kahn 34 marshall trailer hitch for SnowRunner

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Published by dogfighter205 (mod ID: 145286)


this is a edited file, if you download it put it in

program files\epic games\snowrunner\en_us\preload\paks\client\initial.pak\[media]\classes\trucks

then replace it for the exitsting kahn 34 marshall file




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strann-sv @strann-sv

После установки мода пропал kahn 34 marshall из DLC, как для покупки через магазин грузовиков так и с карты. Возвращение исходного файла не помогло, восстановил через проверку файлов Epic games.

After installing the mod, kahn 34 marshall disappeared from the DLC, both for purchase through the truck store and from the map. Returning the original file did not help, restored via file check Epic games

dogfighter205 @dogfighter205

if you're kahn file is gone you can verify snowrunner and then it should be back, you're save won't be gone then.
you don't install it via the subscribe button because then it won't work, it is just the .xml file and nothing else, so you have to replace the original kahn .xml file with it, then it should work

strann-sv @strann-sv

Подумал и внимательно прочитал, теперь всё работает. Спасибо!
I thought it over and read it carefully, now everything works. Thank!

gavran_srb @i-djuranovic

Sry, for lame question. How to overwrite that .xml file, initial.pak is archive not folder. Do you have some software for it?

mental21342433 @mental123

Use winrar. Check under guides section.