International Loadstar 1800 for SnowRunner

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Published by RashDecision (mod ID: 134148)


The International Loadstar is a vehicle designed with one purpose: To be a much larger truck disguised as a pickup. This idea has not left the mind of manufactures; case-in-point are trucks such as the Ford F-550 and RAM 5500. The Loadstar 1700 was designed to be a towing vehicle capable of many roles in Agriculture, Industry, and public service. This mod seeks to add the next step in the product line, the Loadstar 1800, to the game in a tasteful way to serve as a re-balance of the 1700. The truck only ask a few extra dollars over the 1700 for that extra heft it brings to the table. Just don't ask any questions about that weird "Loadstar 1700" badge on the hood. We had to trade out the entire hood because of a logging accident a few years ago, and all they had in stock were 1700 hoods. Don't worry about it.

The International Loadstar 1800 came with higher GVWR, a beefier engine option, a larger fuel tank, and a few other goodies. These have been translated into the mod for use in SnowRunner. Those changes include:

- Notably heavier frame and chassis. Stability improvements have been made in addition.

- Access to the Westline V6 2350T as a new beefcake engine option.
Note: This engine must be found in the world just as it would for other trucks.

- An increase to 220 litres of fuel.

- Reworked suspension; offering two options in Towing and Offroad.
Using the crane with the new Towing suspension works wonderfully, allowing the 1800 to completely lift items and smaller scouts off the ground without kneeling.
*Note: The Offroad suspension unlocks at level 8. Locating the Loadstar 1700's Raised suspension does not override this.

- With the change to a true Heavy Scout, Heavy tires have been switched for the paltry and small tire offerings from the 1700:
Highway: HMD-series
Allterrain: ATMD-series; ATHS I
Off-Road: OHD-series; OHS I, OHS II
Mudtires: MHS-series
Chained: MHS I; OHD II

You read that correctly, it has an option for mud tires!

- Access to Medium Winches
Who needs an autonomous winch when you have a miniature crane welded to the front of your pickup?

- Access to a new medium-duty Low Saddle and specialized Gooseneck trailer.
That's right, we built a (mostly) aluminum-alloy 4-unit gooseneck trailer just for this truck's 5th wheel. Bad news is, the thing doesn't connect to other trucks' saddles, and the 1800's hitch can't connect to other trailers. It would probably overload even the towing suspension if it did, though.




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Doomazz @doomazz

Possibility of getting permission from the guy who made the military loadstar to use the service cab he made for his? it has 600 repair and fuel as well.

billbo12001 @billbo12001

i cant seem to get it to attach to any of the bigger trailers could u make this so not the artics just the maintenance and fuel carriers

RashDecision @rashdecision

It is entirely possible. I will give a look into this.

shbtfrsfxrhbtg @shbtfrsfxrhbtg

Really nice little mod you have here. Any chance for a roof rack addon or would that be too OP in your eyes?

RashDecision @rashdecision

I did consider this. It is on my plate as a possibility. The only reason I didn't do it up front is because the idea seems impractical from a logistic standpoint, 'How does one reach it?' However, I may have an idea.

billbo12001 @billbo12001

also how about some 44 MSH's on this badboy

RashDecision @rashdecision

I did play with making the wheels larger. The front wheels are the reason this truck can't do bigger than 41". The bumper gets in the way for anything larger than 41" when turning. Wider wheels like the MSH tires clip into the leaf springs and the bumper when turning. What is there is about as far 'dontworryaboutit' as I'm willing to go; I wanted the truck to look as stock as possible while seamlessly upgrading it. That being said, I have considered the option of making them an option only available with the Offroad suspension, so that the extra clearance is available.

billbo12001 @billbo12001

i like it is there any chance you could tweek the ingame cranes to match the lift power of yours

RashDecision @rashdecision

So actually I didn't modify the crane itself on this truck. This one is just abnormally powerful for its size. I have given consideration to this idea, though, because the base cranes are kind of underpowered. I do understand the balancing, though - bigger cranes for bigger jobs, etc.

billbo12001 @billbo12001

ahhh no worries yeh the base cranes suck i work construction and i know that a crane similer to the us mini crane should be able to pick up most things in the game