KrAZ CHR[КрАЗ ЧР]-3130 for SnowRunner

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In 1982, as part of the development of the promising Otkrytie family of military vehicles with a classic layout, the Kremenchug Automobile Plant built experimental models of two special 16-ton hoodless chassis - single and articulated, unified with KrAZ-260 vehicles and capable of carrying heavy army superstructures and artillery system. They had the designation of the Ch R, which was unusual for the plant, which meant “one-time drawing”, and represented a parallel alternative family designed to test fundamentally new layout schemes and assemblies, to compare performance and new design solutions. However, in terms of their parameters and capabilities, these cars were already closer to road trains than to single trucks.

CHR-3130 (1982 - 1985) - a cabless truck with two front steered axles, a continuous frame and a special massive non-folding cab of a high location. It was based on the KrAZ-260 truck cab without an engine compartment and plumage, in the front of which a cooling radiator was rearranged. An experimental multi-fuel engine YaMZ-8421 V8 (17.24 l, 360 hp) was installed behind it with a turbo-supercharging and intermediate air cooling, partially entering the cabin and adapted to work on diesel fuel, gasoline, kerosene or their mixtures with rocket fuel . A new 10-speed gearbox YaMZ-202, the main units from KrAZ-260 and a 6.5-meter onboard platform with an awning were mounted by car. The original details were a new elongated spar frame of channels with amplifiers and a second steered and drive-through bridge.

In the process of factory and military tests, the car mounted standard wide-profile tires 1300x530 - 533 from cargo "craz" or arched Y-186 with a diameter of 1300 mm and a width of 750 mm, which ensured patency at the level of tracked vehicles. It is quite natural that such an unusual, massive, heavy and expensive construction, requiring huge expenses for the organization of special production and maintenance, scared the military away.

At the end of 1982, KrAZ CHR-3130 cars were submitted for consideration by the military. In the future, the KrAZ-6316 car "grew" out of the design of KrAZ CHR-3130.

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Agnolini @na2209271

Friend i need to thank you for this awesome mod, my favorite truck in the game. Hyped for the stuff that you gonna add to the game in the future, congrats!

RachelTGG @racheltgg

Hey yansors, love the truck. Very good, very strong but not OP, being on the same pace/"level" as the azov 5319 without hitting the ground every bump and on the speeds of the Tayga or Voron AE. (maybe it could get more fuel thirsty to nerf its huge traction. Also, could be interesting removing the t

But there a few things i think could improve the mod:
1) remove some of the engines (there is soo many and most are quite redundant/not necessary (i would recommend leaving only the Laz ones and maybe the KGT)
2) You might want to make the tent bed a fixed model instead of soft, its always leaning to one of the sides and it doesnt really look good like that.
3) Make it more fuel thirsty, like the Azov 5319 (tough maybe not as much)
4) Remove the tayga tires in preference of the custom ones, they look great.
5) give it a option for wheel fenders to cover the dual wheels/thicker wheels on the back. It looks weird (imo). Not bad, it just feels like it doesnt fit the truck.
6) Remove some of the gearbox. I would say decide between the vanilla gearboxes for the offroad trucks (Balanced, Off-road, Highway/Freeway ((forgot the name)) or between the Advanced and the Advanced Special.
7) You might want to check the weight of the truck, i was able to park it on top of the breakable ice on the PTS of the patch 6.0 and the ice didnt broke, a truck that size should sink on the ice. (i was using the custom mud tires if its important)

Ps: The balanced gearbox is very fast!

idiocracy_ @idiocracy1

Have tested this truck.
It looks very nice, nice exterior and interior details. Truck wants to nosedive but otherwise behaves well, this is a very strong truck, but i do not think it is OP even tho i have not tested it enough to say for sure.
Defiantly a keeper.

Zolt @zolt

качество мода на уровне SpinTires (для Snowrunner низкое качество)

yansors @yansors

Качество комментария уровня спинтирес(для сноураннер низкое качество)

TheSnake1588252037 @thesnake1588252037

Needs a Update to the last version of the Game

yansors @yansors

what do u mean?

tarsis31 @tarsis31

If I travel to a map that it is on, the game crashes 100% of the time for me. I can switch to the truck itself, recover it to a garage, then take my other truck into the map this one was in. I'm using a bunch of other truck mods as well.

yansors @yansors

This bug have all mods. Idk how to fix it.

xozd @xozd

спс за мод.

mamadai4ik @mamadai4ik
Krakenous @krakenous

Excellent. I was pleasantly surprised to see and experience that it does not feel overpowered at all. It drives nicely, sits nicely on the road, tilts correctly and seems to have enough flex in it that it allows for some good angles over terrain. Nice work overall. Personally, I have increased the price of the vehicle just to suit my harder playthrough and made unlock from rank 10. I do have a question, would it be possible to have exact power (HP/Torque values/Peak Power Curve information) for all the different engines available for the vehicle? It would make it a lot easier to distinguish between which are suited for what and why, as their is so much choice :).

Finally, I see you are making progress on tracked vehicles, amazing, looking forward to seeing your future work, thank you very much for your efforts so far :).

HeVP29 @hevp29

Отличный мод,. Автор молодец, спасибо огромное :). Отмечу пару моментов, небольшие замечания так сказать:
1. Фары на бампере (именно на балке) светятся с двух сторон почему-то (мне кажется света не должно быть со внутренней стороны швеллера).
2. При установленном модуле большого крана, когда автомобиль сильно наклоняется, при поворотах например, выдвигаются в сторону опоры. После выравнивания сами задвигаются. Впринципе не мешает играть, но как-то не замечал на других машинах. Может быть так и должно быть :)

yansors @yansors

2 изза большого кколичества инерции игры, косяк с балансиром из-за того же.
1 на каком бампере? на стандарте? Если нет, то это бампера с дефолта. Ничего не трогал в них.

HeVP29 @hevp29

Да, заметил это на стандартном бампере. Зашел в игру сейчас и уже нет такого бага. Думаю это сама игра шалит

jv64 @jv64

>>2. При установленном модуле большого крана, когда автомобиль сильно наклоняется, при поворотах например, выдвигаются в сторону опоры. После выравнивания сами задвигаются.
Косяк движка игры, выдвигаются даже на стоке

Nester @nester

Very nice truck. But steering angle could be a bit bigger maybe.

Metis5553 @metis5553

Спасибо за лучшие моды для игры Краз ЧР 3130 и Зил 131. Очень качественно настроенные подвески на машинах.

851Hizzy @851hizzy

such a great mod, thank you.

jv64 @jv64

Лучший мод для snowrunner на текущий момент, спасибо.
P.s. заметил ошибку в описании к дополнительным бакам, на малом стоит в описании 600л, на большом 350л, должно быть наоборот(как и есть по факту)

yansors @yansors

да, исправлю тогда