iX 8-Slot Semi-Trailer in high/low saddle versions for SnowRunner

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Published by PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 (mod ID: 506846)


As the result of a poll conducted in my Discord (Which you should join btw. Link below), this final console update removes the Camo and Purple skins from the package and also cuts another 100k polys off the model (and fixes some mesh issues from the last update). This leaves us with white, black and orange. By popular vote. I will be putting together a PC package with the original 5 which I may add skins to at some point? Undecided.
Also, Low-end PC users: I left the PC pak in here so you can use this also. Should help if you are experiencing any lag related to my trailers...

Another iX creation. 8 slots of semi goodness!

Come to the Darkside... We have cookies:

KNOWN ISSUES: The trailer doors close when you approach to load a vehicle. Give them a second, or back up and approach again if one stays closed. I have no choice but to assume this is related to the way the game handles physics for unoccupied vehicles. Everything works... just a little quirky.


ix_semi_8_console.zip40.55mbConsole Friendliest

ix_semi_8_lp.zip59.05mbLP 1.0




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TrackOperator @trackoperator

Suspension is very stiff so they have some stability problems, very top heavy and very very difficult to flip back to its wheels. Items did glitch outside the floor boards and made it a mission to repack

Godzilla1098 @godzilla1098

Where is the nintendo switch version

wolfsouthwind @wolfsouthwind

I love the trailers, and they pair beautifully with Delta's Hercules. One thing I would change however, is delete an axle, and move the remaining two further to the rear with the tires slightly bigger. It the axle closest to the nose gets hung up a lot, and occasionally the rear guard does as well. I feel like those changes would help overcome that.

XD00DX001-00 @xd00dx001-00

great mod only issue the ramps will randomly get stuck in the tires, also it might help adding some weight to the tires, so its less top heavy

JDGILL95 @jdgill95

I like your trailers following the addition of new mods/road trucks, but can you please make the legs lift the front higher so when a trucks detach it, the legs ALWAYS reach the ground. When backing up, the trailer is too low... Many thanks in advance, PS4 Subscriber.

jasonglennpulos @jasonglennpulos

This is a wonderful trailer I wish it had a good suspension system on is chin system on it And larger tires Overall works great

gundam0081 @gundam0081

can i give a suggestion to make this even better?? get rid of one axle of wheels at the back, as they get stuck sometimes and make the remaining rear wheels bigger

BigShayne @bigshayne5202

Yesterday's update is on consoles today. Got it subbed. Not taking much ram now. 👍

If you're into it, more suspension travel would be sweet. Little flex for offroad trips. The low saddle trailer is really stiff.

DaBaus98 @dabaus98

Yay more ram reduction hopefully usable with the 3880 now thanks puppy love you 😘

No ****

BigShayne @bigshayne5202

DL'd this the other day, after the 5/21 update, and it was still taking up a ton of ram on my old xbox. Had to unsub because I couldn't activate it.
Glad it's gone through another round of optimising. Will def try again when it's reapproved. 😁

Wish the wreckers could be optimised too. Both of em are amazing trucks that I really miss using.

PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 @puppymaster2

I had this happen on my own XBox with the first optimization update. Had to unsub, clean up and then resub for it to show the first RAM reduction. Hope this helps!

DaBaus98 @dabaus98

Yay ram reduction

Zebra682 @zebra682

а как грузить вручную??????

AmerEaglePA @na3276046

How do you load it manually

polorclaw @polorclaw

Is it possible to make a 16 or 20 slot trailer? I noticed that, for example, the Berliet cargo clips together, could that be done with one of these trailers to increase its capacity? I know it would be OP. I was going to was going to try it myself but figured I'd ask since I really dont know what I'm doing.

sawka64 @sawka64

подвеска скачет как игрушечная, совсем не отрабатывает неровности

polorclaw @polorclaw

Thank you for these trailers they are fantastic. My only request would be a 4 place box trailer for smaller jobs. Maybe a bumper hitch so I can use it behind my 6x6? Or fifth wheel would be fine too. Just no dolly in the front, those hay wagon style trailers are impossible to back up. Thanks again!

rtmjrx @rtmjrx

Love the trailers and Thank you for your hard work. I humbly ask If you could do them in a Sideboard option PLEASE????
I like to see what I have on the trailer and the current 8 spot stepdeck hasn't been working like it used to. Maybe someone thought it was too OP, I don't know, but it feels really heavy, flex's like a noodle and dumps everything if you just breathe on it.
If we could get your trailers in a flatbed or sideboard version, that would be so awesome!!!!
That would be so cool to hook up to an iX 6, 8 or 10 spot sideboard with my iX3880 and have the option of high or low saddle...... I might cream my jeans 🤣🤣🤣🤣
I have a little channel and I would gladly praise your wonderful trailers and how it is so amazing to be able to see the cargo!!!!!
Thank You for everything!
p.s. Drove Semi's for 25 years. Retired now

Desperado1612431493 @desperado1612431493

Could you add lots of marker and clearance lights and mudflaps? Awesome trailer by the way. Thank you

Desperado1612431493 @desperado1612431493

Could you add lots of marker and clearance lights and mudflaps? Awesome trailer bye. Thank you