iX 8-slot "Road Train Ready" Trailer for SnowRunner

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Published by PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 (mod ID: 173992)


People keep asking for a road train, so I made it as possible as it can be for the game's engine. This 8 slot behemoth can go on the winch behind any truck or other trailer, including itself if you're looking for a challenge. 16 slots of concrete slabs will put any truck or driver to task.

As always, special thanks to my team. LoB1325 for his tireless XML massage skills, and Quasimiyao for his endless supply of awesome wheels!

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KNOWN ISSUES: The trailer doors close when you approach to load a vehicle. Give them a second, or back up and approach again if one stays closed. I have no choice but to assume this is related to the way the game handles physics for unoccupied vehicles. Everything works... just a little quirky.



ix_tag8_1_10.4v2.zip96.79mb2.0 (10.4 ready)

ix_tag8_v1.0_public_release.zip81.62mb1.0 Public Release


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tugslawncare @tugslawncare

iam glad to see someone made trailers that hook to each other could you make flat beds to haul logs

wncol2004 @wncol2004

Interesting bug on PC. when trying to winch. Using a long truck with extra long winch cable and hitched to one trailer, I park in front of the 2nd trailer and I can’t winch to it at all. I have to park the hitched trailer beside the unhitched and attempt to winch at that time. Once connected it stays connected.

And the doors snapping shut when I try to load cargo with a crane is irritating. Makes loading with a crane almost impossible.

Solution for now is…..
Pile up cargo I wish to load at the rear of the trailer off to one side and park my crane at the rear of the trailer and only approach using the crane pushing the cargo in.. Sometimes, that works.

Someone else suggested make the roof retractable for loading with a crane.

Black7s3v3n @black7s3v3n

This takes up 90% memory on PS4 Pro. I have no idea why your mods take up more space on my PRO than it did on my Slim. It's literally 96.8Mb. Crazy.

rtmjrx @rtmjrx

First... Love you work! I think I have the complete Ix series. The 3880 is awesome!
Now for the but.... I was using a single Road Train trailer on some mildly rough terrain (dips and twisty angles) and the dolly kept turning sideways and getting jammed under the trailer.
The whole hitch (still attached to my truck) was glitching through the bottom of the trailer. I would detach and put the win line on it to pull it back straight. It would not come out, and then (as I continued to pull) the trailer would start freaking out and doing cartwheels 50 feet in the air. If my truck was still attached to it, it would go along for the ride!
When it got done freaking out and landed somewhere, I could go get it (might have to flip it back on the wheels) then attach to it. Might have to pull the dolly around straight to get on the hitch but at least it is not glitched through the bottom of the trailer now.
Not a single incident either. Also did the same thing trying to back up. The dolly just wads up under trailer instead of the trailer moving in reverse. I tried locking the dolly, didn't help. It stays straight until you have to maneuver in reverse, axle deep in mud.

Thanks for your wonderful work and for taking the time to read this whole thing!

Ristow @ristow

i think i'm little dumb, how i do the road train? i need this one that is not attached to a saddle 2x? or attach it on another trailer that you made?

rtmjrx @rtmjrx

You can attach the first one to the truck using the pintle hitch just like any Dolly equipped or small trailer. The second one you have to attach it with the winch line. There is no pintle hitch on the rear of these trailers! To be realistic.... The first trailer should be attached to the fifth wheel (like any normal semi-trailer) then each trailer has a pintle hitch for the trailer behind it to attach to.
He would have to make a lead trailer with a fifth wheel attachment, then trailers to follow with the Dolly/Pintle Hitch attachment.

SnejkuAkaWezu @snejkuakawezu

I had a problem with the trailer on xbox. The ramps ejected downward when i entered another region.
It was packed with 8 cellulose(from Black Badger Lake to Grainwoods River).
BTW could you add an option to remove the top from trailer? :D

bloo5799 @bloo5799

love this idea! i really like to stockpile all of my resources at the garage before completing the missions so i can load trailers up from there and complete the missions in a different way! this is great for those heavy stockpile loads! do you think you will add a street tire version?

KHthe8th @khthe8th

This trailer always seems like a good idea but is usually the bane of my existence. Any chance to make a version of this that connects to high saddle? The existing 7 slot high saddle trailer you have is such an uneven number

PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 @puppymaster2
KHthe8th @khthe8th

wow I don't know how I missed this, I thought I had looked through all your other mods. Thanks!

Redneck78 @purebredredneck-inhe

This is not wanting to work anymore keep getting told not enough memory, ony when trying to active this mod

Leader2010 @leader2010

Hallo und herzlichen dank für den tolle mod

Frage wäre es möglich dem mod eine plato/pritschen Variante ein zu fügen um in besser beladen zu können z.b. mit dem kran.

Gruß leader2010

molokan31 @molokan31

День добрый!
Отмечу только два плюса: при перевороте, груз не выпадает и цепляется абсолютно ко всему.
Из минусов : что для меня гороздо важнее в игре, не каждый транспорт(из модов) может его тащить, особенно гружённый плитами.
П.С. Пришлось менять конфиг машин на тягу мотора и коробки(оффлайн). При этом это лучшая работа из всех!

При этом хотелось бы попросить автора, рассмотреть такой вариант, как создание вторго яруса по принципу платформы эвакуатора (16 мест всего, чисто для грузов). Так же хотелось бы попросить добавить поворотную ось по середине прицепа для лучшей маневренности. Есть идия для создания роспуска для брёвен и отдельно подкатной тележки. Такие фишки, как двери или приближение к реальности меня не интересуют, куда гораздо важнее, получать удовольствие от игры с использованием данного мода!


Extremly usefull for the Yukon. I have two requests. 1. Do a Highway version with tires that don't extend out on the side of the trailer and 2. do a version for the high saddle without the dolly please. Aside from that 10/10 mod. 👍

ba2017gg @ba2017gg

Puppy Master - please remove my video from the content page on this one immediately as well.

DannyE30 @dannye30

Needs smaller tires for street setup

Claudiacrdp @claudiacrdp

Mercedes 1313 ou Scania 112 nosso famoso maçarico no Brasil, séria um caminhao interessante para o jogo

RobsGotAGun @robsgotagun

Tip: You can Load 16 CARGO if you use the TH Forklift and Push 8 on Top of the 8 Already Packed!!!!

ecmo6499 @thebluecon

so 32 total if you do the road train? that sounds like a slow drive