International Loadstar 1700 Special for SnowRunner

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Published by RanicoX (mod ID: 134713)


This is a mod in progress with a few more things planned for it, namely a single cargo slot bed. I like the 1700 in stock form, but I like this a bit more, the capability to tow trailers gives it a bit more mission functionality and bridges the gap between scout and offroader.

That said, it has a number of improvements over the stock 1700, with the added capability to tow trailers.

Raised & tuned suspensions.

Revised engine options.

Roof rack options to carry extra fuel and parts.

Tayga & Scout wheels added and adjusted to suit the 1700.

V. 1.0.1. Adds a useable single position sideboard box!

Special thanks to emilhetty for creating the sideboard box mesh & files!





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samow123 @samow123

love the mod. one problem tho. it burs fuel just siting there with motor off

RanicoX @ranicox

Look in the pak file, I do not include an engines folder. This mod references the default e_us_truck_modern.xml. There is no other line of code within the mod that would make it use gas at idle. I'd check what other mods you have installed as I cannot replicate this issue myself.

Vlad64Sheff @vlad64sheff