JTTs TUZ 420 Tatarin NRF for SnowRunner

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If there is an issue with the tweak, please use the message system of this platform to notify me (click here). I may miss comments, but less likely a message. This is tweak only, only 100K in size. You like small tweaks being good, but never silly OP? Check out my mod-page.

The TUZ 420 had a special feature (aside from being boring): any other AWD truck in the game has 2.4 to 3.2 grip for its mud-wheels at the most, this one had a grip of 8! Even with respect to ingame physics and balance, such numbers with more than two times the standard grip of HEAVY MUDS and four times of the best offroad wheels (UOD2 and OHD1) were plainly silly. So I dared to N(e)RF the wheels from 8.0 down to reasonable 3.0 still using 200 kg wheelweight. Thus, keeping kind of "ingame physics plausibility". It has still pretty large wheels being a significant advantage with respect to ingame physics and as well as its mass distribution is close to perfect. Its still "very strong" rather than silly OP.

But now to something completely different - the upsides. It got some capabilities in exchange:

* All upgrades and addons are allowed for level 1 and up being helpful on modmaps as there is no "new-game plus". If you think blasting with this through black river - you are ruining your gameplay experience and learning curve.

* access to chains with 2.4 grip in mud rather than 3.0. So grip is down to 1/5th of the original grip, but it won't suck on ice. If you can avoid ice, do so. The standard mud-tires are typically the better choice.

* slightly better turning radius, but still on the sluggish side for a scout. Passing a forest is still not the best idea.

* higher water tolerance. Drowning starts roughly as as soon as the rear hatch ventilator for the drivers compartment is getting wet. Its still not a submarine.

* a bit(!) more power with 250K for its weight (up from 200K) - similar torque for example the Tatra with a comparable weight was allowed.

* optional: hybrid gearbox, slightly faster than the existing offroad one but lacking low minus. Still, the vanilla gearboxes are available. In difficult terrain, use the offroad gearbox. With reduced friction, you may find the "L" as well as "H" gears more often helpful.

* way better working suspension having a kind of "swing axles" and a bit (5 cm) more ground clearance to handle stones.

* Three different cargoes within the TUZ: One with fuel, one with repairs and a mixed bag - additional to the (unchanged) trunk set. Nothing OP. Don't like it? Don't use it. For me that vehicle looks like a "support and recovery" truck. Although scouts are crippled and have no real purpose, I personally prefer "real" scout vehicles. As those give you a good impression of the terrain quality you try to pass.

* access to the trailer hitch for standard truck trailers. Keep in mind, the "hitch" is approx 4-5 feet above ground. I suggest to stay with pivot plate trailers. You don't like it? Do not use it. With the nerfed traction its not as OP as the vanilla truck would be. Pulling power is way lower, but still good. Its not intended to tow trailers, but being able to use e.g. their service/repairs. I personally dislike that you can pickup fuel from any fuel trailer standing besides it, but you cannot use service spare parts and HAVE to attach it.

This truck drives now a bit different, will even get caught in mudpits if these are handled wrong. This is a less foolproof "AUTO and hit throttle" playstyle vehicle which will even tips over from time to time. Still, using the gears properly that is still quite strong and good enough. Upside: If you can pass terrain with this one, the better trucks of the game such as a "Grad" will be likely able to pass that section too.















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googleusermRCU9K @googleusermrcu9k

bonjour le navigateur mod ne fonctionne pas sur mon jeu que faire SVP

DocBugsy @docbugsy

JTT Explore to unlock is on, so can't be bought from store.

JTT @jtt2

Thanks, "repaired" something and copied back too much... update will be released in 10 min.

mucha89bdg @mucha89bdg

You're doing a mega job! I like your approach to realism, this is (or should) be what this title is all about. I wonder who in SABER releases unrealistic models where physics is "suitable" for titles such as GTA V or FarCry 5. It irritates me that such people are responsible for this title. I'm afraid that the next title, the sequel to SnowRunner, will have nothing to do with mud, snow, etc.

JTT @jtt2

Realism depends on point of view.
* Front heavy setup causes oversteer, real world understeer and vice versa.
* Real world: Large tires have a low ground pressure and this is a bonus on light vehicles with large wheels in offroading. Ingame: Does not matter at all.
* Real World: Power is torque times angular speed. Ingame: A Pacific has twice the weight but similar torque and way less speed than a Voron AE.
Real world: Twice the power and 2/3rd of its top speed.
* Gearboxes are also named "torque converters" trading speed for torque. Ingame? You get a gip bonus in L, a torque bonus in H and thats it. Thats why you can run out of power despite "shifting down" in Automatic.

willbur1650500107 @willbur1650500107