International Superstar for SnowRunner

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Published by RanicoX (mod ID: 136135)


Updated April 2021:

Recently returned to the game after a long break, only to find that most trucks can't haul logs for crap. Then I remembered this one. Now it hauls logs. Cheers.


So I find myself not using the P16 or P12 much at all even though I think both are really cool in their own ways.

This mod is an effort to distill some of the distinctive character of those two trucks onto the Paystar chassis.

The Superstar is meant to be a lumbering beast of a truck with the weight, tires, and engines to match while being on a shorter wheelbase platform than the P12 and keeping many of the functionalities of the Paystar.

Its not the fastest, and it will tip fairly easily, the steering radius can suck at times, but its got the bounce and feel of a big lumbering giant and yet can be useful for way more missions.

Both the high and low suspensions are intended to be used depending on what you're doing with it, don't just default to the high.

The minicrane is located off the back, I like that in other mods since the stock cranes can't really place in trailers worth a ****, at least this way you can load a trailer with more ease.

A bit of a work in progress on the tuning of the weight/suspension behavior still, will likely tweak it in next version after I've used it for a few hours.




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johnburns936jb @johnburns936jb

Your 2 most powerful engines on the truck cannot and will not move the damn truck from a standstill and that make the truck completely unplayable PLEASE FIX IMMEDIATELY.

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

I couldn’t get the truck to move at all on summer proving grounds. Unfortunately don’t remember the setup I had, when I get home I’ll update the comment with what I’m having issues with

Maine_MudRunner @maine-mudrunner

Welcome to Console 🤘

YKMini @ykmini

Thanks for the update, I have been using this for a long time.

barefoot-bob @barefoot-bob

This is my favorite mod truck ! it is a BEAST on Yukon . while still keeping to game parameters . I pulled the dump truck mission with IT! help? i didn'T NEED NO STINKING HELP ! lol

ballardtravis @ballardtravis

Please update! Great mod! I use it all of the time. Thanks!!!

aitorgallastegui @aitorgallastegui

Me gusta tu trabajo ahora se puede competir con los camiones rusos.

paulcwyuen @paulcwyuen

Everytime I use this mod trying to move from North Port to Mountain River the game crashes. Any clues?

nicklevenson01 @nicklevenson01

THANK YOU!!!! finally a US truck that can compete, INVALUABLE truck and thank you for your work! Cheers!

barefoot-bob @barefoot-bob

A good compliment to this truck is the MOD " White Tune" while not as powerful as this beast it is awesome. No Russia trucks, All the other western star Mods pale in comparison. I don't like using the Russian stuff all that much .

YKMini @ykmini

Thanks for this. Its frustrating that the base game has no US trucks that can really handle all the mud that the game is centred around. Take a look at oilfield patch trucks and will see plenty with big mud tires options. I mean only 2 US trucks even have mud tires in game! I am loving this truck, not as big as the P12 but similar usability. "Its meant to big a big lumbering beast" mission accomplished! great work

warrior993 @warrior993

Loving this mod! If i could only pick one mod this would be it! so enjoyable to use! I would love if you could increase the fuel capacity to something around 350 liters. Thanks again for this awesome mod!!!

RanicoX @ranicox

350 is a bit much... But 240 was a bit low. 280L seems like a good compromise. I am not a believer in unlimited fuel and not having to worry about using fuel trailers etc... Its a part of the game and sometimes it can be a fun aspect. Also, use try using Highrange and toggle AWD off to conserve fuel.

warrior993 @warrior993

True, overpowered mods can really take away from the experience. I definitely need to work on switching AWD off and on more often! Thank you so much again for your work on the mod. Combined three average trucks into something very useful and enjoyable!

warrior993 @warrior993

Very well done! Enjoying this mod a ton!

aitorgallastegui @aitorgallastegui

buen ytrabajo

tarsis31 @tarsis31

I *hated* the Paystar. This however, I kinda like. It's not a bouncy, wheedy engined waste of fuel. Thanks.

laloe77 @laloe77

Lo probare :)