International Paystar 5070 by 1nsane for SnowRunner

Released (updated ago). Ranked 877 of 6,595 with 46,983 (2 today) downloads

Published by dc_1nsane (mod ID: 179434)


Added raised suspension, fully finetuned. Much better wheel travel and ground contact. Added almost every wheel options in the game. Added some bumpers and exhausts. Will add more in the future.

  • Added 5 additional suspensions, Medium and High in 1 cargo edition and 1 much softer "rockcrawler" edition and 1 mini crane version
  • Added almost ALL tire options from the basegame, YAR 87, Tayga, Voron, Kolob, Cat, Tatra, Hummer, Apache etc. in sizes 45", 50", 55"
  • Increased grip on all surfaces for ALL Mud Tires and all mud tires are now studded for increased grip on Icy surfaces.
  • Added 7 bumper sets. 34+ bumpers
  • Added 5 exhaust sets 18+ exhausts
  • Increased fuel capacity and reduced fuel consumption (50%)
  • Tweaked center of gravity for raised suspension (nothing overpowered)
  • 2 more engine options (20% and 30% more power)
  • Fixed FuelTank addon, now has decreased weight, to be in line with other cargo's
  • Custom winches with 3x the range and 2x the power of the default winch
  • Additional Autonomous winch
  • Added Scout Trailer Hitch
  • Added both Tow Platforms
  • Added Tatra Crane
  • Added single flatbed and other bed
  • Added small Maintenance and Tank addons from Tuz Aceton
  • All added wheels, bumpers and exhaust are available at Rank1

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  • Add more cosmetics
















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BigShayne @bigshayne5202

Love the mod. Great suspensions and the extra bumper options are cool.
Why soooo many tires tho? All those options slow down the entire customizing menu. Even more than Saber did recently trying to stop the money cheats.
Why not just remove everything except the mud category? There's tires from each group in the mud tire section and all of them ignore ice and have improved pavement grip. Why would anyone choose a set from the other categories?

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

I enjoy this tweak a lot cause of how good the suspension reacts. My only gripe with it is there’s just to many tire options as I play on console and the scroll is so extremely slow, other than that great work with this truck man 🤘🏼

dc_1nsane @dc-1nsane

Good to hear you enjoy the truck. Regarding the tire selection, there isnt much I can do about that, on PC we can just the mouse to scroll so it isnt an issue there. Maybe the devs can add on option to scroll faster in the menu for consoles.

Deathmetalpits @bdarling997

Yeah sure would appreciate them for that lol. Still use your truck regardless.

Wizzard_73 @wizzard-73

Would totally buy the Paystar again if this was a console mod! Love the truck. Engine and transmission are what I expect from this truck, but the original tips over so easily!

So being able to add a modded version with different wheel/tire options is a step in the best direction!

Keep you the good work! I’ve seen your other mods here and like those too. Appreciate you and especially your descriptions.

dc_1nsane @dc-1nsane


aliksa1605492887 @aliksa1605492887

يركب المود على السوني

appie_rs @appie-rs

Love the mod , but i only have one engine to choose , would make the engine make more torque and horsepower and extra gears in the gearbox would be nice too :P

dc_1nsane @dc-1nsane

Currently it has the stock Paystar engine options, which is only one. I will adding 2-3 engines in the near future. I would have to look into gears, can't make any promises there.

Thanks for the feedback

MrBusses @mrbusses

Has potential. when hauling cargo it feels underpowered in the mud even with the biggest mud tires it just slow. I would also lower and stiffen the cargo suspension as it like to lean and tip. the rockcrawler is fun

dc_1nsane @dc-1nsane

Engine is stock Paystar, the Paystar never was very fast. However I will be adding some engine options in the near future. About the suspension, it is indeed a balancing act between stiffness and height, higher suspension will make it topheavy, I have already offset this somewhat by lowering the center of mass, however, I dont want to over do it, as this mod is meant to be "balanced" in terms of gameplay. Additionally, some tires are wider then others give more stability. Sadly the suspension simulation is really basic, limiting our options. I will be adding another suspension option which will be slighty lower and stiffer. This will however limit the suspension travel.

Thanks for the feedback!

dc_1nsane @dc-1nsane

Let me know if you encounter any issues!