[IR] Yerf Dog 3203 for SnowRunner

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Published by TnB_invalidredneck (mod ID: 133312)


If I or any of my friends find ANY trace of my mods stolen and/or tweaked, and re-uploaded, I WILL HAVE IT TAKEN DOWN





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hipal @hipal

could we "make it better" if the put all of the credits going back to u the official creator

jakesprettygreat @jakesprettygreat

where do i get this in game? its not in my truck store :(

TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck

go to mods from main menu

patrickc8675 @patrickc8675

can we get an attachment that plays music from initial D for when im sliding around on the alaskan airstrip

mamadai4ik @mamadai4ik
Tazmanyak @tazmanyak

I love this little bug.
Sadly, it currently has no purpose at all in current game.
But with modded maps coming, im sure someone will one day release a dirt race track where it will shine :)

RXGameFrame @na2239066
ElfVierzehn @elevenfourteen1

Is it possilbe to drive mod vehicles on the standard map already or still just in those 2 test maps?

RXGameFrame @na2239066


TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck

Yes. Have the mods enabled and purchase them in truck store

billybilly7711 @billybilly7711

This thing is the greatest. We need a little cart track somewhere! Keep it up! Where do you learn to mod? I have a little experience in 3d modeling but no clue after that. Id love to make a Honda Odyssey(the original) with a 2stroke rotax!

DaddyWarbus @daddywarbus

OMG this is the best as far as silly sh*t goes! When I get time I'm going to load up a truck and drop a bunch of these off all over the place. First up: the ice patch on Pedro Bay!

goodtogoace @goodtogoace

LOL author creates a mod for a game that openly welcomes creativity within the community, then author tells everyone to not be creative with the mod because it's proprietary for some egomaniacal reason. i don't think you understand modding.

parkerbethke @parkerbethke

How hard is to realize that someone doesn’t want their hard work slightly modified reposted as someone else’s credit? Us REAL modders (not vanilla truck tweakers) put upwards of 20-70 hours into a mod and upload it for the community to use. And that’s Not enough? People want to take our work and tweak it and call it their own, or an “edit”. How about appreciating the work that we do, because all we get is crap about tire grip values for god sakes.

TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck

I don't understand modding? Excuse me? 99% of the listings for this game are 5 minute code tweaks of the vanilla game trucks. When a true mod creator puts hours of 3D modeling, rigging, texture mapping and detailing work into a vehicle, that content is best left original and authentic to the creator.

Would you be too happy to see your model taken, and reuploaded by a random individual, who only made a few changes to your existing tunes and expects to take the credit for it all? I'm fine with somebody tweaking, but when it's reuploaded without direct permission?

If I don't understand modding, then I'd absolutely love to see you try your hand at producing actual content such as this, and not be disappointed to see somebody else take credit for your hard work. Had that happen last week, never mentioned my name in title, description, or even messaged me before-hand.

wasptube1 @wasptube1

It's cute, rubbish off-road, but fun to play with.

kenulinsitha @kenulinsitha


KingFate20 @kingfate20

Absolutely love it. However when I switch to first person the throttle sounds stay at what they were in third person. (Permanent full throttle or permament Idle, no sound if the engine is off when

DaddyWarbus @daddywarbus

I had this happen too but when I switched view back and forth a couple times it fixed it.