[IR] Bull-400 Crawler for SnowRunner

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TnB Customs Presents: Bull-400 Crawler by invalidredneck (console compatible)

>>PC version of this mod<<

The style is dying within this community. I don't really know how many more mods I'll make for this game so I reckon the last or close to last one be my best work. I could write a book but honestly BeamNG is where it's at. There's also not a good amount of modders doing crawlers like this (or trail maps). All I see over and over are a few semi's, monster trucks, basic pickups, and some small stuff that you can barely do anything with. I get it, the game is about deliveries, but so were the two games behind it. Those modders made them good for crawling, but they're not here anymore. They moved on. If you as a modder are looking for some inspiration or idea for work, try your hand at something like this. You don't have to copy me part for part but you also don't need to reinvent the wheel. As for trail maps I suggest using dubz's rock pack. You can find it on, follow the instructions on how to install it

Experimental: Regular suspension has been static in co-op since the game released 2 years ago and they still haven't fixed it, MudRunner and SpinTires never had this issue. Collision (cdt) axles allow the vehicle's axles to collide with objects. This also enables fully synchronous suspension animation for the vehicle in co-op. A typical suspension doesn't have this capability. I hope this will help bring some newfound realistic light into the game for people that love wheeling, and other modders take this approach aswell. It's somewhat difficult to set up, but I think it should become standard for all dedicated crawlers and basic trail rigs. I can't be the only one that can't stand seeing the suspension not moving on their friend's crawler going down the trail. If you as a 3DS Max mod maker have a proper rig already set up and you want to set it up with collision axles, hit me up on discord and I may consider walking you through it.


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If I find ANY trace of my mods stolen and/or tweaked, and re-uploaded, I WILL HAVE IT TAKEN DOWN. Thank you for understanding

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schum198217 @schum198217

BRAAAPPLYFE @braaapplyfe

Mannn wtf ... what jeep is front wheel drive . Killed it for me . Love the realism in the driving but it judt floats above the ground not even throwing mud .. the traction ****** sucks to . . .waste time into adding different doors and ******* windows ..make it right

TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck
Adamod1989 @adamod1989

Your mods are amazing, appreciate all the time and effort you put into them. Keep up the good work

TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck


Jason_Kingg @jason-kingg

I really love your mods for SnowRunner is it possible to make some Step-Side trucks like the rest of these Trucks?

wolfsouthwind @wolfsouthwind

I actually wish there was more modders who put the work into CDT axles and the amount detail you put into your suspensions. Just watchin' it crawl over terrain, and seeing all the linkage work is awesome. If I could get my '97 Ram Club with CDT's and suspension like the Bull's, I'd never use another scout again. Lol

TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck

Very few people comment on or even care about suspension detail. I appreciate it

BoostedGT @boostedgt

I care but it's pointless saying anything as you just get abused on here 🤘

DeLove @delove

If mod info had the amount of memory it took on consoles would be awesome. I cry every time I find a good mod, low storage but high memory. Its hurts. =(

ExtremeSheep598 @extremesheep598

Hey red, love the mods, really make the game fun and they kick ***. I don't know what projects you got planned but Is it possible one day to make a console friendly 89 ram 250 cummins? Thank you

LibertyMods @libertymods

he's already made one from that era it's the DE-250 pickup by him. it's console friendly

QTheGoat1@3 @qthegoat13

TNB I really appreciate you for adding this mod to the Nintendo Switch. You did your thing when it came to giving the community what they wanted. I really appreciate it. I'm going to be very sad since you are going to stop making mods. I'm pretty sure everyone in this community is going to be sad. Boy I tell you when switch releases mods I'm going to be using this mod like crazy. You got some serious skill.

ashtonirby53 @ashtonirby53

could u ever do a cateye plz man also love th emod

Tacodrew @tacodrew

This mod absolutely perfect, the way it crawls and stuff makes it feel realistic! Would love to see you make a 2nd Gen tacoma for all the Toyota fans !

TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck


DOD6ECUMMINS07 @dod6ecummins07

Whats ur next project?

QTheGoat1@3 @qthegoat13

TNB is the death punch going to be on switch? The Ford Power Stroke.

CumminsLover89 @yourmom26

Most likely not, he's kinda done with snowrunner as far as most know

QTheGoat1@3 @qthegoat13

TnB. You do a great job with mods. I really like this jeep yj crawler. I play on Nintendo Switch. So That mod is not available yet. Could you do us switch players a favor and try to add a jeep yj crawler for the switch. And don't get me wrong the other mods you make are good also. I am very excited that snow runner has finally added switch mods. Please and thank you. Keep up the good work on the mods. You top 5 fasho.

TnB_invalidredneck @tnb-invalidredneck

Thanks. Idk if there are any mods at all available for switch already but I uploaded files for it. Now its just up to them to approve it

QTheGoat1@3 @qthegoat13

Thanks for responding, I hope they allow this mod for switch.