JTTs P12, P16, Derry 3194, Derry 4520 & Twinsteer for SnowRunner

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Disclaimer: ONLY XML tweaks and not crazy ones, balanced if you want to. Less than 1 mb for all of those who need to care. Such as downloads for COOP/Multiplayer or console.

IMPORTANT ("really nice to know"): Please use to assign MEDIUM LOGS to the SHORT LOGS carrier! So P12W can have since Phase 4 Update ("Short Log Platform" available) now a Loglift with short or medium logs addon and a corresponding log trailer!

Contents: Tweaked Trucks as Mod - P12W, P16 and Derry 31/45 plus Western Star 6900 Twinsteer- "the heavy stooges" of US maps. If there is an issue with the tweak, please use the contact from

Goal: The US Heavies are meant as a balanced mod and not a plain fun/op mod, sitting right in between the heavy RU and most medium 6x6 trucks. So with heavy load it shall still perform better than a GRAD/Tayga. Unfortunately "OP" is a wide definition - Michigan and Alaska are very different from Wisconsin or Urska. Using these on your first playthrough in Michigan is kind of "cheating yourself", you will learn nothing and ruin your gameplay on later maps by yourself. They shall be on the usable, but fun side of life being kind of balanced - and each truck shall have some character and own usecase. If you make a mistake, you will be still punished. It still won't fly across mud. But they should be now a nice option in the heavy class, especially for logging tasks with heavy trailers. As many of these can transport long and medium logs, P12 has the CATs medium log addon plus option for a medium log trailer. I personally like to play US trucks on US maps and RU trucks on RU maps.

The HOT Tires (P512 derivates, 200kg and 3.5 friction) are often good enough even for Urska River map. On other maps, you do not really "need" these. Keep in mind - the ZIKZ605R has more than 20 tons weight and offers 260K Torque with 8 wheels of 600kg and 3.0 friction. So an 18 ton Oshkosh^wDerry 45 with 8 wheels of 200kg and each 3.5 friction is not exactly OP. If you take an RWD truck as P16, you may take better wheels (its 400kg clone).

Gameplay and list of major changes:

* all: suspensions heavily tweaked for better performance. Better winch on your call for some trucks - its still an offroad driving simulation, not "World of Winching". Most of them have access to "mudchains", so these will work on icy roads way better than current chain implementations. KOLOBS as-in-game-benchmark are mudmonsters and very stable - so let these fat and stable RU rule mud & snow - and the US counterparts shall have different strengths. Agility, gimmicks, style - whatever. These play very different.

* Pacific P12: I suggest you install "Poghrims Universal Addons" to make that truck look and partially work better. Its 25t weight (unchanged), got the CAT745 medium log carrier (no mod to download), with 250 to 275 K torque a perfect medium log transporter. "Special gearbox", so its not exactly fast. It never was in real life. Three tiresets available - all are dual rears. One is "stock", one is borrowed from P16 and the other is its chained version. Grip numbers in description. The chained ones are less "muddy" than the P16 Offroad tires - for sake of gameplay. Not one set to rule them all... Adapted the center of gravity, so it feels acceptable with respect to tipping over. Its neither as stable as a KOLOB nor as fast on its back as a drunken blonde in springbreak, as it was before ;) Snorkel untweaked, so its the worst of the trucks in water and very far away from being a submarine. But the one with the most ingame options with respect to addons. Since Update 1.2.0: Access to flatbeds. The triple one fits nicely. And no, I do not put a minicrane on it. With Olsom's 4 slot offroad trailer you get seven slots of cargo to haul, thats good enough.

* Pacific P16: Still 25t, shipped with offroad gearbox and an optional HYBRID gearbox (a bit faster in high). Two tiresets available, got also some chains which do not suck in mud (see P12) and being usable on Alaska. Center of gravity adjusted, its now lower and way more to the rear for a more realistic axle load. The suspension as well as chassis twist is optimized with respect to damping and strength. Steering angle increased, so that it can reverse better with a long log addon, its now more agile as a P12. The "real world original" had a topspeed of only 50 km/h but with 500 HP, but a gross vehicle weight of more than 100 tons. I suggest to start at 250K for "near vanilla" pleayers and go up to 300K torque as it does not have AWD. With the improved suspension you really do not need neither "cheat AWD" nor the "OP Tireset", the OHD are good enough. With respect to the ZIKZ and Kolob (25 tons with 8 x 600 kg wheels, Grip 3.0 and AWD) a 400kg wheelset with 3.5 friction in mud was implemented as "OP" one. I personally dislike using cheat AWD on RWD trucks such as the CLT 9000, Fleetstar 4070A, P512 and this P16. Feels somehow wrong, there are enough AWD trucks in the game.

* Derry 3194: Way larger tires (57'' rather than 52'') as any redneck garage can and will mount. A bit better steering angle (but still handling as a brick) - so I'd call it "Brutus". The counterpart to the nimble Derry 45 and a nice successor to the 10 tons 6x6 M916 as a nice medium sized tractor. The dead axle is now sufficiently high up, it will not really stop you. Consider it as a party trick - its still dead and useless in any offroad operation. Who needs movable axles if you have really large tires with a high suspension ... I suggest to start with 225K up to 250K engines being pretty close to vanilla gameplay. Wheels themselves with stats are stock - OHD1 recommended, chains available. Removed the pointless highway and allterrain tireset. Used that truck on my Urska campaign - approved. I still do not like Urska.

* Derry 4520 got 8 of the "P16 front tires" as well as a set of chains to work on icy roads. Grip numbers in the description as soon as changes to stock tiresets were made. Vanilla KOLOBs have e.g. 260K with 8x600 kg wheels - this one has 2/3 of the weight but only 200kg wheelweight. That truck fully upgraded is now a nice nimble heavy, its also fast and has wheels everywhere. Despite the small tires, it works really well. Its weight was reduced to 18 tons (Oshkosh 1070 according to Wikipedia). Its therefore less "sluggish" than the Pacifics and kind of "lightweight in the heavy class". Strengths: fast, agile, access to chains. Will still use quite some fuel. Way not that stable and foolproof as the Kolobs, but its IMHO the most fun of the US Heavies now. Especially for hauling "saddle low Semitrailers". Works by the way great with Olsom's 6-slot saddle low.

* Western Star 6900 Twinsteer: Mostly suspension work and the "typical" center of gravity at "0;0;0" was a ****, its now a bit lower. It will still tip by the way, but not that quickly. You get now a single "acceptable" tiresize in between the vanilla ones, but also active suspension to trade in case of desaster some ground clearnance for stability as well as way better working suspension with better damping factor. It will tip over, but not "rebounce" you over. For those who need some better tires on e.g. Amur Region: Take the P16 derivates. Engine upgrades beyond 250K possible, but really not necessary. Weight unchanged by the way. Since AMUR: Trailer hook added... feel free to use OLSOM's 4 slot or even 6 slot trailer to transport 8-10 cargo slots in total.

























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StillDRD @donovan-dodd

Love your tweaks. I am wondering if you are able to change the DL4520 to have 55" tires to match the real life inspiration? The 50" just seem so small on it.
Been looking for a mod or even trying to commission one that has buffed single 55" tires for the DL4520 for console and no one has it and no one has responded to me.

JTT @jtt2

Are you sure? The Spec sheet ( Spec Sheet.pdf) for the 1070 says
tires 425/95 R20 (16.00 R20) and thats exactly the size in the file. Including the steering angle.

JTT @jtt2

I have a look if that fits. But as the "real" has only 18 tons without cabin armor (rather than 25t as ingame) and I reduced the weight accordingly and I already gave it also (optional) better tires and (optional) a better engine - its getting a bit too good IMHO. As its very nimble. That truck works 'really well' with 250 to 275 of torque.

Changing wheelsize manually on PC is possible:
* quit the game and go with the windows explorer to your local modfolder
* directory 761182
* open the UsHvy with Winrar (important, 7zip cant do it)
* go to classes -> trucks directory
* open jtt_derry_longhorn_4520.xml with notepad
* change the line
<CompatibleWheels Scale="0.64" Type="jtt_wheels_veryheavy_mudchains" />
<CompatibleWheels Scale="0.70" Type="jtt_wheels_veryheavy_mudchains" />
Save, update the archive, done. Wheelsize adapted.

Any change will stay there until I update my mod and overwrites your local file.

At least the devs found out, that the Derry 45 needs an engine buff. Took only 15 months since launch. Hooray! Lets wait how long they need to get the small Don71 working. That vanilla car is unfortunately a piece of XML crap currently. Or SD114....

R3dSk0rp10n @r3dsk0rp10n

hi JTT, thanks for the mods, they are great, love them, i got them all
but i encountered a problem with the Derry 3194-RB, it tells me to explore world to unlock the truck (doesnt specify what or where, just "region") to get it, i can´t buy it. it´s the only vehicle in all your mods that gave me this problem. i must mention i have everything unlocked, i´m level 30, i have the normal 3194 in my garage.
do you know what might be the cause of this error?

JTT @jtt2

R3dSk0rp10n My bad, forgot to delete an XML Tag. Was surprisingly irrelevant on a modmap I was playing (Canadian Shield). Corrected. Update is released, thanks for bug report.

Thegamingantofficial @thegamingantofficial

do you think this will be coming to console? along with all your other mod tweaks? i loveeee your mods because theyre always so realistic and not op and i only play with US trucks in the US and RU trucks in RU so i realllyyy hope the rest of your mods can get to console

JTT @jtt2

Not all, but this is qualified. As tweaking some trucks as CAT and GMC is forbidden for consoles. If they are implemented poorly, they stay on console forever very poorly. Great contract!

beefis @beefis

Have you tried messing with the gearboxes to abuse the torque curves? It's simplified but I feel like there's some potential there. If first gear angular velocity is set higher the truck's low-end torque will be negatively affected and slow acceleration, while low- can be used as a proper low gear with higher torque than first, and then engine power can be increased without making heavy trucks too zippy. Playing around with it I was able to make an almost passable 5-speed manual gearbox using gears low-, low, low+, high, then auto 2/2. All gears are capable of stalling too, though only high will kill the engine.

I think you're selling the game short when it comes to traction though, tire friction is not equivalent to traction - it's only one component of it. Turning up the friction on wheels is likely to cause more instances of the wheel 'jamming' effect from inadequate torque. If the ground is soft at all, the wheels should always turn even if the truck goes nowhere. That's correct behavior.

Chev8ball @chev8ball

Blueline-X Pacific P16 and Derry longhorn tweaks have excellent transmissions. P16 has a 9 speed while Derry has 12 speed.. they have excellent pulling power yet while still retaining the heavy-slow truck feeling , it's also nice cause they stay in gear and don't pop out and back down to first when going up inclines or going through rough terrain, I'd highly recommend checking them out

JTT @jtt2

I have found no way how to set the gearbox for the various lows individually. The Angular Speed for H is defined in the gearbox definition, the AUTOGEARS too - but not the lows. I'd love to have a 5 Speed manual transmission. For me its looks like that the "FuelModifier="1.7"" as parameter behind the gear ratio is the amount of additional Torque you get by using that gear. Which is nonsense, as an engine with any given amount of power has in a gear at 10 km/h 8 times the effective torque than at 80 km/h.

I am sure, that the higher the FuelModifier for a certain gear, the higher the torque with the same engine. I know that traction is ONE part of the equation. But you cant get around, that a 25t truck with 60'' needs more torque at the axle than a 9 ton with 47''. And that was completely messed up by the developers.

I do not claim my setup is "perfect", but its a good step forward. If you work out a better gearbox setup & engine (thats why I impemented a lot of these), feel free to make some suggestions.

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

Really? I was pretty shure FuelModifier value is responsible for fuel consumption only. Guess I have to run a test about that having an effect on traction too...

JTT @jtt2

If you have traction, it will start to "fly". Did something silly with 15 @ 5 in "High" and it was close to a liftoff. Reducing it to "1" was unplayable weak. Unfortunately, there is no explanation of game physics with respect to engine&gearbox; available. From real world physics: An engine in a 6x6 with 150K and 10 angular speed will be the same as a big boy with "250 Torque at 6" as angular speed of the axles. So 300K is not really far away from "real". But good to know that low is close to the settings of the first gear. Was just a few min ago playing around with settings, which have low fuel factors of 0.7 or 0.8 for the last gear but high torque. So you can put in a P16 for example a really beefy engine with high torque, without getting a speedy truck in Auto. I am still learning the game physics and its characteristics.

bartelbi7 @bartelbi7

It did some testing, but the FuelModifier had no effect on traction at all, just on consumption. Would make not much sense if they connected those things, not having a speedy heavy truck is done via gearbox speeds and weight only...

beefis @beefis

The speed of low is connected to first gear. If first gear is set too high the truck will be unable to accelerate at all even in low-. This doesn't matter normally, (as far as I know, all of the in-game gearbox values are low enough that all torque in first is the same across the board) but there's room for abuse there.

I assume fuelmodifier only affects the fuel efficiency of gears and not their torque but I didn't test it much

JTT @jtt2

It affects both - torque AND fuel consumption. Ill try variations with first gear. Could be a nice method to make "Grunty, bot not too fast trucks". You can verify my assumption by changing the High Gear Fuel modifier to half or twice the number you see. You will feel the difference. At least I felt it. But I will reinvestigate.

Obiwayne @obiwayne

Fuel modifier really just changes fuel consumption in the respective gear.
Torque comes from engine power. The more there is the more the truck can Pull at higher Süße speeds.
To have a high torque/high speed gearbox start with low AngVel values in the first couple of gears and go up exponentially. More gears def. help here. You can have up to 12

JTT @jtt2

Update: Bugfix for P12 and Buff for P12 integrated - there were two addon collisions and I gave it more grunt at the bottom, as it struggled in Yukon. Testmaps were OK, but "real maps" have their own challenges ;) Thanks for feedback so far. 275K Torque seems to be really adequate, 300K for P16. Unsurprisingly 2/3 more power demand than a medium Truck. As in "real life" and "with real physics".

T0P @t0p

Thanks for the update. Just ran some more tests last night doing in-game missions and very pleased with the results. Excellent work!

JTT @jtt2

Next Update released with Short Logs plus LogLift for the P12 at the same time. Had enough space.

viniciuscredendio @viniciuscredendio

Looks like someone did the homework here hehehe!! Good explanation mate, no one could do it better. Love mods that implement realism instead of more overpower.