dumouilla @veroniquedumouilla

I love this mod because the new defender is my favorite scout or 4x4

KoenigKotlett @kotlett

Great mod so far with an insane level of detail and customisation. Will you create "real" prices in future? At the moment, the only thing i don't like about this mod, is its cheapness in whole and its parts. Rest ist absolutely great! :)