[IR] Gooseneck Trailer Pack for SnowRunner

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Published by TnB_invalidredneck (mod ID: 597744)


UPDATE 10/12/21 - Log trailers now pack logs without "free the logs tweak"

Upon popular request by the community, my gooseneck trailers pack includes a variety of logging and flatbed gooseneck trailers. This also includes the fifth wheel hitch addon. Compatible with mods that have the install socket and all vanilla game trucks that use the low saddle. Feel free to make this work with your mod. All I ask is to credit me in the description.

(AddonSocket Name="Semitrailer" or AddonSocket Name="DodgeRamGooseneck")

(AddonSocket Name="DodgeRamFifthWheelHitch" for the hitch)

  • Normal flatbed gooseneck, dual axle: 4 cargo slots
  • Lifted flatbed gooseneck, dual axle: 4 cargo slots
  • Long flatbed gooseneck, triple axle: 6 cargo slots
  • Medium log trailer, dual axle: Medium logs
  • Long log trailer, triple axle: Long logs

BFG A/T Tires by Dubz

Thanks to Puppymaster for some help

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If I find ANY trace of my mods stolen and/or tweaked, and re-uploaded, I WILL HAVE IT TAKEN DOWN. Thank you for understanding

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Vigil207 @vigil207

Switch Approved!

Cheakins @cheakins

How do you download mods?

elijahbean1010 @elijahbean1010

you to the eshop & you go to the free one and then use your email.

KingOppx @kingoppx

I been using this trailer pack since it was first released. It’s my Go-To. Sadly, it’s not on new gen Xbox. Please add it! At this point there’s about 2 trucks total that you can use a gooseneck with. People keep making new mods, adding your gooseneck pack as a option yet there isn’t any of your goosenecks on new gen. Please help us get out of this revolving cycle on new gen!

Hoke_Customs @hoke-customs

Greetings. Im currently adding compatibility for various gooseneck trailer packs in an update for one of my mods. Of course, due to Saber's refusal to add a common gooseneck hitch to the game, the four packs im adding all use different hitches. I would like to use your hitch for at least three of the packs, but I cannot find a way of doing that without including multiple variants of your hitch with my mod, which itself presents the issue of requiring the fbx and xml files for the mesh for the hitch (as far as I can tell, the important file instructions are stated in the mesh xml file, not the addon xml file, and I cannot access the mesh xml), and I would understand if you are hesitant to just give them to me.

Do you know of a way of using a parent/reference argument in an xml file in my mod that refers to either the addon xml file or the mesh files from your mod without having to include them in my mod?

TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck

Hoke_Customs have you tried including AddonSocket Name="DodgeRamFifthWheelHitch" in the addons for your mod? You shouldn't need to do anything extra. If you need multiple socket names for the hitch to work for your mod pack you can just copy the hitch classes xml out of this mod, paste it into your mod and make multiple copies with different socket names if needed. All will direct to the same FBX of course. From the way you explained it that's what I assume you're trying to do

dobu030 @dobu030

Hmm i need buy pc *** im console playorrrr ahhhhhhh

Randal84 @randal84

Not sure what’s going on, I’m new to the mod community here, I have a Series X. Says online it’s available but It doesn’t show up on the mod browser in the game.

xOUTLAW44x @xoutlaw44x

Still hoping that this will get the next gen treatment. It been my go to trailer pack since it came to console but since the next gen upgrade my game feels way to empty with out it.

SinPaq @sinpaq

Is this coming to Nintendo switch?

CDNXKuSh420 @cdnxkush420

Please update this for next gen. Hands down one of the best trailer pack mods!

WhitlowJJCJH @whitlowjjcjh

I'm new to using mods. If I subscribe to use a mod on my console and use it for gameplay...that's not stealing right? I'm not even playing with other people

MeowForTheWin @meowforthewin

Oh heck no, they are putting these out for players to use. Subscribing to it is essentially downloading it then you just choose to enable it or not for whatever map you’re playing

Godzilla1098 @godzilla1098

Where is the nintendo switch version of this mod

Andrewbarone89 @andrewbarone89

Need this for the series S/X

lNOVAl @nova95

Hey red will there be a next gen update for the trailer pack cuz I play on the series x but I have the mod on the Xbox one version I would love to you’s this mod again

LOCOCANADIAN @lococanadian

TnB_invalidredneck some has stolen and re-upload this mod to the mod hub modder tag nick12 something just a heads up

NC10 @nc101

TnB_invalidredneck can you make it for nintendo switch

AlexvanBee @alexvanbee

Czy sa naczepy ze skretnymi osiami?

Nickyyyy_32 @nickyyyy-32

great can you put on switch please