International Transtar 4070TS by B-Man for SnowRunner

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Published by B-Man17 (mod ID: 657236)



So since this was the very first truck I tweaked for this game, it was kind of put on the back burner for a while. Some issues came up with it for me to fix. And since I have some more tweaking experience now than I did when I first made this one, not only did I fix the issues I was told about, I decided to redo the whole truck to bring it up to the same level as my newer truck tweaks I've done. So heres what I have fixed and improved...

+ =Added

* =Fixed or updated

= =Unchanged

* Fixed an issue where most semi trailers were "fixed" to the truck and were unable to turn on the saddle.

* Made it possible to have the log crane installed with a long log bunk or a low saddle.

* Slightly increased the fuel capacity

+ Added the tweaked tires that I used on my WS 4964 Custom and anniversary trucks.

+ Added log carrier frame addons

+ Added a roof rack option since I had to remove the spare tire because of the extra axle.

+ Added rooftop spotlights

+ Many more color options

= Additional bumpers from the International Navistar





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DemonicChaosXIII @demonicchaosxiii

On console now, problem is when i have the small cargo and saddle low. I have absolutely no trailer turning. Its stiff to truck.

B-Man17 @b-man17

Ok all updated and tested on my ps4. Seems to be fixed now

B-Man17 @b-man17

Yeah I wasnt expecting THIS one to hit consoles with some of the things i still have fix on it. This one is definitly on my fix-it list right now. It was the first truck I ever tried tweaking, so it needs some serious updating anyways. Especially now that I have some more experience with tweaking trucks.

#Err @err2

Dude if you have an xlm file of this mod then go into it and search for middle axle and then make the torque and the ui torque to full. then the middle axle will be live. That's the way how I tweaked derry longhorn 3194

B-Man17 @b-man17

Oh its a live one. You just dont see a physical axle there yet. Just the wheels.

Eddywu @eddywu

My other 2 request include the 10x10 Dramis D150T
And the Tractomas 10x10

May need to to rebrand them to get onto consoles.
Look forward to seeing something.
Peace and good day to you

B-Man17 @b-man17

Unfortunately, I havent figured out how to convert or make new trucks yet. Right now, I just know how to tweak existing trucks that are in the game already. Sorry if I wasnt too clear on that.

Eddywu @eddywu

No worries. I understood that clearly .
Good luck to you.

Eddywu @eddywu

Very nice.
I have some request.
The first is the 10x10 cabover over truck

DJ_Sukoi @dj-sukoi

OMF this i what i was asking for on the discord thanks man

B-Man17 @b-man17

Believe it or not. I saw that post you left on the discord. So I decided to give it a shot. :)

DJ_Sukoi @dj-sukoi

Hey i love the mod and have already put quite a bit of hours on it. Its great, no issue to report what so ever, but could you add more bumpers, like the ones from the navistar 5000? And maybe a few skins or parts that suit the truck?
Thanks again, you didn't have to make this mod, but you did, and I'm thankful for it.