iX 0.65 "Mini-Monster" for SnowRunner

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Published by PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 (mod ID: 165355)


Vehicles parts are coded for ease in equipping the truck for the gameplay experience you prefer.
V = Vanilla (Base game comparable experience)
SE = Special Edition (What most people expect from modded truck. Definite step up from vanilla. Definite step down from OP.
OP = Over-powered (Exactly how it sounds. Don't use the OP equipment and then come at me about "This truck isn't realistic")

Dubbed the "Apache Killer" in my Discord (which you should join by the way, I'll link it below), this wildly capable 6x6 has a trailer hitch, an animated ATV platform (cargo slot), Bed supplies for repairing/refueling, and a wide range of customization options to help you try to get a look you want, or at least can be happy enough with. Vanilla drive train options exist for those of you who like a challenge. I can confirm it is no more OP than the Apache in stock configuration. I actually ran out of fuel trying to pull a loaded trailer around the Summer Proving Grounds lol. Naturally, it's an iX build at heart though, so you will find your usual ridiculously OP options in the shop as well. As always, All Glory to the LoB1325 for his XML Massage Therapy.

The Discord link as promised:


An exclusive set of wheels not found anywhere else courtesy of Quasimiyao
Animated Engine
Opening Hood so you can see the above feature
Working tailgate
ATV Platform with working ramps (acts as a cargo slot but hauls Frog's Renegade REALLY nicely)
Working repair/refueling supplies (Disappear as they are used up
Custom sound set to match the miniature ISX-15 Cummins (from an actual ISX-15)
And of course all of the basic features a truck should have like mirrors (Special thanks to Poghrim for teaching me the mirror magic!)

Known Issues:

Gauges aren't animated yet. But they are at least visible in 1st person so we're already leaps and bounds ahead of the last one.
There may be a dead spot in the custom sound set in the cockpit view. It comes and goes. It's my first sound set so I expect to have to make a few more adjustments to get it just perfect.
The scout's "Balanced Crane Socket" may not be quite touching the roof. IDK, I was kind of digging for a 3rd one to round out the list.

Anticipated Updates:

Addressing the aforementioned "known issues"
More interior detail. It's "ok" right now, but I want excellent.

That's it for now. Enjoy!!

Update Log:
11.16: PATCH 10 IS FINALLY LIVE!! Enjoy my Puggle, Snuffles, as a hood ornament!
10.25: Still waiting for patch 10 to go live so I can flip the switch on these new updates. Like this one which brings SNUFFLES!! I modeled one of my dogs and made her into a hood ornament. Maybe a bobble head soon.
10.10: Updating with a new package. This new package ONLY works on the PTS right now, so it won't be the primary until the patch goes live. It was prepped (packed) there to prepare for the launch of console mods. It brings fully adjustable ramps to the ATV bed.
10.6: LoB gave the rigs a really nice texture polishing with his excellent XML skills. I also had Quasi whip me up some Double and Triple wheel sets. Don't ask, but I will say it was requested. If you thought this thing was a beast before, get ready for FULL BEAST MODE! Enjoy the beauty and foolishness at the same time!





ix_0.65v11.1.zip203.65mbPatch 11.1

ix_0.65v11.0.zip203.65mbPatch 11.0

ix_0.65_pts_10.4_v2.zip187.24mb10.4 v2 PTS ONLY

ix_0.65_pts_10.3pak.zip154.42mbPTS ONLY 10.3


ix_0.65_public_release_v1.0.zip75.68mb1.0 Public Release


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S_W_T @s-w-t

Does this have gooseneck capability?

dbws6420 @dbws6420

Hey dude i love this truck!! So badass but one little request could you possibly make the 39 and 40 inch tires work with the active suspension? Im pretty new to snowrunner game and i plan on using this scout ur ix 3880 for the entire game and this would be helpful love your work so badass cant wait to see whats next :))

BKT(Tractor)tires @bkt-tractor-tires

please update add tractor tires mud fast drive

Jimisabastard @jimisabastard

Would like to see a full size version some time down the line

Anthonyking997 @anthonyking997

Hate this mod 🤬


X4milosz @x4milosz

And why are you writing this? Keep opinions about this mod to yourself.

Anthonyking997 @anthonyking997

Lol **** your self bud don’t get yo panties in a knot lil bitch just like the truck is 😂


greybushness86 @greybushness86

Great truck, just limited on what you can do with it, will there be future upgrades for more bed options

jacobdaviddavis @jacobdaviddavis

Why is it go kart sized? It’s cab is half the size of the iX Wrecker. It’s quite small... like too small

riisky @risky10

Nah... I think you're just a midget

jacobdaviddavis @jacobdaviddavis

Update. It literally fits inside the dump bed of the iX wrecker. These 2 trucks should have been the same size? Is there a reason it’s so tiny?

PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 @puppymaster2

Because it's a custom build? Literally though. Built to the blueprints of a custom truck one of my customers was never able to finish due to infirmity. I mean, it's name the 0.65 Mini Monster.... It's all right there in the name lol

jlange_21e @jlange-21e

When logged on after the latest updates I had to buy my motor n transmission and suspension. Anybody else have this happen to them?

PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 @puppymaster2

Pretty much everyone should have had that happen. In order to combat potential conflicts between my trucks, this truck got an extremely thorough UI string update. And since all those names were changed, the spawn in version would technically have no engine/gearbox/winch/suspension etc installed anymore

Jennifer200018 @jennifer200018

Its OP i like it!

firestar35117 @firestar35117

I love this truck its become my main scout vehicleas well as using in the contracks

BrighterEel93 @brightereel93

I made this go supersonic

LeTwingoLord @letwingolord

on xbox, it seems this isn’t compatible with the ix wrecker, if it was someone else’s mod, I wouldn’t care, but whenever I have the wrecker and this enabled, it crashes

PuppyMaster_aka_DW77 @puppymaster2

Hoping this latest update will make them play together better... Let me know!

RobsGotAGun @robsgotagun

Try Deleting/Disable some other Mods, You may have too many Truck mods or Trailer Packs LeTwingoLord